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Sunday, January 14

  1. page SamuraiHanson edited ... ---On his Pilot's Helmet, there is what looks like a +2 scrawled into the side. Really, it's j…
    ---On his Pilot's Helmet, there is what looks like a +2 scrawled into the side. Really, it's just scratches from an animal attack, but Samurai keeps wearing it for good luck.
    Cash: 40900
    Phillipe, steward from Tukera Lines on Dinomn.

    Military History + Mustering Out
    Drafted into Scouts, Skill(Pilot+1)
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  2. page bradtravellerchar edited ... Edu: 12 (Started 10) Par: 8 (Started at 6) Fate Points: 1/2 0/2 Drafted in the Army Bra…
    Edu: 12 (Started 10)
    Par: 8 (Started at 6)
    Fate Points: 1/20/2
    Drafted in the Army
    Branch: Infantry
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  3. page bradtravellerchar edited ... Edu: 12 (Started 10) Par: 8 (Started at 6) Fate Points: 2/2 1/2 Drafted in the Army Bra…
    Edu: 12 (Started 10)
    Par: 8 (Started at 6)
    Fate Points: 2/21/2
    Drafted in the Army
    Branch: Infantry
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  4. page SamuraiHanson edited ... Gunnery +1 Navigation +1 Electronics +1 Gear: Auto Pistol
    Gunnery +1
    Navigation +1
    Electronics +1
    Auto Pistol
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Saturday, January 13

  1. page bradtravellerchar edited ... Liaison 1 Language: Zhodani Carousing 1 Gear Money: 39,880
    Liaison 1
    Language: Zhodani
    Carousing 1
    Money: 39,880
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Sunday, December 31

  1. page Dirk von Towers edited ... Hunting: 1 Leadership: 2 Persuasion: 1 Pistol: 1 Vehicle - Grav Car: 1 Gear 193,185 …
    Hunting: 1
    Leadership: 2
    Persuasion: 1
    Pistol: 1
    Vehicle - Grav Car: 1
    Gear 193,185193,185 Credits
    First-Class Ticket on a Traveller's Aid Interstellar ship
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Thursday, December 28

  1. msg Chritmas Cheer! message posted Chritmas Cheer! Reminder, as a Christmas Bonus, everyone gets to add one basic skill at level one (new skills only)…
    Chritmas Cheer!
    Reminder, as a Christmas Bonus, everyone gets to add one basic skill at level one (new skills only), as long as it pertains to a previous career or is related to your home world. All additions must be approved.

