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  3. page Session Ninety-Six edited 17/9/17 01[20:16] <@BradGM> Taking their costumes and armour for the Ball, the Party retur…
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> Taking their costumes and armour for the Ball, the Party returned to the Iron Tower to realx and prepare themselves for tonight. Hoffer and his companions returned
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> from the Sewers, wounded, but with news of further dead mutants, uncluding the discovery of a weapon's cache and the cleasing of another skin temple to the Chaos God Slaanesh.
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> Taken to the Masked Ball via coach, the Party made quite few heads turn as Siluvaine's Magister status allowed her a certain acceptability with the higher circles of Imperial society.
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> The Party mingled well with the other guests, Edgerrin managing to have a private tour of the Engineering College of Nuln by Waldred Teubr, Rector.
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> Siluvaine discussed with Agnete Krebs, Rector
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> of the University. The Wizard was struck with an haiar-raising feeling observing the Winds flowing about Krebs, but further discussions were aprutly cut by the entrance of the Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> and the Emperor Karl Franz. Having kept away from the brouhaha of the Ball, Aithorn was able to spot Rolf Vogt entering with everyone focused on the dancing and Imperial presence.
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> Informing everyone of Rolf's presence, the Party closed-in, Volg going to a private lodge on the first floor, followed by the Aquillan-nosed man, who was earlier presented as a member
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> of the Countess' Counsil.
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> Aithorn and Edgerrin observed from halway up the stairs, Alexi and Siluvainea bit within the ballroom proper. Without warning, Roft stabbed the Counsilman in the neck, causing a
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> woman in a near-by lodge to scream in horror, causing some diversion for those below. Aithorn, having witnessed the murder as well, calls for it, causing some talks and alerness from the guests and Guards.
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> Roll initiative!
    [20:17] <+Aithorn> !roll 1d10+7
    [20:17] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 14:7+7
    [20:17] <@Edgerrin> `roll 1d10+4
    [20:17] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 7 <Total: 7(+4) = 11>
    [20:17] <+Alexi> !roll 1d10+4
    [20:17] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 10:6+4
    [20:17] <+Siluvaine> !roll 1d10+5
    [20:17] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 6:1+5
    01[20:17] <@BradGM> !roll 1d0+4 Rolf
    [20:17] <@Dicenator> BradGM, Rolf: 5:1+4
    01[20:17] <@BradGM> !roll 1d0+4 Guards
    [20:17] <@Dicenator> BradGM, Guards: 5:1+4
    01[20:18] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+4 Rolf
    [20:18] <@Dicenator> BradGM, Rolf: 13:9+4
    01[20:18] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+4 Guards
    [20:18] <@Dicenator> BradGM, Guards: 7:3+4
    [20:19] <+Siluvaine> ((If its a chase, Siluvaine is sitting this one out))
    01[20:19] <@BradGM> Order is: Aithorn, Rolf, Edgerrin, Alexi, the Guests/Guards, Siluvaine.
    01[20:20] <@BradGM> ((logically in a way, since youR,e wearing a full evening gown.))
    [20:21] <+Aithorn> ((how far away is this balcony?))
    01[20:21] <@BradGM> For the 'first turn' Aithorn, Rolf Vogt, masked and all, appears ontop of the stairs, clearly going for the closest exit, the one everyone came in. With the Emperor within, most of the Countess' Guard detail are on the ballroom floor, leaving but a token pair at the exit doors.
    01[20:22] <@BradGM> ((Since you climbed half way, there's 3.5 meters to the exit, Rolf still got his stairs to go dwon from, which is another 7 meters flight of stairs.))
    06[20:23] * +Aithorn charges up the half flight of stairs towards Rolf, "Give up!"
    01[20:25] <@BradGM> Rolf seems to observe his situation, and turns back on his steps, down the hall of lodges.
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> The guests seems confused by all of this, some see it as a play or a game, others appears quite concerned.
    01[20:27] <@BradGM> Edgerrin
    [20:27] <@Edgerrin> ((so he halted going down the stairs and changed direction?))
    01[20:28] <@BradGM> ((He showed up the upper floor of the lodge and turned back, yes.))
    06[20:28] * @Edgerrin storms up the steps in pursuit.
    01[20:28] <@BradGM> !dhroll 3#41
    [20:28] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 88
    01[20:28] <@BradGM> !dhroll 41
    01[20:28] <@BradGM> !dhroll 41
    [20:28] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 32 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[20:28] <@BradGM> !dhroll 41
    [20:28] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 78 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [20:28] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 63 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[20:29] <@BradGM> !dhroll 56
    [20:29] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 87 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[20:29] <@BradGM> !dhroll 56
    [20:29] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 49 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[20:29] <@BradGM> Alexi!
    06[20:30] * +Alexi heads for the main doors and their weapons
    01[20:30] <@BradGM> You can break from the crowd and get up halfway up to the exit corridor Alexi. Also, you still have that Court Sword.
    [20:31] <+Alexi> (mmmm..kinda flimsy, but it might do)
    01[20:31] <@BradGM> ((Which is SB-2 damage, and with the defensive quaity, so +10 to parry))
    01[20:31] <@BradGM> Siluvaine!
    [20:32] <+Alexi> "Hyu dere!" Alexi points to a guard. "Vere are de odder exits to de second floor?"
    01[20:32] <@BradGM> You had looked into the Winds and see that the room is filled with Light magic.
    01[20:32] <@BradGM> Roll command -20 Alexi.
    [20:33] <+Alexi> ((Fellowship?))
    06[20:33] * +Siluvaine glances around at the confusion, letting Aithorn and Edgerrin handle the fast moving as she moves to the edge, looking over the crowd for more threats to the Emperor.
    01[20:34] <@BradGM> ((yup))
    [20:34] <+Alexi> ((hahahahaha, yeah right))
    [20:34] <+Alexi> !dhroll 14
    [20:34] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 16 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [20:34] <+Alexi> ((oh damn. SO close))
    01[20:34] <@BradGM> ((Perhaps a Fate point might tip the scale in oyour favour))
    [20:35] <+Alexi> ((I don't trust rerolls with a total that low. Unless I can subtract like 3-4 points from the existing roll, not worth it))
    [20:36] <+Siluvaine> (better to fail by 2 than 6 degrees...))
    01[20:36] <@BradGM> The Guard seems almost to answer you Alexi, Headwear helping, but he seems to restrain himself at the very last moment "Apologies Sir, but I do not know or recognise you under that mask of yours."
    [20:36] <+Alexi> "Dere is a murderer up dere, und ve must schtop him!"
    [20:37] <+Alexi> ((does my mark of unity help at all?))
    01[20:38] <@BradGM> At that moement, gunshots are heard coming form the Lodge floor. Many screams of fear/surprised are coming from all over, as the Reikguard and the Countess' Own gets weapons out and ready
    01[20:38] <@BradGM> ((Yeah, it gave you a +10, for a -20 in total))
    01[20:39] <@BradGM> New Round!
    [20:39] <+Aithorn> ((gunshots? the plot thickens...))
    [20:39] <+Aithorn> ((how far is Rolf?))
    01[20:40] <@BradGM> ((You was ducking out of view up the stairs, so 7 meters up and XYZ distance in?))
    01[20:40] <@BradGM> The gunshots, 3 of them, were close for the first one, and far for the other ones, with a clear sense of timing from the last two
    06[20:41] * +Aithorn runs up the stairs and looks down the hallway, and draws his court sword
    [20:41] <+Siluvaine> ((I didn't see anything in particular?))
    01[20:41] <@BradGM> ((Sil: no, nothing. Even Krebs is acting as surprised as this as everyone.))
    01[20:41] <@BradGM> ((Roll perception thought at your turn))
    [20:42] <+Siluvaine> ((k))
    01[20:43] <@BradGM> Aithorn, 7 meters away lies a Countess's Own Guard lying down, holding his guts. Down to the second lodge, about 7 meters down, is an open door, leading inside the palace, its' lock shot up.
    01[20:43] <@BradGM> Edgerrin
    01[20:44] <@BradGM> The Guard is near the opened door to the first lodge, where Rolft and the Aquilan-nosed man were discussing before the murder.
    06[20:45] * @Edgerrin continues his pursuit drawing his hammer (quickdraw) as he goes.
    [20:47] <@Edgerrin> 6 heading toward the shot up door
    01[20:47] <@BradGM> You can run past Aithorn if you go in blindly, and reach up to the wounded guard.
    01[20:47] <@BradGM> Alexi!
    01[20:48] <@BradGM> The guards seems more receptive to your demands.
    [20:49] <+Alexi> "De Emperor may be in danger. Hyu needs to guards heem now! Hy vill guard de odder exits, so tell me vere to find dem!"
    01[20:49] <@BradGM> Roll it with a +10 now
    [20:50] <+Alexi> !dhroll 34
    [20:50] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 50 Failure by 1 degree!
    [20:50] <+Alexi> fate
    [20:50] <+Alexi> !dhroll 34
    [20:50] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 28 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[20:51] <@BradGM> The only other rooms on this floor are the knitting room the trophy rooms and the reading room near the gardens.
    [20:51] <+Alexi> "De vindows den." Alexi nods and races for the garden
    01[20:52] <@BradGM> ((The floor being the lodge floor,a nd the rooms that's hthere.))
    [20:52] <+Alexi> ((right, so the reading room has windows that overlook the garden, correct?))
    01[20:53] <@BradGM> ((yes)
    [20:53] <+Alexi> ((Yeah, just in case Rolf decides to jump. Too far behind the others to catch up))
    [20:54] <+Aithorn> ((good thinking))
    01[20:55] <@BradGM> ((You can always try to reach it from another side, like going outsdie and try to block the exit.))
    [20:56] <+Alexi> ((I thought the guard had said there were no other exits from that floor?))
    01[20:57] <@BradGM> ((Apart from the exit you came fomr, leading to the entrance))
    01[20:57] <@BradGM> Siluvaine
    [20:58] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 80 Perception
    [20:58] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 46 Success by 3 degrees!
    06[20:58] * +Siluvaine studies the area, the attack not making much sense..then again, Chaos doesn't make much sense, maybe Rolf just snapped...
    [20:59] <+Alexi> ((then yeah, garden it is))
    01[20:59] <@BradGM> You look about, and catch glimpse of Krebs. She seems to be as shocked as the others, yet appears to be, amsued by it,.
    01[20:59] <@BradGM> Like it was but an entertaiment
    06[20:59] * +Siluvaine frowns and tries to study the winds around the woman again.
    [21:00] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 89 (Magic sense)
    [21:00] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 98 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [21:00] <+Siluvaine> ((bleh))
    01[21:00] <@BradGM> Too much light Magic in the air to get a clear reading.
