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  1. page Siluvaine edited ... Skills: or Intimidate, Talents: or Dark Lore (any one), Aethyric Attunement or Dark Magic, Me…
    Skills: or Intimidate,
    Talents: or Dark Lore (any one), Aethyric Attunement or Dark Magic, Meditation or
    May take the skill Command (x3) from Arcane Lore (Fire)
    +1 Mag (Free)
    +5 WP (100)
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  2. page Siluvaine edited ... x--ExperienceExperience Gained/Spent 5900/5200 6025/5900 x--Character's ProfileCharacter…
    x--Character's ProfileCharacter's Profile
    Main Profile
    10/12/ 12
    +10 when dealing with the Criminal Underworld (Streetwise)
    Common Knowledge (Elves) (Int)
    Common Knowledge (Empire) (Int)

    Evaluate (Int)
    Gamble (Int)
    Performer (Storyteller) (Fel)
    Read/Write (Int)
    Ride (Ag)

    Search (Int)
    Speak Language (Classical) (Int)
    Speak Language (Dark Tongue) (Int)

    Speak Language (Eltharin) (Int)
    Speak Language (Reikspiel) (Int)
    Intimidate (S)
    Outdoor Survival (Int)
    Ride (Ag)
    Row (S)
    Scale Steer Surface (S)
    Lesser Magic
    Aethyric Armour
    Blessed Weapon
    +1 Fortune Point (Not Fate Points) per Day
    Ingredient: A link of chainmail (+1)
    Description: You weave the Winds of Magic around you, creating an invisible barrier tha helps protect you from harm. You gain a number of Armour Points equal to your Magic Characteristic on all locations for 1 minute (6 rounds). You cannot cast this spell if you are wearing any normal armour. Should you don armour while the spell is in effect, the spell ends immediately.
    Spell Name: Blessed Weapon
    Casting Number: 6
    Casting Time: Half Action
    Ingredient: A dab of blessed water (+1)
    Description:You can enchant one melee weapon or thrown weapon or up to 5 shots of missile ammunition (arrows, bolts, bullets, etc). These items gain no bonus of any kind, but they do count as magical, making them quite useful against ghost, spirits and certain other monsters. Blessed weapon lasts for 1 hour.

    Spell Name: Breathe Fire
    Casting Number: 25
    or Intimidate, Common Knowledge (any two), Read/Write, Ride, Speak Language (any two)
    Talents: or
    Dark Magic, Lesser Magic (any one), Meditation or
    +1 Mag (Free)
    +5 WP (100)
    Channeling +10 (100)
    Speak Arcane Language (Magick) +10 (100)
    Read/Write +10 (100)
    Ride (100)
    Common Knowledge (Elves) +10 (100)
    Common Knowledge (Empire) (100)
    Speak Language (Dark Tongue) (100)
    Speak Language (Classical) +10 (100)
    Lesser Magic (Blessed Weapon) (100)

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    Character's Profile
    Main Profile
    Sec. Profile
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  4. page Session Eighty-Six edited 25/6/17 01[20:26] <@BradGM> While going into the sewers, Alexi was suddenly hit by a sudde…
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> While going into the sewers, Alexi was suddenly hit by a sudden urge to empty his insides; no doubt something he caught while marauding into human waste yesterday. As the Group venture down, they came across a tunnel
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> covered in skin, which seems to tke a move living quality the further they went, even as far as having limbs, hands and even moaning mouthes coming from all around.
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> Suddenly, Edgerrin began hitting everything around him,
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> taking a suggestion from an unknown voice he only heard, quickly followed by Ulrich and Alexi, the whole area deemed tainted and unclean. Deciding to venture ahead, Aithron found a room with 8 mutants, who seems oblivious to their
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> presence, despite all the raucus they created. With Ulrich moved into a frenzy, the mutants appeared and battle began.
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> After arrows and bolts flew and melee happened, 3 mutants were dead, one was on Edgerrin, 2 on Ulrich. Alexi
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> was runnning toward the fight as the Elves and Sewerjacks were still 40 meters away, busy with their bow, crossbow and magic.
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> Order is: Aithorn, Edgerrin (used a FP for a 10), Alexi and Siluvaine, Ulrich, Otto, the SewerJacks, the Muties.
    01[20:27] <@BradGM> Aithorn! You can still have a somewhat clean shot on a muant that is beside Ulrich, but still it's firing into melee (-20) and Alexi is sorta in the way as well (-10)
    [20:29] <+Aithorn> ((You said the tunnel is only wide enough for three people?))
    01[20:29] <@BradGM> ((Yes; Alexi is running toward the melee, but won't be there until this round, so you still can fire at one mutant with some penalty to it))
    [20:30] <+Aithorn> ((oh, let's try, aiming first))
    [20:30] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 60
    [20:30] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 34 Success by 2 degrees!
    [20:30] <+Aithorn> !roll 1d10+4
    [20:30] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 12:8+4
    01[20:31] <@BradGM> Bullnose gets an arrow in the arm, seriously hampering his attacks, but he is still not down for the fight!
    01[20:32] <@BradGM> Edgerrin! You are still facing Unicorn!
    06[20:32] * @Elttaes smashes unicorn face
    [20:32] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:32] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 32 Success by 4 degrees!
    [20:32] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:32] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 23 Success by 5 degrees!
    01[20:32] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 parry
    [20:32] <@Diepool> BradGM: 35 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [20:32] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:32] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 34 Success by 4 degrees!
    [20:32] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:32] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 51 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[20:32] <@BradGM> 3 hits! roll'em!
    [20:33] <@Elttaes> 4 hits
    [20:33] <@Elttaes> `roll 8 1d10+7
    [20:33] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 9 <Total: 9(+7) = 16>
    [20:33] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 9 <Total: 9(+7) = 16>
    [20:33] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 3 <Total: 3(+7) = 10>
    [20:33] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 1 <Total: 1(+7) = 8>
    [20:33] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 8 <Total: 8(+7) = 15>
    [20:33] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 4 <Total: 4(+7) = 11>
    [20:33] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 6 <Total: 6(+7) = 13>
    [20:33] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 4 <Total: 4(+7) = 11>
    [20:33] <@Elttaes> 16,10,15,13
    01[20:36] <@BradGM> Unicorn getssmashed into bits, most of his upper torso and shoulders crushed under Edgerrin's Stone Hammer!