    Merry Christmas,

    EvilNastyGM, AKA Elttaes, Edgerrin

    Merry Christmas,

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Tuesday, December 26

  1. page The Other Side of Nowhere edited ... Dirk von Towers Session 2 - Get A Job…
    Dirk von Towers
    Session 2 - Get A Job
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  2. page Session 3 - Who Needs Information? edited [17:09] <@ENDM> *RECAP* [17:11] <@ENDM> Last session, the Lucky Strike got a job offe…
    [17:09] <@ENDM> *RECAP*
    [17:11] <@ENDM> Last session, the Lucky Strike got a job offer from Tukera Lines, the same cruise/charter liner that Thomas and Dirk had been travelling on. The job offer came from a Sebastian Johan a representative from the lines offering the Strike a two part job.
    The first was to ferry the stranded passengers on Dinom to Dinomn (no relation) so they could reboard a working vessel and continue their trip to Regina. To accomplish this passengers were to be doubled up in the staterooms and Samurai's stateroom would be loaned out for the trip as he will be on his own ship carry the passenger overflow. He also planned to leave his ship at the scout base and continue on with the strike on the second leg of the job.
    The second leg of the job consisted of the Strike travelling to Ghandi to pick up Jump Drive parts for the liner from a Tukera yard at the space port. This created a dilemma in that it's Jump-4 to Ghandi from Dinomn and the Strike can only do Jump-2. The crew came up with possible solutions to this problem. One, you could attempt to either use external fuel tanks to carry extra fuel for a 2nd jump or convert the cargo bay to a temp fuel tank. The other option was to try to make contact with someone who might know of the schedule of rumored floating fueling stations that ply the abyss, the area of space you are heading into.
    [17:19] <@ENDM> Additon....Dirk (Mael has still not joined the crew and has been off on his own))
    [17:22] <@ENDM> 0800 hrs. The Next Day
    [17:23] <@ENDM> You're set to leave the next morning.
    [17:25] * +Thomas_J_Atkins exits his room, dressed in a fine suit. "I am off to see a contact from the local consortium concerning our fuel situation.”
    [17:27] <+SamuraiHanson> "I'll be prepping my ship for takeoff, do you have a comm with you?
    [17:27] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "I have."
    [17:28] <@ENDM> Passengers have been told that they can start bringing their belongings over today if they wish. Nevka and Caleb will attend to that.
    [17:28] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "I should be back my noon, but here is the frequency to reach me."
    [17:28] * +Thomas_J_Atkins sends his freq. to Samurai.
    [17:29] <+SamuraiHanson> "Sounds good, let me know if you need anything."
    [18:05] * +Thomas_J_Atkins enters the space dock bar, looking about, heading for a counter seat.
    [18:06] <@ENDM> The barkeep, a gruff, gnarled, looking individual will ask you want you're drinking.
    [18:07] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Bourbon. Give us some water, but be discreet."
    [18:07] * +SamuraiHanson enters the Space Dock Bar and walks up to the jukebox and plays FREEBIRD! before getting a beverage at the bar
    [18:07] * @Barkeep points to the lowest shelf and looks at Thomas.
    [18:08] * +Dirk makes his way into the bar. A young man, barely 30, with short blonde hair, green eyes, he glances around the bar as if sizing it up for today's entertainment.
    [18:09] <@Barkeep> (to Thomas) "That do ya or do ya have higher tastes?"
    [18:09] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Yes, forgo the water in this case."
    [18:11] <@Barkeep> The bar is dark even at midday. It's relatively clean. Currently there are a number of tables and booths where travelers or maintenance workers by the looks of them, are eating lunch or just having a drink and conversation. The place is about half full. There are a few that are drinking at the bar.
    [18:11] * @Barkeep pours Thomas a drink.
    [18:12] <@Barkeep> "2 creds. You wanna pay now or run a tab?"
    [18:12] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "I'll pay"
    [18:12] * +Dirk makes his towards the bar, glancing at the food as he passes by the tables.
    [18:12] * +Thomas_J_Atkins puts a 20 down "I would also if you know a certain Bonner. Natton, Bonner."
    [18:13] <@Barkeep> The food looks passable, standard bar food, burgers, fries, fried stuff...
    [18:14] <@Barkeep> "I may." He looks at the cred on the counter. "You need change?"