    06[21:02] * +Siluvaine would rub her forehead, but the mask remains in the way as she keeps watch.
    01[21:02] <@BradGM> A few 'Keep calm everyone' thrown by some autoritarian voice seems to more or less work. The Reikguard are taken away the Emperor and the Countess into a back door behind the thrones.
    01[21:03] <@BradGM> New Round!
    01[21:03] <@BradGM> Aithorn!
    [21:03] <+Aithorn> "Edgerrin, make sure he doesn't come out after me."
    06[21:04] * +Aithorn charges in to the shot up balcony with his court sword up.
    [21:04] <@Edgerrin> I be bashing his 'ead the first sign a 'em"
    01[21:05] <@BradGM> !roll 1d3
    [21:05] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 3
    01[21:06] <@BradGM> OH, it's a shot up side door, and it appears to lead into a room filled with numerous curio and other odd items, alongside 'standard' things like standards, weapons, armour..
    06[21:07] * +Aithorn runs through towards the closest other door
    01[21:08] <@BradGM> With your darkvision, you first hear and then can see a door, the top of it at least, that opens up in the distance in the room.
    01[21:08] <@BradGM> Edgerrin!
    01[21:09] <@BradGM> The Guard seems in obvious pain Edge, having been shot in the gut.
    06[21:10] * @Edgerrin looks at the guard "Sorry mate and goes into the door with the lock shot off
    01[21:12] <@BradGM> It is the trophy room, you're right behind Aithorn, with his speed he'll dust up away.
    01[21:12] <@BradGM> Alexi!
    [21:13] <@Edgerrin> ((not much i can do for the guard))
    01[21:13] <@BradGM> ((nope))
    06[21:13] * +Alexi gets to the gardens, eyes searching out the windows
    01[21:14] <@BradGM> Roll Outdoor Survival Alexi.
    [21:15] <+Alexi> !dhroll 61
    [21:15] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 17 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[21:17] <@BradGM> You run down the Hall and exit the Palace, quickly seeing the Garden entrance.
    01[21:17] <@BradGM> Siluvaine!
    06[21:18] * +Siluvaine gives Krebs one last lingering look before she starts making her way towards the wounded guard and the lodge that Aithorn and Edgerrin disappeared into
    01[21:19] <@BradGM> With a -30 Sil.
    [21:19] <+Siluvaine> ((perception?))
    01[21:19] <@BradGM> ((Or magic sense))
    [21:19] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 69 (magic sense)
    [21:19] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 96 Failure by 2 degrees!
    [21:19] <+Siluvaine> ((fate))
    [21:19] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 69 (magic sense)
    [21:19] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 53 Success by 1 degree!
    01[21:20] <@BradGM> Krebs seems to have the same effect 'round her as before, but you can't get a clear reading with all that light magic around.
    06[21:21] * +Siluvaine frowns and makes her way to the guard.
    01[21:21] <@BradGM> The Emperor and the Countess are out. A consilman gets up on the small stage and try to calm everyone.
    01[21:22] <@BradGM> !dhroll 65
    [21:22] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 8 Success by 5 degrees!
    01[21:23] <@BradGM> Please Lord and Ladies, please! We can all be calm we are not fall into the same condition of the populace?"
    01[21:23] <@BradGM> It seems to calm most people.
    01[21:23] <@BradGM> New Round!
    01[21:23] <@BradGM> Aithron!
    06[21:25] * +Aithorn grabs a sword off the wall before continuing through the door on the far side of the room, "Loec, do not turn your face now..."
    01[21:26] <@BradGM> Rushing throught the trophy room, you enter a small knitting room, where Rolf is crossing the door frame and exiting across the plac.
    01[21:26] <@BradGM> Edgerrin!
    06[21:28] * @Edgerrin keeps in pursuit
    01[21:28] <@BradGM> Alexi!
    01[21:29] <@BradGM> You can reach the Garden with a good run from where you are.
    06[21:29] * +Alexi does so, cursing his lack of Axe
    01[21:30] <@BradGM> Siluvaine! You got a rather large gown, so rol agility -20
    [21:31] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 31
    [21:31] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 33 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [21:31] <+Siluvaine> ((pff))
    [21:31] <+Siluvaine> ((she's not running, just moving towards it))
    [21:31] <+Siluvaine> ((is ulrich here in spirit at all?))
    01[21:31] <@BradGM> You move toward the stairs, but you are having trouble moving about with such a large and heavy piece of clothing.
    06[21:32] * +Siluvaine moves as deliberately as possible without causing any issues.
    [21:33] <+Aithorn> ((Sil:
    01[21:33] <@BradGM> ((hahah!))
    01[21:34] <@BradGM> New Round! Aithorn!
    [21:35] <+Siluvaine> ((heh))
    [21:35] <+Aithorn> "Keep going, Edge! He is still here!"
    06[21:35] * +Aithorn continues running through the knitting room on Rolf's trail
    01[21:37] <@BradGM> You enter a library, where a man is standing near a large window giving into a well-maintained garden.
    01[21:39] <@BradGM> ((The man being Rolf of course))
    [21:39] <+Aithorn> "Stop, Vogt!"
    01[21:41] <@BradGM> He grabs a chair and throws it throught the window, sending glass flying down! Himself follows the chair.
    01[21:41] <@BradGM> Edgerrin!
    [21:41] <+Alexi> ((Suddenly a wild Alexi appears!))
    06[21:41] * @Edgerrin heads towards the window
    [21:42] <+Aithorn> ((It's super effective!))
    [21:42] <+Alexi> ((There are wild Alexis in the tall hedges))
    01[21:42] <@BradGM> ((armed with a large toothpick-like sword))
    01[21:43] <@BradGM> You see Rolf landing into the Gardens. Looking around, you see Alexi blokcing the way to the coahces and horses.
    01[21:43] <@BradGM> Alexi!
    01[21:43] <@BradGM> Rolf just landed, 15 meters away from you.
    [21:43] <+Alexi> "Hyu dun tink eet vould be DOT easy, did hyu?"
    06[21:44] * +Alexi draws his "sword" and waitss to intercept any run towards the coaches
    01[21:45] <@BradGM> Siluvaine!
    06[21:46] * +Siluvaine continues to make her way up, the dress forcing her to mve stately. Atleast she makes a stunning appearance for those watching.
    01[21:47] <@BradGM> You can reach the stairs now, but can'T do much more for now.
    01[21:47] <@BradGM> New round!
    06[21:48] * +Aithorn runs up to the window and closer to Vogt to try and trap him with Alexi
    01[21:49] <@BradGM> Aithorn, you can reach the window and get beside Edgerrin. You can see Alexi in the distance. You can always try to jump down, with an agility-20 test, or an acrobatics test.
    [21:49] <+Aithorn> ((oh yeah, it's on))
    [21:49] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 54
    [21:49] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 24 Success by 3 degrees!
    [21:50] <@Edgerrin> ((whjat about scale sheer surface?))
    01[21:51] <@BradGM> ((If you climb down, yes that can work, less cineamatic))
    01[21:52] <@BradGM> You Flip outside and land straight on your feet behind Vogt! He runs off toward Alexi, clear to escape!
    [21:52] <@Edgerrin> (I'm not very cineamatic. I'd break my face if I jumped))
    01[21:52] <@BradGM> Edgerrin!
    01[21:53] <@BradGM> ((C'mon! it's only a -20, plus you got that hammer.))
    06[21:53] * @Edgerrin finds something on the side of the building to slide down on.
    [21:53] <@Edgerrin> ((-20 gives me a 2 in 100 chance))
    [21:54] <@Edgerrin> ((well 22 with ag))
    01[21:54] <@BradGM> ((See, your odds gets better by the second!))
    01[21:55] <@BradGM> You can see that the fine quality stones that makes up the palace can be climbed down, what with bhind Dwarven steons. Roll scale sheeer surfaes -10
    [21:55] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 34
    [21:55] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 94 Failure by 6 degrees!
    [21:55] <@Edgerrin> fate
    [21:55] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 34
    [21:55] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 29 Success by 0 degrees!
    [21:55] <+Aithorn> ((woohoo! well done))
    [21:55] <@Edgerrin> ((actually that should have been 44))
    01[21:56] <@BradGM> You manange to climb down the surface of the palace to arrive in the Garden, somehwat slowly and less spectacular than Aithorn.
    [21:57] <@Edgerrin> ((he is an elf he has more flair :) ))
    01[21:57] <@BradGM> Alexi!
    01[21:57] <@BradGM> Vogt is running toward you!
    [21:57] <+Aithorn> ((i can't find a good gif of the princess bride fight scene))
    [21:57] <+Alexi> is he armed?
    01[21:58] <@BradGM> Well, he's got pistols at least.
    06[21:58] * +Alexi will try to bull rush him to the ground
    01[21:58] <@BradGM> Roll WS, opposed.
    01[21:58] <@BradGM> !dhroll 62
    [21:58] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 29 Success by 3 degrees!
    [21:59] <+Alexi> bonus for charging?
    [21:59] <+Aithorn> ((Edgerrin jumping to the ground: Aithorn:
    01[21:59] <@BradGM> ((+10,))
    [21:59] <+Alexi> !dhroll 65
    [21:59] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 85 Failure by 2 degrees!
    [21:59] <+Alexi> fate
    [21:59] <+Alexi> !dhroll 65
    [21:59] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 77 Failure by 1 degree!
    [22:00] <+Siluvaine> ((Dice hates Texas tonight))
    [22:00] <+Alexi> ((Godddamn it! Moment of awesome...ruined))
    01[22:01] <@BradGM> Alexi bull rushes Vogt, but the man appears to have almost super-human strength and bumps aside Alexi like he was a child.
    01[22:01] <@BradGM> !roll 1d6
    [22:01] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 6
    01[22:01] <@BradGM> Alexi, get 6 wounds, minus any armour and TB.
    [22:02] <+Alexi> *unf*
    01[22:02] <@BradGM> Siluvaine!
    06[22:03] * +Siluvaine continues her way up the stairs, glancing back to see how the crowd is handling things and if any guards are making their way up.
    01[22:04] <@BradGM> The autoritive voicce keeps speaking "Now, with the exitement that happend, I'm sure we can all use some rest to get ours sences back at us. Now, THe Countess offers her thanks for your presence tonight, and a safe returns home. Good night.
    01[22:05] <@BradGM> You climb up the stairs, as the people seems to chatter up, sadden by ahving to leave already.
    01[22:05] <@BradGM> New Round!
    01[22:05] <@BradGM> Aithorn!
    01[22:05] <@BradGM> Vogt just charged right past throught Alexi like nothing!
    06[22:06] * +Aithorn knows Alexi is made of tougher stuff than that, he keeps running towards Vogt.