    01[20:36] <@BradGM> Alexi/Siluvaine!
    01[20:37] <@BradGM> Alexi, remember that you get to attack twice in a charge, due to Ulrich's spell.
    01[20:37] <@BradGM> And cna charge bullnose at the moment.
    06[20:37] * Siluvaine frowns slightly and starts speaking the language of magic, channeling to help cast aethyric armor.
    [20:37] <Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [20:37] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 92 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [20:37] <Siluvaine> !roll 2#1d10
    [20:37] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 8;3
    06[20:38] * +Alexi charges Bulllnose!
    [20:38] <+Alexi> !dhroll 65
    [20:38] <@Diepool> Alexi: 95 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [20:38] <+Alexi> !dhroll 65
    [20:38] <@Diepool> Alexi: 63 Success by 0 degrees!
    [20:38] <Siluvaine> ((armor 2 for 6 rounds))
    01[20:40] <@BradGM> !dhroll parry 33
    [20:40] <@Diepool> BradGM: 47
    01[20:40] <@BradGM> Got for it Alexi!
    [20:41] <+Alexi> !roll 1d10+5
    [20:41] <@Diepool> Alexi: 12:7+5
    [20:41] <+Alexi> !roll 1d10+5
    [20:41] <@Diepool> Alexi: 15:10+5
    [20:41] <+Alexi> 15
    01[20:43] <@BradGM> Bullnose gets chopped something fierce by Axe, sending blood and guts all over the place!
    01[20:44] <@BradGM> Ulrich attacks Cattail
    01[20:44] <@BradGM> !62
    01[20:44] <@BradGM> !dhroll 62
    [20:44] <@Diepool> BradGM: 72 Failure by 1 degree!
    01[20:44] <@BradGM> Otto and the Sewerjacks gets moving toward the melee!
    01[20:45] <@BradGM> The mutants attacks: Hogmouth goes for Edgerrin while Cattail attacks Ulrich. Alexi, Leatherskin goes for you!
    01[20:45] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 Edge
    [20:45] <@Diepool> BradGM: 33 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[20:45] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 Ulrich
    [20:45] <@Diepool> BradGM: 27 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[20:45] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 Alexi
    [20:45] <@Diepool> BradGM: 73 Failure by 4 degrees!
    01[20:45] <@BradGM> !dhroll 62 parry Ulrich
    [20:45] <@Diepool> BradGM: 43 Success by 1 degree!
    01[20:46] <@BradGM> Edgerrin, you can dodge/Parry.
    [20:46] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:46] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 89 Failure by 1 degree!
    [20:47] <@Elttaes> what the hell...fate
    [20:47] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:47] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 82 Failure by 0 degrees!
    01[20:48] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+4
    [20:48] <@Diepool> BradGM: 6:2+4
    01[20:48] <@BradGM> 6 wounds To the chest..
    01[20:48] <@BradGM> New round!
    01[20:48] <@BradGM> Aithron! Lots of people in front of you, so can can't really fire now.
    06[20:49] * +Aithorn pulls out his spear, "Siluvaine, remember to look behind us once in a while." and runs up to the front to support Edge, Alexi, and Ulrich
    01[20:51] <@BradGM> You can run 30 meters, 10 meters from the melee.
    01[20:51] <@BradGM> Edgerrin!
    06[20:51] * @Elttaes swings at whatever attacked him
    [20:51] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:51] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 29 Success by 4 degrees!
    [20:51] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:51] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 72 Success by 0 degrees!
    [20:51] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:51] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 46 Success by 2 degrees!
    [20:51] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:51] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 21 Success by 5 degrees!
    01[20:52] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 parry
    [20:52] <@Diepool> BradGM: 15 Success by 1 degree!
    01[20:53] <@BradGM> 3 hits then, roll'em dices!
    [20:53] <@Elttaes> `roll 6 1d10+7
    [20:53] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 1 <Total: 1(+7) = 8>
    [20:53] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 10 <Total: 10(+7) = 17>
    [20:53] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 3 <Total: 3(+7) = 10>
    [20:53] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 8 <Total: 8(+7) = 15>
    [20:53] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 2 <Total: 2(+7) = 9>
    [20:53] <GameServ> Elttaes rolled 1d10: 7 <Total: 7(+7) = 14>
    [20:53] <@Elttaes> !dhroll 74
    [20:53] <@Diepool> Elttaes: 94 Failure by 2 degrees!
    [20:53] <@Elttaes> 17,15,14
    01[20:55] <@BradGM> Hog face lasted no longer than Unicorn, getting hammered like dust in the wind.
    01[20:55] <@BradGM> Alexi/Siluvaine!
    06[20:55] * +Alexi swings at leatherface
    [20:55] <+Alexi> !dhroll 55
    [20:55] <@Diepool> Alexi: 12 Success by 4 degrees!
    [20:55] <+Alexi> !dhroll 55
    [20:55] <@Diepool> Alexi: 32 Success by 2 degrees!
    06[20:56] * Siluvaine pulls out a match and attempts to channel the winds and cast Fires of U'Zhul at Cattail.
    [20:56] <Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [20:56] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 79 Success by 1 degree!
    01[20:57] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 parry
    [20:57] <@Diepool> BradGM: 19 Success by 1 degree!
    [20:57] <Siluvaine> !roll 2#1d10
    [20:57] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 3;9
    01[20:57] <@BradGM> Alexi, leatherface parries a swing, but again, fails to predicts the dangerous comeback!, Roll damage.
    [20:57] <+Alexi> !roll 1d10+5
    [20:57] <@Diepool> Alexi: 14:9+5
    [20:57] <+Alexi> !roll 1d10+5
    [20:57] <@Diepool> Alexi: 9:4+5
    [20:57] <+Alexi> 14
    06[20:58] * Siluvaine flings a bolt of fire at cattail.
    [20:58] <Siluvaine> !roll 1d10+5
    [20:58] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 6:1+5
    [20:58] <Siluvaine> (sigh))
    01[20:59] <@BradGM> Leatherface gets hit hard, but it seems that his lethery skin somehwat mitigated the blow. Siluvaine throws a firery projectile rather than her usual magic dart, which was quite impressive to see, not much in terms of damage..