    [18:16] * +Thomas_J_Atkins gives an obvious accomplice look to the barkeep and his creds "I..may, live without it."
    [18:16] * @Barkeep slides the creds off the counter and pockets it. "Gimme a sec."
    [18:16] * @Barkeep goes makes the rounds at the counter stopping to ask both Dirk and Sam what they want.
    [18:17] * +Dirk takes a seat at the bar, motioning to the bartender when he's got a free moment. He orders a drink and a plate of decent food.
    [18:17] <@Barkeep> "Ya want the special?"
    [18:17] <+SamuraiHanson> "Coffee, black, and a sandwich"
    [18:17] <+Dirk> "Sure."
    [18:18] <@Barkeep> "It's corned beef or what passes for it on this rock"
    [18:18] <+SamuraiHanson> ((he ordered the special too))
    [18:18] <+SamuraiHanson> "Fine, thanks."
    [18:19] * @Barkeep takes the orders and spins the slips on a rack back to the cook. He then stops a bar maid.
    "Gloria take care of these guys I'll be right back"
    [18:20] * @Barkeep disappears through some doors.
    [18:21] <Gloria> walks up to Dirk,"Anything else you need sugar?"
    [18:22] * +Thomas_J_Atkins slips his drink, giving a raised brow to Samurai.
    [18:22] * +Dirk smiles and shakes his head. "Not for now, thanks."
    [18:22] <@Barkeep>
    Samurai just headed over to a booth with two space farers sitting at it
    [18:23] * +SamuraiHanson returns the look and keeps moving.
    [18:24] * +Thomas_J_Atkins plays the ignorant game, keeping his business.
    [18:26] Barkeep comes back out after about 5 minutes.
    [18:26] * +Dirk smiles. "Oh, maybe you can tell me what's interesting to do here. I'm here for another night and that's it."
    [18:26] <Gloria> "What'r yer interests?"
    [18:26] * @Barkeep heads to Thomas
    [18:27] <+Dirk> "A little bit of everything."
    [18:27] <+SamuraiHanson> ((the only thing that people like to do around here is shoot at people who use the jukebox))
    [18:27] <@Barkeep> "I can get you a meeting for 100 creds."
    [18:28] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "When? Time is of the essence."
    [18:28] <@Barkeep> "30 minutes"
    [18:29] * +Thomas_J_Atkins slides 100 creds across. "Make it so."
    [18:29] <Gloria>"Well if you want to just drink you’re at the right place. For more entertainment I'd head downtown. It can get a little rough with all the miners but there's plenty to do"
    [18:30] * @Barkeep disappears to the back again.
    [18:30] <+Dirk> "Ah? Sounds interesting?"
    [18:30] * @Barkeep comes back 5 minutes later.
    [18:30] * @Barkeep motions to a booth. "Go sit over there and wait"
    [18:31]<Gloria> "You like the fights? There's usually some good mayches going on?"
    [18:32] * +Thomas_J_Atkins glances over, and takes his drink and himself there.
    [18:33] * +Dirk nods. "Off and on. Boxing? Sword? Street?"
    [18:33] <Gloria> "Hand to hand mainly. The other stuff ain’t allowed"
    [18:34] * +Dirk nods. "Ah. Shame."
    [18:35] <Gloria> "Don’t get me wrong some of these boys really beat each other to a pulp if that’s what you like."
    [18:36] <+Dirk> "More the skill than anything."
    [18:38] <Gloria> "Then you'll want to attend a more upscale club like the Iron Gentlemens Club"
    [18:39] * +Thomas_J_Atkins shakes his empty glass, making the ice cubes cling, to get the waitress' attention.
    [18:39] <@Barkeep> A finely dressed gentleman enters the bar. He seems very out of place. He glances at the bar...
    [18:42] <@Barkeep> Thomas sees the man glance at the bar and the barkeep make a non-chalant gesture towards his booth. The man heads towards Thomas.
    [18:42] <Man> "May I sit?"
    [18:43] * +Thomas_J_Atkins makes a motion of the hand "Please. Mister Bonner I presume?"
    [18:43] <@Barkeep> Dirk you were too busy talkiing to Gloria to notice anything.
    [18:43] * +Thomas_J_Atkins gets up and gives his hand.
    [18:44] * @Natton_Bonner shakes Thomas’s hand and sits. "And you are?"
    [18:44] * +Dirk continues to talk to Gloria.
    [18:44] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Thomas Atkins, I am the Steward for the Lucky Strike, a transport docked here."
    [18:45] Gloria will continue to chat up Dirk in between serving others at the bar.
    [18:45] * @Natton_Bonner nods, "Yes I know of the ship. How may i be of service?"
    [18:47] <Gloria> to Dirk "You need a refill?"
    [18:48] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "We are searching to have either outer tanks installed to carry additional fuel, or have them in a semi-solid state for standard transport and manual refuel down the way. This must be accomplished by 0800 tomorrow for take-off."