    [22:07] <+Aithorn> ((Can I try throwing my courtsword? untrained?))
    03[22:07] * Maelwys` ( has joined #shadowrun
    01[22:07] <@BradGM> ((Pff..that woul be imprvised ranged weapon I'd say))
    02[22:07] * +Siluvaine ( Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
    03[22:08] * Maelwys` is now known as Siluvaine
    03[22:08] * Edgerrin sets mode: +v Siluvaine
    [22:08] <+Aithorn> ((alright))
    [22:09] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 75
    [22:09] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 12 Success by 6 degrees!
    01[22:09] <@BradGM> !dhroll 65
    [22:09] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 17 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[22:10] <@BradGM> Aithorn runs after Vogt, who seems to be as rapid as the ELf, surprisingly, for a human, and simply stafe the Court Sword as it twirls harmlessly into the air! Vogt keeps on running away, toward the horses and seems to garabs one by the bridle!
    01[22:11] <@BradGM> Edgerrin! You arrived in the Gardens, a distance away from Vogt.
    06[22:11] * @Edgerrin starts running after him
    01[22:11] <@BradGM> You Reach Alexi who lying on the ground.
    01[22:11] <@BradGM> Alexi!
    01[22:12] <@BradGM> Vogt is 20 meters away, with Aithorn 5 meters past you and Edgerrin at your height.
    01[22:12] <@BradGM> Or well, sicnce you're on the floor, you're at his hieght!
    [22:12] <+Alexi> ((okay, so what are the penalties for throwing a sword?))
    01[22:13] <@BradGM> ((From what I saw none; 6 meter range actually and SB-4 damage, but since you went and rolled, might as well, just had it fly off and have him dodge for drama))
    01[22:13] <@BradGM> ((So you can roll straight BS))
    [22:13] <+Alexi> ((Eh? I haven't rolled anything?))
    01[22:14] <@BradGM> ((I thought you were Aith))
    06[22:14] * +Alexi throws his sword at the horse that Vogt grabbed!
    [22:14] <+Alexi> !dhroll 59
    [22:14] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 85 Failure by 2 degrees!
    [22:15] <+Alexi> fate!
    [22:15] <+Alexi> !dhroll 59
    [22:15] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 89 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [22:15] <+Alexi> ((FML))
    01[22:16] <@BradGM> Alexi kneels up and throws his Court Sword! The thin blade seems to catch the wind, and flies off in a random direction, harmlessly.
    [22:17] <+Alexi> ((Lesson learned. No weapon aside from Axe is worth a damn))
    01[22:17] <@BradGM> ((hhahaha))
    01[22:17] <@BradGM> Siluvaine!
    01[22:18] <@BradGM> You can reach halfway down the exit hall from where you are, a good distance form the lot of guests aobut to leave.
    [22:19] <+Siluvaine> ((do I see the guard? Has he been seen to yet?))
    01[22:20] <@BradGM> ((No and no.))
    01[22:20] <@BradGM> (('least not form your posisiton. A guard did went up after Edge and Aith))
    06[22:21] * +Siluvaine continues down the exit hall, looking for the murder scene and the escape room.
    01[22:21] <@BradGM> ((Oh, thsoe would be up the stairs to the lodges.))
    [22:22] <+Siluvaine> ((ah, where did I go to?))
    01[22:23] <@BradGM> ((Toward the exit leading to the place you came in, where he coaches and horses are.))
    01[22:23] <@BradGM> ((If you go up toward the lodge, we can work with that too))
    [22:24] <+Siluvaine> ((hmm. yeah, she'd want to see the murder scene close up atleast))
    01[22:25] <@BradGM> Siluvaine cut toward the lodge, and see a Guard kneeling over one who's obviously been shot to the gut. The door to the lodge is open and you see the Aquillan-nosed man, lying dead. roll Perception.
    [22:25] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 80
    [22:25] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 1 Success by 7 degrees!
    01[22:26] <@BradGM> He seems to have been stabbed in the neck with a thin blade, like a dagger. His mask over flipped over, his Aquillan no having been cut away.
    01[22:26] <@BradGM> New Round! Aithorn!
    06[22:27] * +Siluvaine frowns in confusion.
    06[22:28] * +Aithorn keeps running, but the sight of Vogt with a horse is a bit disheartening.
    01[22:28] <@BradGM> You can reach him Aithorn, you can try to hold him back/throw him down the horse with an opposed WS roll.
    [22:29] <+Aithorn> ((let's do it!))
    [22:29] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 61
    [22:29] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 8 Success by 5 degrees!
    01[22:29] <@BradGM> !dhroll 62
    [22:29] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 10 Success by 5 degrees!
    [22:29] <+Aithorn> "Come answer for your deeds."
    01[22:30] <@BradGM> ((Hmm..well same DoS..))
    01[22:31] <@BradGM> Aithorn hold onto Rolf! You see him clenching his teeth ans tries to kick you off of him!
    01[22:31] <@BradGM> Roll Strength, oppsoed Aithorn
    [22:31] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 49
    [22:31] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 96 Failure by 4 degrees!
    [22:31] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 49 fate
    [22:31] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 38 Success by 1 degree!
    01[22:32] <@BradGM> !dhroll 65
    [22:32] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 100 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[22:32] <@BradGM> !dhroll 65 tbtf
    [22:32] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 41 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[22:33] <@BradGM> Rolf controls his beasts well and manage to get Aithorn off of him! Aithorn managed to still remain on his feet.
    01[22:33] <@BradGM> Edgerrin!
    06[22:33] * @Edgerrin runs to the fray
    01[22:34] <@BradGM> You want to grapple him or somehing?
    [22:34] <@Edgerrin> ((i want to squah his head))
    [22:34] <+Aithorn> ((man, had to get that 100 now, lol))
    [22:34] <@Edgerrin> squash
    01[22:34] <@BradGM> ((He's on a horse, so sorta hard))
    [22:34] <+Alexi> ((too bad it didn't seem to do a damn thing))
    [22:34] <@Edgerrin> then I'll hobble the horse
    01[22:35] <@BradGM> ((Still, to hit him, it's +0: the highest target on the horse cancels the +10 charge bonus)
    01[22:35] <@BradGM> ((Horse got a +10 for charge, +10 for size))
    [22:35] <@Edgerrin> ((if i can hit rolf i will))
    [22:35] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 74
    [22:35] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 62 Success by 1 degree!
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> !dhroll 58 dodge
    [22:36] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 2 Success by 5 degrees!
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> He seems well agile on his horse and twist around, evading the dangerous swing.
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> Alexi
    [22:37] <+Alexi> sigh. Can I charge in?/
    01[22:37] <@BradGM> Well, you need to spend hafl action to get up and then you can move and reach'em next turn only.
    [22:38] <+Alexi> sure. Not that I'll be able to do anything
    01[22:38] <@BradGM> Alexi gets up and advances.
    01[22:39] <@BradGM> Siluvaine, you can reach the exit. roll perception visual.
    [22:39] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 80
    [22:39] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 5 Success by 7 degrees!
    01[22:40] <@BradGM> You can see the action happening about some 40 meters away near a few hunged horses near a side pole..
    [22:41] <+Aithorn> ((is the spell Light a touch spell?))
    01[22:41] <@BradGM> New Round!
    01[22:41] <@BradGM> Aithorn!
    06[22:41] * +Siluvaine can't believe they haen't subdued him yet and keeps moving in that direction (Yes, it is)
    [22:41] <+Siluvaine> ((well, which one?))
    [22:42] <+Aithorn> ((can you make the horse glow? should make it easy to follow))
    [22:42] <+Siluvaine> ((heh, no))
    01[22:42] <@BradGM> (nice gimmic thought))
    [22:42] <+Aithorn> ((drat))
    06[22:44] * +Aithorn tries to stab the horse with his sword
    01[22:44] <@BradGM> The one you threw 20 seconds ago?
    01[22:44] <@BradGM> I suppose you still carried your dagger?
    [22:45] <+Aithorn> ((the sword I picked up from the armory?))
    [22:45] <+Aithorn> ((or dagger, yeah, sure))
    01[22:45] <@BradGM> ((Sorry, I missed it, yeah best qualtity sword.))
    [22:45] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 66
    [22:45] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 55 Success by 1 degree!
    01[22:46] <@BradGM> ((+20 due to Edgerrin and large tsrget))
    [22:46] <+Aithorn> ((so out of 86, still succeeds, 3 DoS))
    01[22:46] <@BradGM> !dhroll 52 ride
    [22:46] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 49 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[22:47] <@BradGM> Vogt moves about his horse keeping him out of harm's way and moving on a tight leash.
    01[22:47] <@BradGM> ((doing another attack?))
    [22:48] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 86
    [22:48] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 39 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[22:48] <@BradGM> hit roll damage!
    [22:48] <+Aithorn> `roll 1d10+4
    [22:48] <GameServ> Aithorn rolled 1d10: 7 <Total: 7(+4) = 11>
    01[22:49] <@BradGM> Aithorn's new sword struck into the Horse's leg, sending it bucking and reeling! Vogt tries to keep it calm and move away.
    01[22:49] <@BradGM> !dhroll 52 ride
    [22:49] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 3 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[22:50] <@BradGM> Vogt keeps his beasts under control and kicks off out of the Palace grounds.
    01[22:50] <@BradGM> ((Dicenator got it where it counts!))
    01[22:50] <@BradGM> Edgerrin!
    [22:50] <+Aithorn> ((good, a blood trail can be easily followed))
    [22:51] <@Edgerrin> ((can i swing at the horse as it leaves?))
    01[22:51] <@BradGM> ((Yes.))
    [22:51] <@Edgerrin> (normal attack?))
    01[22:51] <@BradGM> ((yes, +10 for size))
    [22:52] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [22:52] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 84 Success by 1 degree!
    [22:52] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [22:52] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 8 Success by 8 degrees!
    [22:52] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [22:52] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 25 Success by 6 degrees!
    [22:52] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [22:52] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 52 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[22:52] <@BradGM> Oh sorry, I meant a single normal attack
    01[22:52] <@BradGM> Not your usual carnageous onslaugth.
    [22:53] <@Edgerrin> ok
    01[22:53] <@BradGM> Still hit
    01[22:53] <@BradGM> He'll use a fate point for a second dodge roll via ride
    01[22:53] <@BradGM> !dhroll 52 ride
    [22:53] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 16 Success by 3 degrees!
    01[22:53] <@BradGM> The Horse kciks off right as your Hammer was about to connect.
    01[22:54] <@BradGM> Alexi!
    [22:55] <+Alexi> can I charge and try to jump at him to knock him off? Since I'm unarmed and doubt I can move a horse
    01[22:55] <@BradGM> Rolf mananges to ride himself away, his horse with a gashing, bleeding wound.