    01[20:59] <@BradGM> Ulrich attacks!
    01[20:59] <@BradGM> !dhroll 62 Cattail
    [20:59] <@Diepool> BradGM: 94 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [21:00] <+Aithorn> ((brb, if it's my turn, I'll try to help however I can, even stabbing over Edge's head ))
    01[21:00] <@BradGM> Otto and the sewer Jacks stops a bit behind Aithorn, getting their corssbow awy and pulling out sword and shields.
    01[21:00] <@BradGM> The muties attacks! Cattail on Ulrich, Leatehrface on Alexi.
    01[21:00] <@BradGM> !dhroll 63 Ul all in
    [21:00] <@Diepool> BradGM: 58 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[21:00] <@BradGM> !dhroll 62 parry
    [21:00] <@Diepool> BradGM: 14 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[21:00] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 Alexi
    [21:00] <@Diepool> BradGM: 31 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[21:01] <@BradGM> Can aprry/dodge Alexi
    [21:01] <+Alexi> !dhroll 55
    [21:01] <@Diepool> Alexi: 63 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [21:01] <+Alexi> fate
    [21:01] <+Alexi> !dhroll 55
    [21:01] <@Diepool> Alexi: 65 Failure by 1 degree!
    [21:01] <+Alexi> meh
    01[21:02] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+4
    [21:02] <@Diepool> BradGM: 9:5+4
    01[21:02] <@BradGM> 9 wounds to the head, alexi.
    [21:02] <+Alexi> "MY HAT!"
    [21:03] <+Aithorn> ((back, what is Hat's TB? ;))
    01[21:03] <@BradGM> ((with being with full mail, 3 armour point))
    01[21:03] <@BradGM> New round!
    01[21:04] <@BradGM> Aithorn, there is only Cattail and Leatherface remaining, both in combat with Ulrich and Alexi respectively.
    [21:05] <+Aithorn> ((if there's room, I'll join in that combat. If not, I'll tend to Alexi and cover/shield him))
    01[21:06] <@BradGM> ((With a spear, you can attack, but with a -10 to Ws due to being behind a human sized person.))
    [21:07] <+Aithorn> sure thing, swing away then, need to see what she's worth
    01[21:08] <@BradGM> If charging you get a, +10, with a +10 for 2v1; also, you get 2 attacks on the carge due to Ulrich's psell.
    [21:08] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 75
    [21:08] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 14 Success by 6 degrees!
    [21:08] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 75
    [21:08] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 57 Success by 1 degree!
    01[21:10] <@BradGM> !shroll 43 parry
    01[21:10] <@BradGM> !dhroll 43 parry
    [21:10] <@Diepool> BradGM: 69 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[21:10] <@BradGM> Roll to hit!
    01[21:10] <@BradGM> ((Assuming you went for Cattail))
    [21:10] <+Aithorn> !roll 2 1d10+5
    [21:10] <@Diepool> Aithorn, 1d10+5: 2
    [21:10] <+Aithorn> `roll 2 1d10+5
    [21:10] <GameServ> Aithorn rolled 1d10: 7 <Total: 7(+5) = 12>
    [21:10] <GameServ> Aithorn rolled 1d10: 4 <Total: 4(+5) = 9>
    [21:11] <+Aithorn> ((there we go))
    01[21:13] <@BradGM> Cattail gets suddenly peirced by Aithron' Hunting Spear! The agile mutant cannot match the weapon's speed, and he is peirced tiwce in quck succession, , the wound rippped open by the barding, which help him bleed faster to death!
    01[21:14] <@BradGM> Edgerrin! Only Leather face reminas, near Alexi. You can go around to reach him, as there's only death body in the way.
    06[21:15] * @Elttaes will assist Alexi
    [21:15] <@Elttaes> ((do i need a round to get there?))
    01[21:16] <@BradGM> ((half action, yes))
    06[21:17] * @Elttaes moves towards Alexi
    03[21:17] * Elttaes is now known as Edgerrin
    01[21:18] <@BradGM> +10 for 2v1
    [21:19] <@Edgerrin> (so 2 attacks instead of 4?))
    [21:19] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 84
    [21:19] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 41 Success by 4 degrees!
    [21:19] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 84
    [21:19] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 21 Success by 6 degrees!
    03[21:20] * Edgerrin sets mode: +v Siluvaine
    01[21:21] <@BradGM> ((only 1, isince Ulrich's +1 attack si ony for the charge.))
    01[21:21] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 parry
    [21:21] <@Diepool> BradGM: 20 Success by 1 degree!
    01[21:22] <@BradGM> Leather face manages to parry Edgerrin's attack, despite his loss of blood.
    01[21:22] <@BradGM> Siluvaine/Alexi!
    [21:22] <+Alexi> !dhroll 55
    [21:22] <@Diepool> Alexi: 18 Success by 3 degrees!
    [21:22] <+Alexi> !dhroll 5 (forgot the bonus)
    [21:22] <@Diepool> Alexi: 97 Failure by 9 degrees!
    [21:22] <+Alexi> eh, a 97 misses anyway
    01[21:23] <@BradGM> He lready parried, so roll damage
    [21:23] <+Alexi> !roll 1d10+5
    [21:23] <@Diepool> Alexi: 13:8+5
    [21:23] <+Alexi> !roll 1d10+5
    [21:23] <@Diepool> Alexi: 13:8+5
    [21:23] <+Alexi> so 13
    01[21:24] <@BradGM> Alexi chops Leatherface's arm where Aithron's arrow hit, severing the limb and causing the mutant quick death by shock and bleeding.
    01[21:24] <@BradGM> End of Combat.
    06[21:24] * +Siluvaine glances behind her to make sure they aren't being snuck up on, before starting to cast another spell. She pauses as she sees Alexi finish off the mutant, and hurries forward to catch up.
    01[21:26] <@BradGM> Otto "Bloody muties..good thing you people know how to handle yer'self."
    [21:26] <+Alexi> "Poor hat...."
    06[21:26] * +Siluvaine quickly checks the mutants for anything worthwhile. "We better hurry, I'm not sure we want whatever else might be in here to escape. Or prepare."
    01[21:26] <@BradGM> Roll search -20 for hastly searching Sil.