    [18:48] * +Dirk nods and passes his cup across. "Sure."
    [18:48] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "We were told this would be impossible with the resources and manpower available here, but that you may be of assistance in a matter or another."
    [18:50] * @Natton_Bonner looks you over
    1"The service you’re asking for I can't provide but I can provide alternatives."
    [18:51] * Gloria refills Dirks cup.
    [18:51] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "We are open to listen to those alternatives."
    [18:52] <@Natton_Bonner> "I'm a broker, I deal in commodities, one of those commodities is information. This could be of service to you."
    [18:54] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Hm."
    [18:54] <@Natton_Bonner> "Is that something you might be in the market for?"
    [18:55] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "I would require an information, yes."
    [18:55] * +Dirk sips his drink and talks while waiting for his sandwich.
    [18:55] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Specifically, the location of a certain...station."
    [18:58] <@Natton_Bonner> "So you need information on the possibilities of a refueling station in an area where you can fuel and then rejump to Ghandi?"
    [18:58] * +Thomas_J_Atkins grins "Ha, yes."
    [18:58] * @Natton_Bonner takes out what looks like iphone and taps the screen. He glances at the screen then to Thomas. "I will get back to you tonight" He shakes your hand, gets up and heads to the door.
    [18:59] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Here?
    [18:59] <@Natton_Bonner> "I'll contact your ship"
    [19:00] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Thank you, I'll inform the Captain."
    [19:02] * @Natton_Bonner nods and heads towards the bar’s exit.
    [19:03] * +Thomas_J_Atkins waits for Bonner to leave, and contacts Nevka about what transpired.
    Time is 1230 hours standard Terra time.
    [19:05] <@Nevka> answers the comm. "He didn’t say anything else other than he'd call?"
    [19:06] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "No, and he did not ask for payment or any favours as well."
    [19:06] <+SamuraiHanson> "Well at least there's that."
    [19:06] <@Nevka> "Strange. Did he seem trustworthy?"
    [19:08] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "He is too well-informed and me too simple to know that at this point. I believe he is offering his services to those who needs them, as you sell your ship to transport freight or people."
    [19:09] <@Nevka> "Well, I guess we’ll wait for him to call. What are your plans?"
    [19:11] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "I do not know if there's anything else we can do. This station cannot install the outer tanks in time for take-off, nor can it process enough fuel for storage as well. This may well be our saving grace so to say."
    [19:12] <@Nevka> "Alright, if you want, head back to the ship. We have guests arriving"
    [19:12] * @Nevka asks Sam "were you able to find out anything?"
    [19:12] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "I shall be there in 15. Atkins out." Thomas glances to Samurai's booth as he gets up and goes for the exit.
    [19:14] <+SamuraiHanson> "Nah, I tried talking to a couple of other pilots but the best they could offer was to look out for ghosts. Sounds like they've been on land too long if you ask me."
    [19:14] <@Nevka> Ghosts? How drunk were they?"
    [19:15] <+SamuraiHanson> "Didn't seem to be, but you never know. Could have just been having fun with me."
    [19:15] * Gloria asks Dirk if he needs anything else.
    [19:16] * @Nevka shakes her head.
    [19:17] Caleb pokes his head in the ships lounge. "We'll have some more passengers arriving in 30 minutes.
    [19:18] 1500 hours and you’re all back at the ship
    [19:19] * +Dirk shakes his head. "I'm good, thank you."
    [19:19] * +Thomas_J_Atkins arrives and begins doing his Stewarding position he'd taken without too much practical experience.
    [19:20] Thomas helps situate the arriving passengers in their berths. A few grumble about the accommodations but not too much after remembering how much they’re being compensated for their troubles.
    [19:21] 1700 hours the ship gets a call looking for Thomas.
    [19:23] * +Thomas_J_Atkins takes the call. "Yes, it is I."
    [19:24] <NB> "Mister Atkins, Natton Bonner here, I believe I can help you. Are you available to meet tonight?"