    [22:55] <@Edgerrin> ((well theres your trail))
    [22:56] <+Aithorn> ((personally, I'm satisfied with that for now))
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> ((Yes Alexi, with a -20 due to jumping up and trying to knock one off a horse))
    [22:57] <+Alexi> !dhroll 35
    [22:57] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 10 Success by 2 degrees!
    [22:57] <+Alexi> ((BOOO-YAHH!!!!))
    [22:57] <+Aithorn> ((well done))
    [22:57] <@Edgerrin> ((huzzah for Tejas))
    01[22:58] <@BradGM> He'll use a fate point for dodge
    01[22:58] <@BradGM> !dhroll 58 dodge
    [22:58] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 78 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[22:59] <@BradGM> !dhroll 58 tbtf dodge
    [22:59] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 74 Failure by 1 degree!
    01[22:59] <@BradGM> Alexi slams Rolf vogt off his bleeding horse!
    [22:59] <+Alexi> ((he can go to hell!))
    01[22:59] <@BradGM> Siluvaine!
    [22:59] <@Edgerrin> ((Edge highfives Alexi))
    [22:59] <+Alexi> "Hyu SCHTOP ven Hy sez schtop!"
    [22:59] <+Aithorn> ((woo woo!))
    06[23:00] * +Siluvaine is happy to see them knock Rolf off the horse and keeps moving forward, looking to see if Rolf dropped anything during his attempt at fleeing.
    01[23:01] <@BradGM> Didn't see nothing being dropped from Rolf, but you should be able to reach everyone next round, due to the gown.
    01[23:01] <@BradGM> New Round!
    01[23:01] <@BradGM> Aithorn, Rolf and Alexi are down, just a couple of meters away.
    06[23:02] * +Aithorn moves to tackle Rolf
    01[23:02] <@BradGM> WS, +30.
    [23:02] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 91
    [23:02] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 19 Success by 7 degrees!
    01[23:03] <@BradGM> You jump on the tackle.
    01[23:03] <@BradGM> Rolf tries to force you both off him.
    01[23:04] <@BradGM> BOth of you roll Str+10, due to hleping one another, oppsosed. H'es got a -20
    [23:04] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 59
    [23:04] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 53 Success by 0 degrees!
    [23:05] <+Alexi> !dhroll 53
    [23:05] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 50 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[23:05] <@BradGM> !dhroll 43
    [23:05] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 42 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[23:05] <@BradGM> He Manages to get up, but you're both keeping him restrained..barely! He's got the strength of of a few men to him.
    01[23:05] <@BradGM> Edgerrin!
    06[23:06] * @Edgerrin pounds him wit his hammer
    01[23:06] <@BradGM> Auto hit, since he's restrained, so extra d10 damage Edgerrin.
    [23:06] <@Edgerrin> `roll 1d10+8
    [23:06] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 8 <Total: 8(+8) = 16>
    [23:07] <@Edgerrin> `roll 1d10+8
    [23:07] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 9 <Total: 9(+8) = 17>
    [23:07] <@Edgerrin> `roll 1d10
    [23:07] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 9 <Total: 9>
    [23:07] <@Edgerrin> 26
    [23:07] <@Edgerrin> i tihnk
    01[23:08] <@BradGM> Aiming for which body part? The head I suppose?
    [23:09] <@Edgerrin> body
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> You crush Rolf Vogt's torso into itself, ribs cracking, coughing blood, Alexi and Aithorn and can feel that he goes limp.
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> Alexi
    01[23:11] <@BradGM>
    [23:12] <+Alexi> "Hy tink ve gots heem now."
    06[23:12] * +Alexi doesn't get off of Vogt's legs though
    01[23:12] <@BradGM> Siluvaine!
    01[23:12] <@BradGM> Roll perception audio.
    [23:13] <+Aithorn> "He cannot tell us where the Chalice was, but he will not harm anybody any more."
    [23:13] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 70
    [23:13] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 40 Success by 3 degrees!
    01[23:14] <@BradGM> You can hear talking and sound coming from behind. The guests are turning the corner and are about to exit the Palace.
    06[23:14] * +Siluvaine looks around for anyplace Vogt can be dragged to quickly.
    [23:15] <+Siluvaine> "People are coming, get him out of sight!"
    01[23:15] <@BradGM> New Round!
    01[23:15] <@BradGM> Well, End of Combat actually, Rolf's Out of commission
    01[23:16] <@BradGM> You got a knocked-out, hurt Rolf and a bleeding horse.
    06[23:17] * +Siluvaine glances around for someplace to drag the man.
    [23:18] <+Aithorn> "Let's take him back to the tower, we should get the coach."
    [23:18] <+Alexi> "Hokay."
    [23:18] <+Siluvaine> "I'm not sure we have time first. Get him out of sight and I'll get the coach."
    01[23:18] <@BradGM> TherE's always the Garden, near-by.
    [23:19] <+Aithorn> ((the garden isn't bad))
    01[23:21] <@BradGM> You drag Rolf into the gArdens, out of sight as the guests begin to pour out.
    01[23:21] <@BradGM> Someone taking the bleeding horse.
    06[23:21] * @Edgerrin will take the horse to a stall
    06[23:22] * +Siluvaine makes her way towards the area where the coaches are, looking over the crowd for anyone she knows.
    06[23:22] * +Aithorn lays Rolf down on the grass and waits for him to come around.
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> Aithorn, Alexi, roll perception visual, opposed.
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> -10 for Alexi due to the dakrness
    [23:24] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 81
    [23:24] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 89 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [23:24] <+Alexi> !dhroll 51
    [23:24] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 84 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[23:24] <@BradGM> Edgerrin, Siluvaine, you are near the coach/stables, keeping an eye to the leaving guests.
    06[23:26] * +Aithorn is still standing over Vogt trying to keep an eye out for anybody who is too curious
    [23:26] <+Siluvaine> ((should I be someplace to get the coach?))
    01[23:27] <@BradGM> Aithorn, Alexi, as you are keeping an eye on Rolf and looking at the Guests leaving from the Garden, you suddenly hear a dozen cocking sound behind you. "In The Countess's Name, surrender!" You see a raising lights around you, as you see that you are surrounded by aquebust armed soldiers.
    01[23:27] <@BradGM> ((Ah you're getting the coach.))
    01[23:27] <@BradGM> !dhroll 30
    [23:27] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 52 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[23:28] <@BradGM> You reach your coach; he's got to wait for some of the coaches to leave before he can be able to leave.
    06[23:29] * +Siluvaine glances back towards the garden and waits patiently, watching the people walking by.
    01[23:30] <@BradGM> ((ok if we end it here?))
    [23:30] <+Aithorn> ((sure))
    01[23:30] <@BradGM> *End of Session*

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Wednesday, September 13

  1. page SamuraiHanson edited ... Vehicle (Helicopter) +1 Gunnery +1 ... out benefits: Scout Ship Low Passage +2 Educati…
    Vehicle (Helicopter) +1
    Gunnery +1
    out benefits:
    Scout Ship
    Low Passage
    +2 Education
    Scout Ship,Low Passage,+2 Education,50000
    Name: Samuel "Samurai" Hanson, Male 34
    Homeworld: Villis Subsector, Edinina
    Mustered out on: Dinomn B674632-9
    Scoutship: To be named...EX21 Vapor Lance
    Auto Pistol
    Combo Respirator
    Hand Computer
    Medium Range Comm
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Sunday, September 10

  1. page Session Ninety-Five edited 10/9/17 01[20:15] <@BradGM> The Party slit up to cover all entrances of the Vogt domain. A…
    01[20:15] <@BradGM> The Party slit up to cover all entrances of the Vogt domain. An hour after the sun is set, a figure left the tradesmen entrance, then some time later, a second. Alexi saw that the second figure was Roft Vogt, and began shadowing him, quickly joined by the others.
    01[20:15] <@BradGM> Roft went to a semi-private club near Universitat, where he was seen discussing about with an young aquillan-nosed aristocrat. Siluvaine was seen by Vogt, but the noble did not recognised her from their previous meeting 5 days ago.
    01[20:15] <@BradGM> Shadowing him some more in the streets, this time Roft noticed he was followed and the chase was on! Edgerrin managed to almost reach him, as the others were held back by merchants and other nosey citizens who were not into seeing people running about.
    01[20:15] <@BradGM> Unfortunately, petards and fireworks got the Slayer's attention just long enough for Edgerrin to loose sight of Roft, which allowed him to dissapear into the crowd. Calling it a night, the Party went for a few beers before turning over for some rest.
    01[20:15] <@BradGM> Next morning, after a breakfast with Brother Stafen, who will make arrangements to get a coach for you tonight, bathes and perfume as well, you made your Way to Dwarven Row to start collecting your evening clothing, starting with Edgerrin's Leather Armour.
    01[20:15] <@BradGM> You also get your Fate points Reloaded.
    [20:15] <@Edgerrin> woot!
    [20:16] <+Siluvaine> ((enough sleep to restore the last wound?))
    01[20:16] <@BradGM> ((Yes))
    01[20:17] <@BradGM> ((Also, numerous ships from Reikland, including the Emperor's personnal vessel, are docked alongside the other boats from the near-by Provinces))
    06[20:18] * +Siluvaine keeps an eye out for their following friends as they go collecting.
    01[20:19] <@BradGM> Dwarven Row is buzzing with activity, as sevants are citizens are moving about, taking as much adventage of the sunny break in the cloud coverage to get their goods=- and blow up some firwors and petards asw ell, even moreso than before. They must be playing catch-upà
    01[20:19] <@BradGM> The Tilean is back, but no sign of the fat Robed man
    06[20:19] * +Aithorn will look for an apothecary (buy a healing potion) nearby to the armor shop while the others are inside.
    01[20:22] <@BradGM> !dhroll 25
    [20:22] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 46 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[20:23] <@BradGM> There's no apothecary in Dwarven Row Aithorn, not a usual Dwarven trade; but Universistat begins just across the street; there might be some shop over there.
    01[20:23] <@BradGM> Inside, Edgerrin, your best quality leather armour is ready, fits fine too!
    01[20:23] <@BradGM> !dhroll 75
    [20:23] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 75 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[20:24] <@BradGM> If you walk a block into Universistat Aithorn, you'll find an apotecary's shop and can buy a healing draught for 5/6.
    01[20:25] <@BradGM> Sorry, 5 crowns, 6 shillings.
    [20:25] <+Aithorn> ((done, duly noted on price))
    01[20:25] <@BradGM> Owzel "Aye, worked like a maniac to git'it done, likin' it laddey?"
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> Owzel "fine Averland Ox Leather too, not your piss ass Wissenland ass'ass skin."