    [21:26] <+Aithorn> "We wouldn't be here if we didn't. Keep an eye on the tunnel."
    [21:27] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 50
    [21:27] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 82 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[21:27] <@BradGM> Aprt from their hand axes and knives, they're not carrying anything much Siluvaine.
    01[21:28] <@BradGM> Oh, and nothing was coming from behind.
    06[21:28] * +Aithorn walks up and peeks into the room where the mutants were seated a few minutes ago.
    01[21:30] <@BradGM> The oval-shaped opening leading to the mutant's room is still wobbling open and close, matching the beat of the veins. The room is quite empty and lsient, short of the few tables, bags of thigns and bedrolls. There is still the opening acorss the room as well, open as well, seeming leading to some light source that seems to be coming from a bit below the further entrance.
    06[21:31] * +Siluvaine grimaces and shakes her head as she gets to her feet. "Nothing on them that I saw." She moves in behind Aithorn, letting him lead the way.
    01[21:32] <@BradGM> Sil, you armour spell drops off as you goes to the room.
    06[21:33] * @Edgerrin will do a quick search of them too
    01[21:33] <@BradGM> Roll search-20 Edge.
    06[21:33] * +Aithorn walks back down the hall, "Otto, take these bodies into the room so they aren't easily visible. But do it quietly. I think there is something else inside."
    [21:34] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 18
    [21:34] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 95 Failure by 7 degrees!
    [21:34] <@Edgerrin> heh
    01[21:34] <@BradGM> Aithorn/Siluvaine, as you enter the mutant's room, you can feel a hot, humid draft of air coming from the other room.
    06[21:34] * @Edgerrin moves on
    01[21:34] <@BradGM> Edgerrin, apart from blood and guts, there's not much to look for.
    06[21:35] * +Siluvaine glances aroun, frowning, attempting to sense the winds...carefully.
    01[21:36] <@BradGM> The mutant room appears to be some sort of living/eating/shitting quarter for them, but things seems to be of better quality than the usual broken and wasted items that you crossed in the other locations.
    06[21:36] * +Aithorn takes a quick look through the mutant's bag of things (but trying to do it quietly).
    01[21:36] <@BradGM> Roll Sil.
    01[21:36] <@BradGM> Roll searc-10 for cautiousness Aithorn.
    [21:36] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 51
    [21:36] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 67 Failure by 1 degree!
    [21:36] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 51 fate
    [21:36] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 10 Success by 4 degrees!
    [21:38] <+Siluvaine> ((shit, what do I roll for sensing the winds, just channeling? I can't seem to find it))
    01[21:38] <@BradGM> There seems to be quantity of food, still fresh too; bread and cheese, even a couple of waterskins. You also find a small bag containing some trincklets, bones and wooden dices- but a rabbit's foot catches your attention the most.
    01[21:38] <@BradGM> ((Count as a charm))
    01[21:38] <@BradGM> ((bones and dices are just that))
    [21:39] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [21:39] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 19 Success by 7 degrees!
    01[21:39] <@BradGM> ((yeah, just channels it to get a feel))
    06[21:39] * +Aithorn pockets both the charm and a set of wooden dice
    06[21:40] * +Aithorn moves up to the other entrance (where the light is coming from, not out to the tunnel) and tries to peek in
    01[21:40] <@BradGM> Siluvaine, the winds here blows an odd colour, pinkish with a tained of purple. Despite the ease the Wind seems to be able to be utilised, you can feel a deeper darkness to it as it drained its source from the Dhar, the Dark Wind of chaos.
    01[21:41] <@BradGM> The other rooom leads to a stair case that descent about 10 metrs, leading to a large open room that you cannot clearly see form your position. The light seems constant and somwhat strong, unlike a torch or lantern.
    06[21:42] * +Siluvaine grimaces and shakes her head. "I'm not sure what casting will do here." She motions to the stairs down. "We better find out what's further in."
    01[21:42] <@BradGM> Older "Place's reeks of evil."
    01[21:44] <@BradGM> Otto "Yeah, but ain't no help here but us to take care of it."
    [21:45] <+Aithorn> "Among other smells. Edge, Alexi, ready to go, I have a bad feeling about this?"
    [21:46] <+Alexi> "Yah, dot sounds good."
    06[21:47] * +Siluvaine fingers a piece of chainmail and attempts to channeling to cast Aethyric Armor again.
    [21:47] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [21:47] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 55 Success by 3 degrees!
    [21:48] <+Siluvaine> !roll 2#1d10
    [21:48] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 7;1
    [21:48] <+Siluvaine> ((technically it works...but does it? :) ))
    06[21:50] * +Aithorn nods at Siluvaine as she finishes casting the spell, and moves down the stairway as quietly as possible
    01[21:50] <@BradGM> *You go down the stairs, the air becoming more heavy, making you a little light headed. The stairs leads to a large room, about 30x20x20, where the walls and floors are covered in actual limbs and head parts, eyes, mouths, and faces, like compressed and crushed to form a solid structure. The room seem supported by 6 pillars made of human parts as well, but in an obvious phallic shaped that leads no doubt as it's actual description. An altar, located atop a small ste of stirs, sit in the back of the room, where a large symbol of the Prince of Pleaure is burned into the mass of flesh making up the back wall.
    01[21:50] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10
    [21:50] <@Diepool> BradGM: 6
    01[21:51] <@BradGM> It works without a problem siluvaine.
    01[21:51] <@BradGM> Moaning is coming from all direction, some random, some matching your steps.
    [21:53] <@Edgerrin> "This be a place of perversion."
    01[21:54] <@BradGM> Otto and the Sewerjacks gets their crossbow out. "'think we should spread out a bit?"
    [21:55] <+Aithorn> "I have never heard of anything like this."
    06[21:55] * +Siluvaine grimaces in disgust, trying to walk carefully while not lookingtoo closely at where she's stepping. She avoids studying the symbol on the back wall..and definitely doesn't touch anything. "Do you really want to spread out?"
    01[21:55] <@BradGM> Otto "No, but is it a good thing to be bunched up like this in 'ere?"
    06[21:56] * +Aithorn walks into the room, trying to not step on any mouths or eyes. "Just don't spread too far."
    01[21:57] <@BradGM> The Sewerjacks speard out, but still keeping 2 meters away from each other.