    [19:26] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Yes, this can be arranged."
    [19:26] <@Natton_Bonner> "Excellent. Meet me at the Iron Gentlemen’s Club at 2000 hours. I'll have left a pass for you."
    [19:27] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "I'll be there."
    [19:27] <@Natton_Bonner> "Very Good. See you then. Good Bye"
    [19:27] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Good bye."
    [19:28] <@ENDM> 1930 rolls around.
    [19:28] * +Thomas_J_Atkins informs the crew about the call, away from the passengers."
    [19:28] <Nevka> "Do you want us to follow?"
    [19:29] * +Thomas_J_Atkins exits his cabin, wearing another fine suit out. "I do not think so, but one's never too cautious in these places. Samurai may help keep an eye around, in case of troubles or some other."
    [19:31] <+SamuraiHanson> "Alright, sounds good. We allowed to have teeth (knives) on this world? Or would you rather I didn't?"
    [19:32] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> ((Are we allowed weapons?))
    [19:34] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "I do not expect trouble, if that what you mean. I'm certain you can handle your own choice of wear.
    [19:34] <@ENDM> ((you could conceal carry))
    [19:35] <+SamuraiHanson> "I'm all yours then. Ready when you are."
    [19:36] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Let us go then."
    [19:36] * +Thomas_J_Atkins exits the ship, going for the Iron Gentlemen’s Club.
    [19:37] <@ENDM> You catch a cab and head to the club. When you arrive you are greeted by a doorman and who asks your name.
    [19:37] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Thomas Atkins."
    06[19:37] * @Bouncer looks at a screen on his personal device.
    [19:37] <+SamuraiHanson> "Sam Hanson."
    [19:38] <Bouncer> "Are you together?"
    [19:39] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Hm, for trade reasons, yes."
    [19:39] <@ENDM>
    6The club looks like a warehouse about 4 stories tall. From what you can see past the matre-D 's desk is that this floor looks like a large bar.
    [19:40] <Bouncer> picks up a phone. Yes sir. A Thomas Atkins and a Sam Hanson are here to see you. The later wasn't on the list. Shall I let them in?"
    [19:41] <+SamuraiHanson> "Why do you think they got 4 stories of space in here? They plan on having anti-grav dance parties?"
    [19:41] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "It is a Club, not everything is drinking and dancing."
    [19:42] <Bouncer> "Very well then. He hangs up the phone. "If you will both follow Serge here,” he motions to a rather large individual with a pug nose and narrow eyes.
    [19:42] <Serge> “Follow me please"
    [19:42] Serge leads you to an elevator.
    [19:42] * +Thomas_J_Atkins follows.
    [19:42] * +SamuraiHanson gets into the elevator.
    [19:42] The doors open and Serge motions you in.
    [19:43] * +Thomas_J_Atkins enters, looking about.
    [19:43] <@ENDM> It a rather nice elevator fully decorated.
    [19:43] * +Thomas_J_Atkins looks with impress at the style and décor.
    [19:44] Serge enters and pushed the button to the third floor. The lift stops at the third floor and Serge motions you out. The floor smells of alcohol, sweat and cigar smoke.
    [19:45] <@ENDM> Hallways lead to the left right and straight ahead. He leads you straight.
    [19:45] * +Thomas_J_Atkins follows Serge's instruction, looking at the place about
    [19:46] * +SamuraiHanson continues to follow making a mental note of how to find the way back to the elevator.
    [19:47] <@ENDM> You come to a set of large double doors where two other large individuals are standing at, each to a side. Segre talks to them and then open the doors and motions you in. You enter a large room that declines to a boxing ring in the center. Two boxers are currently sparing in the ring other than that the place is empty except for two people that look like trainers and a well dressed gentleman who is watching the action.
    [19:48] <@ENDM>
    Serge leads you down towards the gentleman, who gets up and extends a hand.
    [19:48] <NB> "Ah Mr. Atkins and an associate I see, Mr. Hanson is it?”
    [19:49] <+SamuraiHanson> "Yep, Sam Hanson, pleased to meet you."
    [19:50] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Yes, forgive my impoliteness, but it was realized that lacking any form of astro-navigtionnal knowledge, it felt better for Mr. Hanson to be present as well."