    06[20:27] * +Aithorn walks back into the armorer's just in time to see Edgerrin finish strapping on the last piece, "Very respectable you look."
    06[20:29] * +Siluvaine looks over to see what Edgerrin wound up with.
    06[20:29] * @Edgerrin grins
    [20:30] <@Edgerrin> "Me thanks ta ya fer a job well done. I be owning ya a pint fer this too."
    01[20:30] <@BradGM> Siluvaine, ti is a finely made best quality leather armour, while the armour is you usual cut, the material used appears to be of the highest quality.
    [20:30] <@Edgerrin> ((AB 2 ?))
    01[20:31] <@BradGM> Owzel "Aye that'll be real gud'indeed..but I'd rather 'ave th' money you owe me fer th'work Laddey."
    01[20:31] <@BradGM> ((yes))
    [20:31] <@Edgerrin> ((sweet))
    01[20:31] <@BradGM> ((Also lighter than usual, with little effect really, and looks obvious 'rich' as well))
    [20:32] <@Edgerrin> ((I'll get it dirty to my liking after the ball))
    01[20:32] <@BradGM> ((haha))
    [20:32] <@Edgerrin> ((I think i can keep it clean for 24 hours))
    01[20:33] <@BradGM> ((that sounds like a challenge!))
    01[20:33] <@BradGM> ((oh- and the price was 350 crowns for it))
    [20:34] <@Edgerrin> ((how much of that do I owe?))
    01[20:35] <@BradGM> ((all of it, you made a dwarven deal based on your word IIRC..))
    01[20:35] <@BradGM> ((but you do got the money, thankso to Stefan/Hoffer))
    [20:35] <@Edgerrin> ((thats what i meant, how much did the church pay and ow much do i have to pay))
    01[20:36] <@BradGM> ((ah..350))
    01[20:36] <@BradGM> ((I beleive only the others gave up a deposit to Samanga's store for thier clothing))
    [20:36] <@Edgerrin> ((k))
    06[20:39] * +Siluvaine glances up and down the street again.
    01[20:40] <@BradGM> The Tilean is leaning in an alleyway, looking at you and around him as well. Things seems rather normal if only with the air filled with a quick, festive breath to it.
    01[20:40] <@BradGM> ((So who's paying Owzel?))
    [20:41] <+Aithorn> ((Sil has the credit notes from the church ( I believe)))
    [20:42] <+Siluvaine> ((yeah))
    [20:43] <+Siluvaine> ((can't recall how much is ont them, I know we got an extra 200 from selling the much does Edgerrin need?))
    [20:43] <@Edgerrin> ((350))
    01[20:44] <@BradGM> ((350 for the leather armour, you still got 650 to pay for your dress, aithorn got another 100 to go, Alexi got 200 to go since he was saving up for his mail))
    06[20:46] * +Siluvaine offers the line of credit (hopefully this should all work out with personal funds as well?))
    01[20:47] <@BradGM> ((yeah the owed moeny is all covered by bank notes- the 200 crowns from the gems are actually 'your own' money))
    01[20:48] <@BradGM> Owzel doesn't seems happy to get a simple bank draft instead of hard coins, but he smiles foundly as he reads the depitor "Aye, thank ye, thank ye Lassey. Ye needin' anymore armour, you come and see me laddeys, Owzel will skin or plate'ya good!"
    [20:49] <+Siluvaine> 'I'll keep that in mind."
    [20:50] <+Aithorn> "We will be back if we need any more."
    01[20:50] <@BradGM> Owzel "Then 'till next time Laddeys."
    06[20:50] * +Siluvaine nods and makes her way to the next shop. "Thank you."
    06[20:52] * @Edgerrin thanks Owzel again.
    01[20:53] <@BradGM> Owzel "I be in the Carven out front after sunset, in case you want to take me on yer'offer Laddey."
    01[20:53] <@BradGM> Sil, going to Samanga's I suppose?
    [20:54] <+Siluvaine> ((yeah, unless we need to stop off anyplace closer first))
    06[20:54] * @Edgerrin nods
    06[20:55] * +Aithorn walks out of the shop and squints in the sun, "To the tailor then? Let us be off"
    01[20:56] <@BradGM> It's about 9AM at the moment.
    06[20:56] * +Siluvaine nods and starts off that way, checking for tails. "It looks rather lightweight?"
    01[20:58] <@BradGM> The tilean follows still keeping a reasonable distance. At Samanga activty abuzz; numerous servants in fine liverry are picking up wrapped up clothing and impressive masks for their masters tonight.
    01[20:58] <@BradGM> !dhroll 10
    [20:58] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 85 Failure by 7 degrees!
    01[20:58] <@BradGM> Samanga himself is directing his workers, like a general his troops, in the chaos of shopping.
    01[20:58] <@BradGM> He's too busy to even notice you coming in.
    06[20:59] * +Siluvaine frowns at the snub and glances around.
    06[21:01] * +Aithorn grins at the lack of direct attention and looks for a free clerk
    01[21:01] <@BradGM> !dhroll 15
    [21:01] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 19 Failure by 0 degrees!
    01[21:01] <@BradGM> Aithorn, it takes you a good 10 minutes to actually find a clerk who wasn't busy "Ah, yes, forgive me sir, it's crazy today! How can I help you?"
    [21:02] <+Aithorn> "We have ordered some clothes and were told they would be ready today. We would like to pick them up."
    01[21:03] <@BradGM> Clerk "Ah, of course...Party of five, with a Dwarf?"
    [21:03] <+Aithorn> ((I'm assuming we have some sort of claim slip or receipt)) "A blue suit and red dress with their accompiaments"
    01[21:04] <@BradGM> Clerk "Ah, right away sir."
    06[21:04] * @Edgerrin scowls at the clerk
    01[21:05] <@BradGM> He leaves you and gets lost in the crowd. He return a few inutes later with 3 large paper bags and a box. "Here are your clothes, and your masks. I see there is still a difference to pay of 950 Crowns on the reciept.
    [21:06] <+Siluvaine> 'And the accompaniants?
    [21:06] <+Aithorn> ((masks, accessories, I are not gud with words))
    01[21:07] <@BradGM> Clerk "Right here in the box, Madam."
    01[21:08] <@BradGM> He opens it up to show masses of rolled and balled up paper. He unrolls one, to show a simple black mask.
    06[21:09] * +Siluvaine passes the bank draft to Aithorn to pass to the clerk. "I am sure there are no issues."
    01[21:10] <@BradGM> The clerk checks the bank notes "All seems to be in order. thank you for buying at Samanga's!"
    06[21:10] * +Alexi will wear a different hat for his ddisguise
    [21:10] <+Aithorn> "Thank you."
    01[21:11] <@BradGM> ((There's Hat 1, KIA, Hat 2 bought in Altdorf, and Hat 3, bought in Nuln.))
    06[21:11] * +Siluvaine sniffs and nods and turns and goes, leaving the others to carry things.
    01[21:12] <@BradGM> (( ))
    01[21:14] <@BradGM> It's about 9:30/9:45AM. Sun's still out, but maybe for another couple of hours.
    [21:14] <+Siluvaine> ((do we need to pick up anything else?))
    06[21:15] * +Aithorn takes the two of the boxes and follows out of the store. "Alexi, was your armor supposed to be ready yet?"
    [21:16] <+Alexi> "Yah, hy tink so."
    01[21:16] <@BradGM> ((no, that was what was to be picked, you basically got the rest of the day to do things, then get cleaned and ready for the coach. The Palace doors opens up at 9 PM))
    06[21:16] * @Edgerrin pciks up some stuff
    06[21:18] * +Alexi will go to get his own armor
    [21:20] <+Aithorn> "We have all day, we can go check."
    01[21:20] <@BradGM> ((I thought you already had your mail armour? You waited in site for the smsith to do the job))
    [21:20] <+Alexi> ((did I? Hmm...yeah, sorry, it's been a while))
    [21:21] <+Aithorn> ((oops, guess we're all set then
    [21:21] <+Siluvaine> "Should we even bother to try Vogt's once we return this?"
    [21:24] <+Aithorn> "I would not. He can not take the risk that we would see his costume."
    06[21:26] * +Siluvaine nods and starts their way back to the Tower for now, considering.
    [21:26] <+Aithorn> "If he thinks nobody knows who he is, he will be more likely to come to the ball believing in his mask."
    [21:28] <+Siluvaine> "We may have to figure out a way to recognize him. I wonder if they do announcements."
    01[21:28] <@BradGM> ((Buying what Edgerrin, btw?))
    [21:29] <@Edgerrin> ((Me, nothing?))
    [21:31] <+Aithorn> "Perhaps, if he is introduced, we must wait until he is off the main floor. I am sure the church would value not causing an uproar."
    06[21:32] * +Siluvaine nods. "And keep an eye out for the chalice."
    [21:33] <+Aithorn> "It could be potent to use such a thing in the presence of the Emperor. Hopefully there are some who will share our courage."
    [21:34] <+Alexi> "Ve chust need to haf faith."
    06[21:35] * +Siluvaine glances down at the marking on her hand. "There's a scary thought."
    01[21:36] <@BradGM> Doing anythign else for the day or FFWD to the evening?
    06[21:37] * +Aithorn shrugs his shoulders, "Faith is in short supply these days."
    [21:37] <+Aithorn> ((FFWD, I don't need anything else))
    [21:37] <+Siluvaine> ((I can't think of anything))
    [21:39] <@Edgerrin> ((ok by me))
    [21:40] <+Alexi> ((I'm good))
    01[21:41] <@BradGM> The day passes as the Party get ready for the Ball. Hoffer and his two companions return mid-afternoon. Everyone seems wounded, but they have taken down 4 mutant holes, including a 'skinroom' and a weapona cache. this time under Universistat. As the afternoon draws to a close, Stfan readies large quantities of water to be heated for your baths.
    01[21:41] <@BradGM> He quite insists that you get clean- especially Edgerrin.
    06[21:41] * @Edgerrin scoffs
    06[21:42] * +Siluvaine takes the time to get properly ready.
    01[21:43] <@BradGM> Stefan "The Upper crsut of the Empire will be present- The Emperor Himself as well. It would be bad form working for the Churuch of Sigmar and smelling like stables."
    01[21:44] <@BradGM> Stefan "At least put some perfume on. And be liberal about it."
    06[21:46] * +Siluvaine has no compunction about getting clean and ready.
    [21:47] <+Aithorn> ((I'm thinking that Edgerrin in a bathtub is like getting Mr T on an airplane))
    [21:47] <@Edgerrin> ((i pity the fool!))
    01[21:47] <@BradGM> ((just ^put some bubble foam in it, say it's full of bugman's beer))
    [21:48] <+Alexi> "Come on. Ve heff to mek us luk nize fer de vimmens."