    01[21:58] <@BradGM> You advance a bit inside the room. Those with 6th sence can roll WP for it.
    [21:58] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 69
    [21:58] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 78 Failure by 0 degrees!
    01[22:00] <@BradGM> !roll 1d6
    [22:00] <@Diepool> BradGM: 4
    [22:00] <+Aithorn> "We come here chasing the Blood God, and encounter the god of Pleasure. It seems like too much to be a coincedence?"
    [22:01] <+Siluvaine> ((hmm. Can I roll Daemonology to see if they are likely to be working together?))
    [22:01] <+Alexi> !dhroll 46
    [22:01] <@Diepool> Alexi: 88 Failure by 4 degrees!
    01[22:01] <@BradGM> ((sure))
    [22:01] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 60
    [22:01] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 86 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[22:02] <@BradGM> Can't say Siluvaine, Chaos is fickled, but you did heard that the Northern Horde had 'representative' of all Chaos God, so maybe?
    06[22:03] * +Siluvaine shakes her head. "I don't know. They could be working together. Maybe the Pleasure god was already situated here, and the chalice is using the minions?"
    06[22:03] * +Siluvaine holds tightly onto her quarterstaff now that she has room to use it, glancing around as they move further in.
    [22:03] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 48 6th sense
    [22:03] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 4 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[22:04] <@BradGM> !roll 1d7 1Ed 2Ai 3Al 4 Sil 5 Ot 6Old 7Yng
    [22:04] <@Diepool> BradGM, 1Ed 2Ai 3Al 4 Sil 5 Ot 6Old 7Yng: 6
    01[22:04] <@BradGM> !roll 2#1d10
    [22:04] <@Diepool> BradGM: 9;1
    [22:05] <+Aithorn> ((that's not good))
    [22:06] <+Siluvaine> ((Thank god for red shirts!))
    01[22:07] <@BradGM> As you advance, cautiously.."Arghugh!" The Older Sewerjack seems to raise a few inches fomr the ground, as a lare spike like thing is piercing his chest! He gets thrown away like a ragdoll, as a Deamonette suddenly appears from one fo the pillars! Roll init! First round is a surprise round, no one can act but the Deamonettes and Edgerrin; Also for a change, init shall be 1d10+your agility bonus (tens value of Ag.))
    01[22:07] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+5 deamonette
    [22:07] <@Diepool> BradGM, deamonette: 6:1+5
    01[22:07] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+3 Otto
    [22:07] <@Diepool> BradGM, Otto: 4:1+3
    01[22:07] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+3 Sewerjack
    [22:07] <@Diepool> BradGM, Sewerjack: 9:6+3
    [22:08] <@Edgerrin> `roll 1d10+44
    [22:08] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 3 <Total: 3(+44) = 47>
    [22:08] <+Siluvaine> !roll 1d10+5
    [22:08] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 11:6+5
    [22:09] <+Aithorn> !roll 1d10+6
    [22:09] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 13:7+6
    [22:09] <+Siluvaine> ((damn you Aithorn!))
    [22:09] <@Edgerrin> `roll 1d10+4
    [22:09] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 3 <Total: 3(+4) = 7>
    [22:10] <+Aithorn> ((lol, some things never change))
    01[22:11] <@BradGM> ((just waiting on ALexi))
    [22:13] <+Alexi> !roll 1d10+4
    [22:13] <@Diepool> Alexi: 9:5+4
    01[22:13] <@BradGM> Order is: Aithorn, Siluvaine, Alexi and The Sewerjacks, Edgerrin, The Deamonettes, Otto.
    01[22:14] <@BradGM> Edgerrin! You can act! The Deamonette is 10 meters away from you.
    01[22:14] <@BradGM> ((no WP test for fear as you are fearless as well))
    06[22:14] * @Edgerrin screams bloody murder and charges
    01[22:14] <@BradGM> +10 for charging!
    [22:15] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [22:15] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 57 Success by 3 degrees!
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> !dhroll 52 dodge
    [22:15] <@Diepool> BradGM: 18 Success by 3 degrees!
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> The Deamonette flips right above your head and lands behind you Edgerrin! It attacks you as well!
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> !dhroll 44
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> !dhroll 44
    [22:15] <@Diepool> BradGM: 28 Success by 1 degree!
    [22:15] <@Diepool> BradGM: 38 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> Can dodge/parry
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> !roll 1d5
    [22:15] <@Diepool> BradGM: 4
    [22:16] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [22:16] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 33 Success by 6 degrees!
    01[22:16] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+4
    [22:16] <@Diepool> BradGM: 5:1+4
    06[22:16] * @Edgerrin laughs manically
    01[22:16] <@BradGM> The She-Devil chops at Edgerrin with his pincer, but barely mananges to get through the Slayer's tough skin.
    01[22:17] <@BradGM> From the Pillars comes from 4 other Daemonettes!
    01[22:17] <@BradGM> New round! Everyone roll WP versus fear at -10, due to the location!
    01[22:17] <@BradGM> !dhroll 27 Otto
    [22:17] <@Diepool> BradGM: 19 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[22:17] <@BradGM> !dhroll 23 Ol
    [22:17] <@Diepool> BradGM: 71 Failure by 4 degrees!
    01[22:17] <@BradGM> !dhroll 23 Yng
    [22:17] <@Diepool> BradGM: 6 Success by 1 degree!
    [22:18] <+Alexi> !dhroll 36
    [22:18] <@Diepool> Alexi: 42 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [22:18] <+Alexi> FP
    [22:18] <+Alexi> !dhroll 36
    [22:18] <@Diepool> Alexi: 23 Success by 1 degree!
    [22:18] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 46
    [22:18] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 95 Failure by 4 degrees!
    [22:18] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 59
    [22:18] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 26 Success by 3 degrees!
    [22:18] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 46 fate
    [22:18] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 6 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[22:19] <@BradGM> No one seems that much scared, as the surprised attack have everyone kicked in action, filled with adrenaline.
    01[22:19] <@BradGM> Aithorn! Edgerrin is a few meters away, but there's 4 other She-devil 5m and 5 m inf ront of you, and 4 in the back, 12 meters behind
    01[22:20] <@BradGM> ((2, not 4 in the back))
    06[22:21] * +Aithorn yells a challenge and charges one of the two 5m a way.