    [19:50] <@Natton_Bonner> nods. "Please sit.” he motions to two chairs ring side and he sits down in one. A cigar burns on a small table next to his seat and you notice what looks like a scotch like substance in a glass.
    [19:50] * +Thomas_J_Atkins sits.
    [19:50] <@Natton_Bonner> "No worries, I'm have knowledge of your crew so it is no problem. I’m a bit surprised your captain didn’t come too. I would have liked to have met her. Drink, Cigar?"
    [19:52] <+SamuraiHanson> "I'm good, thanks."
    [19:52] <@Natton_Bonner> "Mr. Atkins?"
    [19:52] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "I prefer the pipe myself, but I can go for a drink, if you may Mr. Bonner."
    [19:53] <@Natton_Bonner> "Serge please pour this gentleman a scotch."
    [19:53] Serge finds a decanter and a glass and pours Thomas a scotch neat.
    [19:54] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Thank you Serge."
    [19:54] Serge nods and backs away.
    [19:54] * +Thomas_J_Atkins humecs the liquor. "Hm. Quite refined."
    [19:56] <@Natton_Bonner> "I’m glad you approve. Now gentlemen I believe I can help you. But of course it comes at a price."
    [19:57] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Naturally. We were wondering about this matter as well."
    [20:01] <@Natton_Bonner> "You've obviously heard of the refueling ships that operate in dark space. They are very common in the Rift sector, well some do operate in the Abyss as well. The ones that operate in the Abyss do so in a grey area of the law. They aren't illegal but they aren't necessarily legal either if you understand me."
    [20:03] * +Thomas_J_Atkins slips his drinks aas he listens "I see."
    [20:03] <@Natton_Bonner> "With the Abyss having so many Red and Amber Zones its makes their life a little tricky. They never know when they might be raided by Imperial ships, whether they operate above board or not, so they never stay in one area long. None the less I believe I have the schedule for one that should be in an area you can jump to so you can get to Ghandi."
    [20:03] <+SamuraiHanson> "And so naturally, they aim to share their misery with others?"
    [20:04] <@Natton_Bonner> "There is no misery. They are business men like me. They just choose to operate a little outside the rules so they can live by their own code. Independent planets if you will. But as I said i have one that may fit your schedule. The price for the information is 10,000 cr.”
    [20:06] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "For 10 000, how well does it fit our schedule?"
    [20:07] <@Natton_Bonner> I have information for a station that is scheduled to be in a quadrant you could jump to and should be there for a month. They usually don’t stay in an area longer than that. Barring unfortunate circumstances of course."
    [20:08] * +Thomas_J_Atkins looks at Samurai, if he's got any objections or things to say/add.
    [20:10] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "I believe we have an agreement Mister Bonner."
    01[20:11] <@Natton_Bonner> He seems a bit taken back by your quick acceptance. "Excellent. Have payment transferred to this account. When that is done I will have the information transmitted to your ship.” He hands you a card with a series of numbers on it
    [20:12] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "It shall be done within the hour."
    [20:12] <@Natton_Bonner> Smiles, "A pleasure gentlemen. Now if you'll excuse me I have other business to attend to."
    [20:12] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Of course.
    [20:13] <+SamuraiHanson> "Thank you for your time."
    01[20:13] <@Natton_Bonner> gets up and as he does one of the boxers floors the other. One of the trainers gets in the ring to check on the fallen pugilist you can hear he screaming. "God damnit Billy keep your freaking hands UP!"
    [20:13] * +Thomas_J_Atkins puts down his 3/4 drank drink, and gets up "Thank you, Mister Bonner."
    [20:14] Serge will lead you back out the doors. you go back down the elevator to the main floor. "Please enjoy the club with Mr. Bonners compliments." He hands you each a stack of chips.
    [20:15] <+Thomas_J_Atkins> "Thank you Serge.
    [20:15] * +Thomas_J_Atkins waits to be alone, and contact Nevka.
    [20:15] Serge nods and leaves you to your own devices.
    [20:17] <+SamuraiHanson> "We gonna cash out and walk? Or be polite and give him his money back?"
    [20:19] <@Natton_Bonner> ok so next session you can get the info and all discuss how to go about it.

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