    06[21:48] * +Aithorn also gets into the bath, although he doesn't use any of the purfume.
    06[21:48] * @Edgerrin will wash
    06[21:49] * +Alexi gets himself clean
    01[21:50] <@BradGM> You get all cleaned up dressed and looking nice, and smelling even better for some.
    01[21:51] <@BradGM> As you got for Brother Stefan, Hoffer is waitng for you "Since you can only enter wearing daggers, I'd thought I' d give you something to help, in case the need arises."
    06[21:52] * +Siluvaine sighs and realizes she's going to have to leave the quarterstaff behind. "Oh?"
    [21:52] <@Edgerrin> "I think I could bring me 'ammer since it be of royal make and being a guard."
    01[21:53] <@BradGM> He takes out some sheatled thin blades, like daggers as long as short sword. They also have a rather simple guard on them "It's all the rage I'm told in Altdorf, even the Emperor himself seems to have taken fancy to those "Court sword."
    01[21:53] <@BradGM> Hoffer "I'd doutb they'll stop you, but I'd suspect thy will ask your to have it on your back. I do have something for that as well."
    [21:53] <+Alexi> "Hy tink hy brek dis eeef hy sneeze."
    [21:54] <@Edgerrin> I be ok with it on me back."
    01[21:54] <@BradGM> He takes out a length of velvet metarial form his small coffer "Here, use this to sling it."
    01[21:54] <@BradGM> Hoffer "Yes, they are not built to cut, but to stab."
    06[21:55] * +Siluvaine eyes the blade, then looks down at her dress.
    01[21:55] <@BradGM> Hoffer "But they are well made to parry, so they may prove useful and more wieldable than daggers."
    [21:56] <+Aithorn> "I will take one, it will be useful to hold food with."
    01[21:57] <@BradGM> Hoffer "I'm afraid I have nothing for you my dear Magister, except this.." *He gets a small dagger out* "You can hide this between your corset and dress, someone other than a gentleman can find it."
    06[21:57] * +Siluvaine raises an eyebrow and smirks, taking the blade.
    06[21:59] * +Aithorn wraps the blade in a piece of the velvet and straps it to his dress
    01[21:59] <@BradGM> Hoffer " Stefan will safeguard your weapons in the Tower. You would also be pleased to know that the Grand CapitularyStolz and High Priest RAnulf will be present, escorting Lady Torbinger."
    [22:00] <+Siluvaine> ((Do we know that name?))
    01[22:00] <@BradGM> ((the High preist of Sigmar in middenheim and the now High Priest of Ulric in middenheim, replacing H.P Liebnitz))
    01[22:01] <@BradGM> ((Ranulf was Father Otto's firend, he gave yu the job to find the skull in the forest with the aging priest))
    [22:01] <+Siluvaine> ((the Lady Torbinger))
    06[22:02] * @Edgerrin grabs his gear and will give steffan everything except his hammer his lock picks which he will conceal, a few coins, and a healing draught.
    01[22:02] <@BradGM> ((And Stolz was your ally in middenheim..the lady you don't know- you would know that she is the daughter of the Graf Boris Todbringer of middemheim, elector count of middleland, very pretty, and there's quite a demand for her attention as she is the only legal child of the Graf, so whoever she marries gets the elector-count title))
    [22:03] <+Aithorn> "Good faces and good hearts will be welcome sights tonight."
    01[22:03] <@BradGM> ((You saw her at the distacne during the trail, as you were inside the Graf's house, but you never directly interact with her))
    01[22:03] <@BradGM> Hoffer "Yes, but a smile viewed by all can easily hide a dagger in the dark."
    01[22:04] <@BradGM> Hoffer "May Sigmar watches over you."
    [22:04] <+Aithorn> "Over all of us."
    01[22:07] <@BradGM> Hoffer nods back at your in confirmation. Stefan takes you outside, where a coach, well embelished, but not too pretentiously. You recognise one of the Tower Guard acting as Driver. "He shall wait for you at the palace stables unti l you're ready to return. Good luck and with Sigmar's Will, all be go well without incident."
    01[22:08] <@BradGM> ((all will go well))
    01[22:08] <@BradGM> ((first time soemthing went wrong here..))
    [22:08] <+Aithorn> ((nothing has ever gone wrong, ever...))
    02[22:08] * +Siluvaine ( Quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
    01[22:08] <@BradGM> ((well, you're not gonna ask direction to a shop, so there won't be any randomg thug stabbing you halfway to death))
    01[22:09] <@BradGM> ((it's gonna be a noble shooting you down instead!))
    [22:09] <+Aithorn> ((yeah, a slap in the face and pistols at dawn))
    03[22:10] * Siluvaine ( has joined #shadowrun
    01[22:10] <@BradGM> ((well, technically, fi you'Re provoked, the defender has choice of weapons))
    [22:10] <Siluvaine> ((missed anything after the smile hiding a dagger in the dark comment))
    01[22:10] <@BradGM> ((just send the lot to you)
    [22:11] <Siluvaine> ((Thanks))
    06[22:11] * Siluvaine makes sure her mask and dagger are in their proper places.
    03[22:14] * Aith ( has joined #shadowrun
    [22:14] <Aith> ((so, that happened...))
    [22:14] <Siluvaine> ((Wb))
    [22:14] <Aith> ((Last thing was Sil checking her blade/mask, Aithorn not dreaming he would ride in a coach so fancy))
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> The coach takes you into Nuln, leaving the Iron Tower, and the Tilean, behind. You drive up the hill under the rain rather fast, the precipitation keeping most people inside, and gets into a small line of coach as the guests begin to arrive, there's 4 coaches in front of you, each guests are greeted as they go inside the Palace and have thier invitation checked.
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> ((didn't saw that last Aith line I'm afraid))
    02[22:15] * +Aithorn ( Quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
    03[22:16] * Aith is now known as Aithorn
    06[22:17] * Siluvaine makes sure Aithorn has the invitation.
    01[22:18] <@BradGM> 2 coaches up front.
    01[22:18] <@BradGM> You
    03[22:18] * Edgerrin sets mode: +vv Aithorn Siluvaine
    06[22:18] * +Siluvaine glances out without being obvious. "Well, we haven't been killed yet."
    06[22:18] * +Aithorn takes the invitation and slips it into his sleeve.
    [22:19] <+Alexi> "Dot ez alvays a goot sign."
    [22:19] <+Aithorn> "The night is still new."
    01[22:19] <@BradGM> Your coach advance, and the door opens up, being hanlded by one of the COuntess's Servant.
    06[22:19] * +Aithorn steps out of the carriage, and holds his hand out for Siluvaine, as a good armcandy should.
    06[22:20] * +Siluvaine takes the offered hand and makes her way out of the couch.
    01[22:20] <@BradGM> Everyone roll a Charm test; failing don't matter much, except if you rol over 95.
    [22:20] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 9
    [22:20] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 63 Failure by 5 degrees!
    [22:20] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 22
    [22:20] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 82 Failure by 6 degrees!
    [22:20] <+Alexi> !dhroll 14
    [22:20] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 65 Failure by 5 degrees!
    [22:21] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 53
    [22:21] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 19 Success by 3 degrees!
    [22:21] <@Edgerrin> ((such a charming group))
    [22:21] <+Alexi> ((Iz because I am wearing a disguisy hat!))
    01[22:22] <@BradGM> The Greeter bows slightly as you get inside the Palace "Good evening, Welcome to her Ladyship's Masked Ball. Might I have your invitation please? How shall we annouce?"
    01[22:22] <@BradGM> How=Who
    06[22:22] * +Aithorn hands over the invitation
    01[22:22] <@BradGM> ((and don't think you gave your name to Rolft btw, you only told him you were working for the church))
    01[22:23] <@BradGM> The Greeter checks it and seems content with it.
    01[22:24] <@BradGM> Greeter "Names?"
    [22:25] <+Siluvaine> ((Crap, can't think of the rank))
    01[22:25] <@BradGM> ((Magister))
    [22:25] <+Aithorn> "Magister Siluvaine and escort"
    01[22:26] <@BradGM> Greeter "Ah, very well, do enter, straight ahead, and to your left at the corner."
    06[22:27] * +Siluvaine lets Aithorn escort her to the party.
    06[22:28] * @Edgerrin is not sure whether to follow or lead acting like he's cutting off problems and clearing a path.
    06[22:28] * +Aithorn extends an arm as they walk down the hallway, "Well, if I ever lose all my arrows, I will be able to find other work at least."
    [22:29] <+Siluvaine> "Quite. Atleast they'll announce him if he hasn't arrived already."
    01[22:31] <@BradGM> THe Palace Hall is rahter impressive, quite lavish as well, Nuln did not suffer as the North did of the Storm of Chaos or at least the Countess did not. You steps echoes on the granite floor, which turns into marble as you enter the Great Hall. From your high-view from the top of stairs, you can see all over. At eye level, you can 8 small private lodges, 4 on each sides, similar to lodge found at the theather. Each lodge is suppoorted by 4 large Marble coloumns. The floor is also marble, but it is so shiny that the lights coming from the dozens of chandeliers hanlging overhead gives the impression the guest will be dancing on pure light. The Walls are decorated in lashing tapistry that seems to be of Arabyan style as well, quite costly. The Large Ball room is filled to a third, groups of people are plotted here and there.
    01[22:32] <@BradGM> As you beign your descent into the ball room proper, going down as much as 7 meters down the stairs, the Herald annoucnes you "Lady Magister Siluvaine and Escort!"
    01[22:32] <@BradGM> Roll another charm test: this time, everyone gets a +20%, Sil gets a +30.
    [22:33] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 32
    [22:33] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 79 Failure by 4 degrees!
    [22:33] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 83
    [22:33] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 93 Failure by 1 degree!
    [22:33] <+Siluvaine> ((Fate))
    [22:33] <+Alexi> !dhroll 34
    [22:33] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 18 Success by 1 degree!
    [22:33] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 83
    [22:33] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 62 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[22:34] <@BradGM> ((Aithorn, you must fate!))
    01[22:34] <@BradGM> ((Because Reasons!))
    [22:34] <+Aithorn> ha, we can try it
    [22:34] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 32
    [22:34] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 13 Success by 1 degree!
    [22:34] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 29
    [22:34] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 61 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [22:34] <+Aithorn> ((well, whaddya know!))
    01[22:34] <@BradGM> ((Edgerrin, you must fate!))
    01[22:35] <@BradGM> ((Because Slayer Oath!))
    [22:35] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 29
    [22:35] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 31 Failure by 0 degrees!