    01[22:21] <@BradGM> +10 for charging
    [22:21] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 75
    [22:21] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 71 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[22:21] <@BradGM> !dhroll 52 dodge
    [22:21] <@Diepool> BradGM: 61 Failure by 0 degrees!
    01[22:22] <@BradGM> Roll damage!
    [22:22] <+Aithorn> `roll 1d10+5 AP
    [22:22] <GameServ> Syntax: XdY [ {-|+|*|/} Z ]
    [22:22] <+Aithorn> !roll 1d10+5 AP
    [22:22] <@Diepool> Aithorn, AP: 12:7+5
    01[22:23] <@BradGM> Your hunting lance gets into the Daemon's shoulder, and despite her slenderness, her hide is as thick as a boar.
    01[22:24] <@BradGM> It still scream in extacy as the barding rips open her wounds.
    01[22:24] <@BradGM> Siluvaine! You got 2 near you, just 5 meters away, while 3 are in front, 12 and 15 meters away, the furtest behing engaged by Edgerrin.
    [22:25] <+Siluvaine> ((how long has it been since I cast the armor spell? 4 rounds? And is Aithorn engaging one of the closest ones?))
    [22:26] <+Aithorn> ((yeah, one of the two close ones))
    06[22:26] * +Siluvaine attempts to channcel through the winds to send off another firebolt spell at the one Aithorn wounded, hoping to finish it off.
    01[22:26] <@BradGM> ((yes, 4 rounds, so still got 1 round left, as the surprise round coutned. Aithron is engaging in front, I supposed you were more hanging in the back.
    [22:26] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [22:26] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 54 Success by 3 degrees!
    01[22:26] <@BradGM> ((but let's say you're closest to Aithorn))
    [22:27] <+Siluvaine> !roll 2#1d10
    [22:27] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 5;2
    01[22:27] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10
    [22:27] <@Diepool> BradGM: 7
    01[22:27] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10
    [22:27] <@Diepool> BradGM: 2
    01[22:27] <@BradGM> ((you can use a fate if you'd want))
    01[22:27] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    [22:27] <+Siluvaine> ((spell needs a 6, so it succeeded, with Sil's channeling, its a total of 9..not sure how the drain handles that..and nah. Gonna save that for when I really screw up)))
    [22:27] <@Diepool> BradGM: 37 Success by 6 degrees!
    01[22:29] <@BradGM> Siluvaine's manages to congure up a fireball, hurling it toward the Daemoneet Aithorn is battling! Yet for some reason, all of her hair raises up in the hair, as it under some sort of static power.
    01[22:29] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10
    [22:29] <@Diepool> BradGM: 6
    01[22:29] <@BradGM> ((for 6 rounds.))
    01[22:29] <@BradGM> roll damage Sil.
    [22:30] <+Siluvaine> !roll 1d10+5
    [22:30] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 11:6+5
    01[22:31] <@BradGM> The She-Devil gets hit by the small fire projectile, and burst into flame; first normal flames, then unatural, purple-ish flames as is scream in orgasmic pain and disppaear to where ever it came from.
    01[22:33] <@BradGM> Alexi! You got 3 Deamonettes nar-by, one in front, 2 at the back, and antoher one a bit further with Edgerrin.
    [22:33] <+Alexi> AXe to the nearest one!
    01[22:33] <@BradGM> up front then!
    01[22:33] <@BradGM> +10 for charge!
    [22:33] <+Alexi> !dhroll 55
    [22:33] <@Diepool> Alexi: 34 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[22:33] <@BradGM> !dhroll 52 dodge
    [22:33] <@Diepool> BradGM: 21 Success by 3 degrees!
    [22:33] <+Alexi> ah, only one attack for the charge :(
    01[22:34] <@BradGM> The Deamonette makes a slips backwards, evading your swing Alexi.
    01[22:34] <@BradGM> The younger adn Otto fires at a Daemonett in the back, while the Older his clutching at his wound, trying not to die of bleeding onor fear!
    01[22:34] <@BradGM> !dhroll 10
    [22:34] <@Diepool> BradGM: 70 Failure by 6 degrees!
    01[22:35] <@BradGM> !dhroll 37 Otto
    [22:35] <@Diepool> BradGM: 4 Success by 3 degrees!
    01[22:35] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 Younger
    [22:35] <@Diepool> BradGM: 39 Failure by 0 degrees!
    01[22:35] <@BradGM> !dhroll 52 dodge
    [22:35] <@Diepool> BradGM: 11 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[22:35] <@BradGM> The She-Devil lunges backward, returning to her usual footing after the bolt passes right above her!
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> The Daemonettes attack! On Edgerrin, on Alexi, while the other 2 charges..
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> 1d3 1S 2Ot 3Y
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> 1d3 1S 2Ot 3Y
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> !roll1d3 1S 2Ot 3Y
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> !roll 1d3 1S 2Ot 3Y
    [22:36] <@Diepool> BradGM, 1S 2Ot 3Y: 1
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> !roll 1d3 1S 2Ot 3Y
    [22:36] <@Diepool> BradGM, 1S 2Ot 3Y: 3
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> ..Siluvaine and the Younger Sewerjack!
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> !dhroll 54 Sil
    [22:36] <@Diepool> BradGM: 39 Success by 1 degree!
    01[22:36] <@BradGM> !dhroll 54 Yng
    [22:36] <@Diepool> BradGM: 53 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[22:37] <@BradGM> !dodge 33 Yng
    01[22:37] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 Yng
    [22:37] <@Diepool> BradGM: 77 Failure by 4 degrees!
    01[22:37] <@BradGM> you can dodge or parry Sil
    01[22:37] <@BradGM> !dhroll 1d10+4
    [22:37] <@Diepool> BradGM: 53 Failure by 4 degrees!
    01[22:37] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+4
    [22:37] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 64 Parry
    [22:37] <@Diepool> BradGM: 8:4+4
    [22:37] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 98 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [22:37] <+Siluvaine> ((Fate))
    [22:37] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 64 Parry
    [22:37] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 91 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[22:37] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+4 Sil
    [22:37] <@Diepool> BradGM, Sil: 13:9+4
    01[22:38] <@BradGM> The younger gets pierces a little to the torso, while Siluvaine gets hit hard on her leg.