    01[22:38] <@BradGM> As you descent, you can see the numerous masks heads turning to see you, in a rather strange vision of Beastsmen, chubby faced men, animals of all sorts, lots of simple black or white masks looking at you with a sense of jelous curiousity. The guards present, wearing a simple black masks, seems to straigthen a bit more when Edgerrin struts in with a Great Stone Hammer. It's obivous Runic nature seems what's keepigng them at bay. And being with a Wizard might help too.
    06[22:39] * +Siluvaine moves down the stairs, making an entrance.
    01[22:40] <@BradGM> A hald dozen people are waiting at the bottom of the stairs, having their masks removed. They present themselves as memebers of the Countess's counsil, and offically greet you in the name of her Ladyship. You see that the Aquilan-nose man that you saw Rolf spoke to yesterday evening is amongst them.
    [22:40] <+Aithorn> ((nothing says "party trick" like turning into a chaos spawn in the middle of the dance floor))
    01[22:41] <@BradGM> ((If you got a good DJ, he'll mix into monster mash when it happens))
    06[22:41] * +Siluvaine returns the greetings of the council.
    [22:42] <+Siluvaine> ((is the Aquilan-nosed man identified?))
    01[22:42] <@BradGM> ((No, another, older, friler man was doing the talking. He was just there looking pretty.))
    06[22:44] * +Aithorn returns the council's greetings and looks around the room. "Where would you like to go?"
    01[22:44] <@BradGM> ((You can see that his mask is one of a pot cheeked man with a comically long nose))
    [22:45] <+Siluvaine> "Drinks first I think."
    01[22:46] <@BradGM> Servants are walking about with drinks, mostly imported, and coslty, wine, liquors and ales and small bits of food called 'Oor-ter-vra'.
    01[22:47] <@BradGM> ((Hors-d'oeuvre))
    01[22:47] <@BradGM> ((if that makes it clearer))
    06[22:47] * +Siluvaine takes one of the drinks, moving off to the side, looking to see if anyone is paying them attention.
    [22:48] <+Aithorn> ((Edge and Alexi are mingling with us? or what?))
    [22:48] <@Edgerrin> ((following close as a good gusrd would))
    01[22:48] <@BradGM> Plenty are looking your way Siluvaine; it's not like they see a Magister everyday- well most do, being important, but some don't by the way they're staring.
    06[22:49] * +Siluvaine mentions the revelation about the Aquilan-nosed man to the group.
    01[22:50] <@BradGM> You all catch the eye of people, even if the majority turns to see the newest arrivals as well. Aithorn for being the 'real' escort, Alexi for his headwear, and edgerirn his hammer.
    06[22:52] * +Aithorn grabs a few goblets for Edgerrin, Alexi, and himself and looks around. "Such a crowd already..."
    06[22:52] * +Siluvaine looks for anyone that might match the build of the Slaaneshi Priest
    06[22:54] * @Edgerrin looks at the drink. 1"What be this?"
    01[22:55] <@BradGM> Siluvaine, got any idea what is a usual Slanneshi Priest?
    [22:55] <+Siluvaine> ((Well, someone that would match the girthy dimensions of the gear we found))
    [22:56] <+Aithorn> "I don't know, but you do not have to drink it if you do not want to."
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> There's alot of Fat people, whatwith being Astristocrats and Nobles and all. Still, roll a perception visual test or a search test.
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    [22:56] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 96 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[22:57] <@BradGM> Edgerrin it looks and smell like Dwarven Ale, the Bugman kind, XXXXX too.
    01[22:57] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    [22:57] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 8 Success by 9 degrees!
    01[22:57] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    [22:57] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 8 Success by 9 degrees!
    06[22:57] * @Edgerrin drinks
    01[22:57] <@BradGM> Aithorn and Alexi got Wine.
    01[22:58] <@BradGM> Apart from drinking, what are your actions? This is a party after all...
    [22:58] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 80 (Perception))
    [22:58] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 86 Failure by 0 degrees!
    06[22:58] * +Aithorn gets caught staring a bit too long at a beastigor mask that looks a bit too life like, and walks in the other direction for a bit."
    [22:58] <@Edgerrin> !roll 48
    [22:58] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 48
    [22:58] <+Siluvaine> ((Will save the fate))
    [22:58] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 48
    [22:58] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 20 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[22:59] <@BradGM> ((that was just for Sil, sorry, so keep those fate.))
    06[22:59] * +Alexi will sip hs
    01[23:00] <@BradGM> Siluvaine, there's a few contestant for the title, or at least the uniform, but no clear winner.
    06[23:01] * +Siluvaine kind of suspected as such, but still occasionally glances around, sometime checking the Winds of the room.
    01[23:01] <@BradGM> roll it Sil.
    [23:01] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [23:01] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 65 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[23:02] <@BradGM> Everyone, also roll a charm test, same bonus as last time (+20%, +30 for Sil))
    [23:02] <+Alexi> !dhroll 34
    [23:02] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 67 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [23:02] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 32
    [23:02] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 55 Failure by 2 degrees!
    [23:02] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 29
    [23:02] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 81 Failure by 5 degrees!
    01[23:03] <@BradGM> There are some magical protection set-up Siluvaine, mostly some simple lokcing spells on certain doors and windows.
    01[23:03] <@BradGM> The three of you walk about the Room, but no one seems to be having any intrest in you.
    [23:04] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 83
    [23:04] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 80 Success by 0 degrees!
    06[23:04] * +Aithorn will move to one of the pillars on the ground floor where he has a good view of the entranceway and look at the people coming in
    01[23:04] <@BradGM> An hour passes, the room is rather filled now, the noise of all the talking and the crowd, makes it harder to hear or see anything.
    01[23:05] <@BradGM> Roll perception Aithorn, visual or audio.
    [23:05] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 81 visual
    [23:05] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 71 Success by 1 degree!
    06[23:06] * +Siluvaine idly compares her outfit to those she sees around her. She also thinks it would be much easier if the cultists would monologue a bit more...
    01[23:07] <@BradGM> Aithorn, you see that Randarf Vogt, Rolf's father has entered the room, wearing a stylish black mask with matching outfit. He arrived alone as well.
    01[23:09] <@BradGM> Also, I forgot to point out that there's a coupe of steps leading to a elevated stage at the far end of the room, where 2 thrones are put up, and Guards are standing guard besides it.
    01[23:09] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10
    [23:09] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 3
    06[23:10] * +Aithorn will keep watching
    06[23:10] * +Alexi walks around
    06[23:11] * +Siluvaine passes by the stage at one point just to make sure the chalice isn't up there or something...
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> Siluvaine, you exchange a few words with a aged man, wearing a Rat's mask, he is quite polite and quite cold handed.
    01[23:12] <@BradGM> Roll another charm test.
    [23:12] <+Siluvaine> ((Same bonus?))
    01[23:12] <@BradGM> Everyone
    01[23:12] <@BradGM> Yes
    [23:12] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 83
    [23:12] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 18 Success by 6 degrees!
    [23:12] <+Alexi> !dhroll 34
    [23:12] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 58 Failure by 2 degrees!
    [23:12] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 29
    [23:12] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 2 Success by 2 degrees!
    [23:12] <@Edgerrin> ((woot! Im charming))
    [23:13] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 32
    [23:13] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 36 Failure by 0 degrees!
    01[23:13] <@BradGM> !roll 2#1d10
    [23:13] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 5;8
    06[23:14] * +Siluvaine makes polite conversation with the man.
    01[23:15] <@BradGM> Edgerrin you get into a talk with a Waldred Teuber, who presents himself as the Director of the College of Ingeneering. You seems to have made an impression as he invited you to a personnal tour of the College after gunpwoder Week.
    [23:16] <@Edgerrin> "I be honored sir."
    01[23:16] <@BradGM> Siluvaine, you actually meet a woman, wearing a rather wild mask made of wood on the face, except the lower jaw, and with furs on the side. She is Agnete Krebs, Dean of the University of Nuln.
    01[23:17] <@BradGM> ((as it was a while ago, you did find a map of the sewers in the big temple of Slannesh, with the stamp of the university seal.))
    06[23:18] * @Edgerrin will chat with the director while keeping an eye on Sil and Aith and the characters they're conversing with.
    01[23:18] <@BradGM> Aithorn and Alexi seems to only have a few polite exchange caught here and there as they mingle in the crowd.
    01[23:18] <@BradGM> ((the map is now with Hoffer))
    06[23:19] * +Siluvaine talks to the woman about the party.
    06[23:20] * +Siluvaine also compliments her on the daring of the mask.
    06[23:20] * +Aithorn is not conversing at the moment, although he was approached by a tilean woman he could barely understand her accent.
    01[23:21] <@BradGM> Krebs is rather well versed in numerous fields of knowledge, commenting on that costume, this material, that drink...still she has a rather soothing tone to her voice, and mannerism.
    01[23:21] <@BradGM> ((fuggedaboutit))
    06[23:22] * +Siluvaine idly checks out the winds again.
    01[23:22] <@BradGM> Roll it, with a +10
    [23:22] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 99
    [23:22] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 69 Success by 3 degrees!
    01[23:24] <@BradGM> The Winds seems normal, thought you do see an odd twist in the 'air' around Krebs. Roll Sixth Sence, -20
    [23:24] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 49
    [23:24] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 81 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [23:24] <+Siluvaine> ((Fate))
    [23:24] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 49
    [23:24] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 46 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[23:26] <@BradGM> TherE's something that's not right here. You're not too sure what it is, but you know it's up to no good.
    01[23:27] <@BradGM> And not in a 'gonna kill the emperor kind of way' it's somehting more..lingering, like molasse
    06[23:27] * +Siluvaine considers as she continues the conversation. "Do you paint?"
    01[23:29] <@BradGM> Krebs "Oh no, I'm not an artist, far from it, I'd rahter read about art than practice it."
    06[23:29] * +Aithorn takes a walk upstairs and sees what might be upstairs on the balconies.
    01[23:31] <@BradGM> Suddenly, trumpets are heard, which brings the crowd to a silence.
    01[23:32] <@BradGM> Upstairs, there's a one guard per private booth, guarding the door. You can see that one door is closed, behind occupied, the other three on your side are free.
    06[23:32] * +Siluvaine smiles at the woman and turns her attention to the arrival.
    06[23:34] * +Aithorn stops at the trumpets and looks down at the main floor
    01[23:35] <@BradGM> The herlard's voice echoes inside the Ballroom "Presenting, Her Ladyship, Grand Countess of Wissenland, Countess of Nuln, Duchess of Meissen, Emmanuel von Leibwitz, and, His Imperial Majesty, Protector of the Empire, Defier of the Dark, Emperor Himself and the Son of Emperors, Elector Count of Reikland and Grand Prince of Altdorf, His Immperial higness Karl Franz!" Music coming from a now-present band near the stafe, behind to play an formal tune as The Emepror, wearing a black and red suit gilded with gold and matching Griffon mask, and the Countess von Liebwitz, wearing a flashy white dress and matching feathered mask, descent int o the ballroom.
    06[23:36] * +Siluvaine watches the two carefully.
    01[23:36] <@BradGM> Behind them, 6 Reikguards Knight in armour, wearing plate armour, short of on thier heads, as they do wear griffons masks, if only simpler ones.
    01[23:37] <@BradGM> As they walk into the ballroom, the multitude of Guests bows down as they past them pass.
    06[23:38] * +Siluvaine waits her turn and bows as well.
    06[23:38] * @Edgerrin bows in respect when he passes
    06[23:39] * +Aithorn bows from the stairway
    01[23:39] <@BradGM> As they arrive near the stage, they turn on themselves, and the crowd move away. They take a position and a second later, music starts and they being to dance. As the second partition hit, other couples moves close and beign to dance as well.
    06[23:39] * +Alexi stands away from the dance floor
    01[23:39] <@BradGM> Aithorn, roll perception.
    01[23:39] <@BradGM> Roll agility Alexi.
    06[23:39] * +Siluvaine straightens up and glances over at the Dean.
    [23:39] <+Alexi> !dhroll 47
    [23:39] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 90 Failure by 4 degrees!
    [23:40] <+Alexi> fate
    [23:40] <+Alexi> !dhroll 47
    [23:40] <@Dicenator> Alexi: 89 Failure by 4 degrees!
    [23:40] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 71
    [23:40] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 74 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [23:40] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 71 fate
    [23:40] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 21 Success by 5 degrees!
    [23:40] <+Alexi> ((wouldn't think NOT dancing required a roll....))
    01[23:41] <@BradGM> You move out of the way Alexi, but the crowd is being too stubborn or simply want to look at the dancing, so you're stuck being the cloest one to the dancers, with nowhere to go short of actually on the dance floor alone.
    01[23:41] <@BradGM> ((out of trouble, but 'stuck there' until the song ends.))
    01[23:42] <@BradGM> Aithorn, you look at the dancing but turn your attention to the door. You see a man wearing a black cape and wearing a matching blakc mask enter. You can recognise his deamanour and cape quite well. rolf Vogt has arrived to the party.
    01[23:44] <@BradGM> The song keeps for a good 4-5 minutes, where the dancers are spinning a bit too close for Alexi's taste. As it finishes, the crowd applauds, and the Imperor and the Countess move to the thrones, now being guarded by the Reikguard.
    01[23:45] <@BradGM> The Emperor raises his arm as a signal "You may dance." Another song, and other dancers, move onto the dance floor, under the eyes of Karl Franz.
    01[23:45] <@BradGM> Alexi, you can get clear of the dance floor.
    01[23:46] <@BradGM> ((Also, how late can we go ehre? I got another 20 or so))
    06[23:46] * +Aithorn backs down the stairs slowly trying not to break into a run and looking for the nearest party member.
    [23:46] <+Siluvaine> ((20 is fine with me))
    [23:46] <+Siluvaine> "An impressive gala."
    [23:46] <+Aithorn> ((fine with me))
    06[23:47] * @Edgerrin watches the emporer
    01[23:47] <@BradGM> Roll perception visual -10 AIth.
    [23:47] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 71
    [23:47] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 22 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[23:48] <@BradGM> The Emperor watches the dancing, sometime leaning over to the Countess as she says something to him, or he wants to talk to her. Hard to know how he feels, his mask covering most of his features. You do see that he wears a Court Sword, similar as the ones the others are wearing, if only may more prestigious.
    [23:49] <+Aithorn> (( i think your 'm' key is on upside down))
    01[23:49] <@BradGM> Aithorn, you can spot Alexi's hat from far and wide, him moving away from the dance floor.
    01[23:49] <@BradGM> ((what?))
    01[23:50] <@BradGM> ((wait 5 Dos.))
    [23:50] <+Aithorn> ((if only may more prestigious.))
    01[23:50] <@BradGM> Aithorn, you can spot everyone really..
    01[23:50] <@BradGM> ((ah))
    01[23:50] <@BradGM> ((I'm talking Elmer fdd, be open minded))
    01[23:50] <@BradGM> ((fudd..))
    01[23:51] <@BradGM> ((no wait, that's the contrary, that's a failed joke.)))
    06[23:51] * +Aithorn makes a beeline for the Hat
    06[23:52] * +Siluvaine glances around. "It must be hard to keep track of all those books and maps."
    [23:52] <+Aithorn> "Alexi, find Siluvaine and keep an eye on the stairs. *He* is here, all in black."
    [23:53] <+Alexi> "Hokay. Hyu find de dorf."
    01[23:55] <@BradGM> Roll me charm-20 Sil.
    06[23:55] * +Aithorn eventually finds Edgerrin in the crowd and taps him on the shoulder. "The Emperor lives up to name, but we shoudl go. Our other friend is here, upstairs."
    06[23:56] * +Alexi makes his way to the elf
    [23:56] <+Siluvaine> ((underworld apply?))
    01[23:56] <@BradGM> Oh my bad Aithorn, he went downstairs into the crowd. You sw that he went behind the lare marble coloumn, walking about.
    01[23:56] <@BradGM> ((nope Sil))
    [23:56] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 33
    [23:56] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 94 Failure by 6 degrees!
    [23:56] <+Siluvaine> ((bleh. Saving last fate point))
    [23:57] <+Aithorn> ((ah))
    06[23:57] * @Edgerrin looks at Aithorn for a second, understands and foillows
    01[23:57] <@BradGM> Krebs seems to mesmerized by the Emperor, the Countess and the dancing to heard your question Siluvaine. She's even moving left and right with the beat
    06[23:58] * +Aithorn puts a hand out, "He's across the room, by the second pillar a minute ago."
    [23:58] <+Siluvaine> "Quite an experience."
    [23:59] <@Edgerrin> "Do we need ta follow'em?"
    Session Time: Mon Sep 11 00:00:00 2017
    [00:00] <+Aithorn> "He is a local hero, our word alone will not be enough in this crowd. We should wait until he does something or follow him out and take him in private."
    06[00:01] * +Alexi will loom over Siluvaine suddenly. "De von ve heff been looking fur iz in black near de stairvell."
    06[00:02] * +Siluvaine nods, eyeing the Dean. "Of course, thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you, Dean Krebs."
    01[00:02] <@BradGM> You all can roll perception visual -20 to spot Rolf Vogt skulking about.
    [00:03] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 60
    [00:03] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 69 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [00:03] <+Siluvaine> ((bleh))
    06[00:03] * +Siluvaine moves off with Alexi.
    [00:03] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 61
    [00:03] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 13 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[00:03] <@BradGM> She suddenly turns about "A pleasure as well, Magister."
    06[00:03] * +Siluvaine smiles behind her mask and moves on.
    [00:04] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 18
    [00:04] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 11 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[00:04] <@BradGM> Aithorn, you can spot Vogt skuling behind the coloumns, looking about the crowd. He's moving rather fast but you can keep track of him with ease.
    01[00:05] <@BradGM> Edgerrin can spot Rolf as well, but his small stature and the crowd only allow him to catch glimpse of him as he walks about.
    01[00:06] <@BradGM> !dhroll 41
    [00:06] <@Dicenator> BradGM: 49 Failure by 0 degrees!
    06[00:06] * +Aithorn tries to move in that direction
    06[00:07] * @Edgerrin does too
    06[00:07] * +Siluvaine attempts to catch sight of the others.
    01[00:08] <@BradGM> You close the distance, and he seems oblivious to your presence. He walks about for a good 5, 10 minutes, obviously looking for something or someone within the dadncing crowd. He then make a discreed hand motion into the crowd, and some seconds later, the Aquilan-nosed man, now wearing his mask with a comically long nose, comes to Vogt.
    01[00:10] <@BradGM> They exchange a few words, and beign to walk to the stairs.
    06[00:11] * +Aithorn continues moving through the crowd following Vogt
    01[00:11] <@BradGM> They go towards the stairs leading to the right lodges.
    01[00:11] <@BradGM> ((keep in mind, one side can see the other lodge))
    01[00:12] <@BradGM> ((in case you wanna look at them, as there's a guard per lodge so can't eavedrop at the door))
    01[00:13] <@BradGM> ((and alot, busting the 20 min...))
    06[00:13] * +Aithorn will go up the opposite side of the balcony
    [00:13] <+Aithorn> ((we can call it if you want
    06[00:14] * +Siluvaine glances around, looking for the others.
    01[00:15] <@BradGM> Oh, sorry Sil; you see Aithorn moving toward the stairs, following the Aquilan-nose man and Vogt.
    01[00:15] <@BradGM> Aithorn himself is going up the left lodges.
    06[00:15] * @Edgerrin is following Aithorn
    01[00:15] <@BradGM> Followed by Edgerrin
    01[00:15] <@BradGM> Yup
    01[00:16] <@BradGM> ((in case you wnna move, still tehre's 5-10 minutes between that time)))
    06[00:16] * +Aithorn will get as close to the stairs as possible and keep Vogt in sight the entire time
    06[00:17] * +Siluvaine checks the winds again.
    01[00:17] <@BradGM> Roll Sil.
    01[00:18] <@BradGM> Aithorn, you stay in the stairs, it's a bit tricky to see, but doable, as Vogt and the Nose man enetered the first lodge nearest to the stairs.
    [00:18] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [00:18] <@Dicenator> Siluvaine: 94 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [00:18] <+Siluvaine> ((pfft))
    01[00:19] <@BradGM> The wind seems to be 'controlled' by a powerful Light Wizard, as the 'air' in filled with Light wind.
    01[00:19] <@BradGM> Roll perception visual Aithorn, -10
    01[00:20] <@BradGM> Edgerrin, roll as well.
    [00:20] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 71
    [00:20] <@Dicenator> Aithorn: 24 Success by 4 degrees!
    [00:20] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 38
    [00:20] <@Dicenator> Edgerrin: 71 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[00:21] <@BradGM> Aithorn, both men are talking close, almost discreetly, but you suddenly, see Vogt jab a short dagger into the man's neck, sneding him reeling out, a sudden gust of blood coming out of his new wound!
    01[00:23] <@BradGM> Almost at that time, a large scream is heard from a left sided lodge, coming from a fat woman. She's pointing at the Vogt lodge, which reeveals to show nothing from the poeple downstairs.
    [00:24] <+Aithorn> "It is murder! After him!"
    01[00:24] <@BradGM> The crowd begins to talk, the reikguard moving more thightly around the Emperor.
    01[00:24] <@BradGM> *End of Session***

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