    [22:38] <+Siluvaine> ((7 damage total here))
    01[22:38] <@BradGM> New round!
    01[22:38] <@BradGM> !dhroll 20
    [22:38] <@Diepool> BradGM: 5 Success by 1 degree!
    [22:38] <@Edgerrin> ((you skipped me))
    01[22:38] <@BradGM> opps! Edgerin, go ahead.
    [22:38] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 84
    [22:38] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 10 Success by 7 degrees!
    [22:38] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 84
    [22:38] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 96 Failure by 1 degree!
    [22:38] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 84
    [22:38] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 6 Success by 7 degrees!
    [22:38] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 84
    [22:38] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 75 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[22:39] <@BradGM> !dhroll 52 dodge
    [22:39] <@Diepool> BradGM: 92 Failure by 4 degrees!
    01[22:39] <@BradGM> 3 hits; roll damage
    [22:39] <@Edgerrin> `roll 6 1d10+7
    [22:39] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 2 <Total: 2(+7) = 9>
    [22:39] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 9 <Total: 9(+7) = 16>
    [22:39] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 4 <Total: 4(+7) = 11>
    [22:39] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 2 <Total: 2(+7) = 9>
    [22:39] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 1 <Total: 1(+7) = 8>
    [22:39] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 2 <Total: 2(+7) = 9>
    06[22:39] * +Siluvaine seems thrown off by the surroundings and misses her attempt to block the daemonette, hissing in pain as the creature slasshes her leg.
    [22:39] <@Edgerrin> 16,11,9
    [22:39] <@Edgerrin> ((those rolles sucked))
    01[22:41] <@BradGM> Edgerrin swings like a maniac and once again, it proves deadly. The Deamonettes gets taken down by a solid hit to the head, followed by a one/two combo to the torso. It burst into eldrich flames and dissapear before it even hit the ground.
    01[22:41] <@BradGM> ((still killed it due to weight of attacks))
    01[22:41] <@BradGM> New round then
    01[22:41] <@BradGM> !dhroll 20
    [22:41] <@Diepool> BradGM: 71 Failure by 5 degrees!
    01[22:41] <@BradGM> Arms and legs behing to flail from the floor and pillars randomly, as too exitied by the battle.
    01[22:41] <@BradGM> Aithron!
    01[22:42] <@BradGM> Alexi is near with one, 5 meters away, the 2 in the back attacked Siluvaine and the Youngest Sewerjacks.
    06[22:43] * +Aithorn charges the daemonette on Younger with a cry, "Aurrrree!"
    01[22:43] <@BradGM> ((+20 due to charge and 2v1
    [22:44] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 85
    [22:44] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 85 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[22:44] <@BradGM> !dhroll 42 dodge againt fast weapon
    [22:44] <+Aithorn> ((not bad))
    [22:44] <@Diepool> BradGM: 68 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[22:44] <@BradGM> Roll damage!
    [22:44] <+Aithorn> !roll 1d10+5 AP
    [22:44] <@Diepool> Aithorn, AP: 11:6+5
    01[22:45] <@BradGM> A solid hit but the Daemon's hide seems to hider the strength behind your attacks.
    01[22:45] <@BradGM> Siluvaine! Your armour spell drops. You'Re in melee agasint a Daemonette.
    06[22:46] * +Siluvaine curses as she feels the armor spell dropping. She disengages and attempts to put a pillar between herself and the daemonette.
    01[22:46] <@BradGM> You can move toward a pillar and around it, yes.
    01[22:46] <@BradGM> Alexi/Younger!
    01[22:46] <@BradGM> Both are facing a Daemonette.
    01[22:46] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 melee younger
    [22:46] <@Diepool> BradGM: 100 Failure by 6 degrees!
    01[22:47] <@BradGM> The younger tries to take out his sword, bt flings it away!
    01[22:47] <@BradGM> !roll 1d5
    [22:47] <@Diepool> BradGM: 1
    01[22:47] <@BradGM> a meter away!
    01[22:47] <@BradGM> Younger "Buggah!
    [22:47] <+Aithorn> ((lol))
    01[22:48] <@BradGM> Alexi!
    06[22:49] * +Alexi swings again
    [22:50] <+Alexi> !dhroll 55
    [22:50] <@Diepool> Alexi: 86 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [22:50] <+Alexi> !dhroll 55
    [22:50] <@Diepool> Alexi: 36 Success by 1 degree!
    01[22:50] <@BradGM> !dhroll 52 dodge
    [22:50] <@Diepool> BradGM: 10 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[22:51] <@BradGM> The Devil is quite agile, evading Axe's business side with ease.
    01[22:51] <@BradGM> Edgerrin!
    06[22:52] * @Edgerrin looks around for the nearest person to help
    01[22:52] <@BradGM> Alexi is just 3 meters away, while Siluvaine and Aithorn/the younger are about 15 meters awy.
    06[22:53] * @Edgerrin goes to help alexi, screaming at the tops of his lungs the entire way.
    01[22:53] <@BradGM> +20 due to charge/2v1
    [22:53] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 99
    [22:53] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 95 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[22:54] <@BradGM> it already dodge, so roll damage
    [22:54] <@Edgerrin> `roll 2 1d10+7
    [22:54] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 3 <Total: 3(+7) = 10>
    [22:54] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 1 <Total: 1(+7) = 8>
    [22:54] <@Edgerrin> ((fing eh)
    [22:54] <@Edgerrin> 10
    01[22:55] <@BradGM> Edgerrin charges in, smacks the Deamonette, but it only seems to be joyful about the pain!
    01[22:55] <@BradGM> !roll 1d2 1e 2A
    [22:55] <@Diepool> BradGM, 1e 2A: 1
    01[22:55] <@BradGM> The She-Devil turns her attention on Edgerrin
    01[22:55] <@BradGM> !dhroll 44
    [22:55] <@Diepool> BradGM: 74 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[22:55] <@BradGM> !dhroll 44
    [22:55] <@Diepool> BradGM: 29 Success by 1 degree!
    01[22:55] <@BradGM> You can dodge/parry Edgerrin
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> !roll 1d2 1Y 2 Ai
    [22:56] <@Diepool> BradGM, 1Y 2 Ai: 2
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> The other attack Aithorn.
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> !dhroll 44
    [22:56] <@Diepool> BradGM: 68 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> !roll 40
    [22:56] <@Diepool> BradGM: 40
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> !dhroll 40
    [22:56] <@Diepool> BradGM: 49 Failure by 0 degrees!
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> !roll 1d2 1Y 2 Ai
    [22:56] <@Diepool> BradGM, 1Y 2 Ai: 1
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> The last one, the other on Siluvaine goes for the younger.
    01[22:56] <@BradGM> !dhroll 54 charge
    [22:57] <@Diepool> BradGM: 25 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[22:57] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 dodge
    [22:57] <@Diepool> BradGM: 11 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[22:57] <@BradGM> Edgerrin, need to roll dodge or parry.
    01[22:58] <@BradGM> !dhroll 44 ITH, 2ND ATTACK
    [22:58] <@Diepool> BradGM: 5 Success by 3 degrees!
    01[22:58] <@BradGM> Can dodge/parry as well Aithorn
    [22:58] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 99
    [22:58] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 52 Success by 4 degrees!
    [22:58] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 65
    [22:58] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 36 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[23:00] <@BradGM> BAttle is raging, but it seems that the Group can hold it's own facing those quicksilver Daemons.
    01[23:00] <@BradGM> Otto takes out his sword and shiled and charges in to help the Younger!
    01[23:00] <@BradGM> !dh 57 charge and 2v1
    01[23:00] <@BradGM> !dhroll 57 charge and 2v1
    [23:00] <@Diepool> BradGM: 79 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[23:00] <@BradGM> Battle rages on°!
    01[23:00] <@BradGM> New Round!
    01[23:01] <@BradGM> !dhroll 20
    [23:01] <@Diepool> BradGM: 51 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[23:01] <@BradGM> Limbs flails all over the place, as moans becomes more loud, more intense. The older is still bleeding, now being helped by Ulrich!
    01[23:01] <@BradGM> !dhroll 10
    [23:01] <@Diepool> BradGM: 79 Failure by 6 degrees!
    01[23:01] <@BradGM> Aithorn!
    01[23:02] <@BradGM> You're now 3 on one Deamonette (+20)
    06[23:02] * +Aithorn stabs rapidly with his spear trying to beat the monster's quickness with his own
    [23:02] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 85
    [23:02] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 43 Success by 4 degrees!
    [23:02] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 85
    [23:02] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 80 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[23:02] <@BradGM> !dhroll 42 dodge vs fast
    [23:02] <@Diepool> BradGM: 36 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[23:03] <@BradGM> It can evade your first few stabs, but one manages to get it straight on the head! roll damage
    [23:03] <+Aithorn> !roll 1d10+5 AP
    [23:03] <@Diepool> Aithorn, AP: 13:8+5
    01[23:04] <@BradGM> The rapid attacks bear fruit, as the Devil bursts away in flames, looking at you desiringly, one of her eyes poped out.
    01[23:04] <@BradGM> Siluvaine! You're hiding behind the phallic pillar, amrs and legs flailing about.
    06[23:06] * +Siluvaine avoids any groping hands, as well as the blood trickling down her leg as she peeks around the pillar, her hand fumbling for match as she attempts to channel through the disturbing winds and cast another firebolt.
    [23:06] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [23:06] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 9 Success by 8 degrees!
    [23:06] <+Siluvaine> !roll !d10+3
    [23:06] <+Siluvaine> !roll 110+3
    [23:06] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 113:110+3
    [23:06] <+Siluvaine> ((Bah))
    [23:06] <+Siluvaine> !roll 1d10+3
    [23:07] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 10:7+3
    01[23:07] <@BradGM> ((Nuln xplodes))
    01[23:07] <@BradGM> !roll 2#1d10
    [23:07] <@Diepool> BradGM: 5;2
    [23:07] <+Siluvaine> !roll 1d0+5
    [23:07] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 6:1+5
    01[23:07] <@BradGM> You cast the sasme spell, this time nothing much happen, else than your hair are still spiked up for some reason.
    [23:07] <+Siluvaine> ((man, for the risks I'm taking with these spells, the result almost ins't woth it...))
    01[23:07] <@BradGM> ((which were you targetting?))
    01[23:08] <@BradGM> ((got one on the younger/Otto, and one on Alexi/Edgerrin))
    [23:08] <+Aithorn> ((this is warhammer, magic is supposed to be gnarly))
    01[23:08] <@BradGM> ((yeah, and powerful))
    01[23:08] <@BradGM> ((ha!))
    [23:09] <+Siluvaine> ((Either of the daemonettes woudned?))
    01[23:09] <@BradGM> ((THe one on Alexi/Edge is))
    [23:09] <+Siluvaine> ((then that one))
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> You hit the Daemonette fighting Alexi and Edgerrin, the firebolt hitting it hard, making it reeling in extatic pain as it's skin burns away, smeeling strongly of rotten meat.
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> Alexi!
    06[23:11] * +Alexi keeps swinging!
    [23:11] <+Alexi> !dhroll 65
    [23:11] <@Diepool> Alexi: 94 Failure by 2 degrees!
    [23:11] <+Alexi> !dhroll 65
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> +10 for 2v1!
    [23:11] <@Diepool> Alexi: 90 Failure by 2 degrees!
    [23:11] <+Alexi> ((christ))
    01[23:12] <@BradGM> Its' agility is inhuman Alexi, as it spins and jumps around and even swing using, Axe.
    01[23:12] <@BradGM> The younger takes out his dagger and shield and goes for it!
    01[23:13] <@BradGM> !dhroll 53 3v1 daggertime
    [23:13] <@Diepool> BradGM: 86 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[23:13] <@BradGM> Edgerrin!
    06[23:13] * @Edgerrin screams 1 "die She-Bitch!" 6 and swings
    [23:13] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [23:13] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 40 Success by 5 degrees!
    [23:14] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [23:14] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 46 Success by 4 degrees!
    [23:14] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [23:14] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 87 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[23:14] <@BradGM> !dhroll 52 dodge
    [23:14] <@Diepool> BradGM: 46 Success by 0 degrees!
    [23:14] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [23:14] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 65 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[23:14] <@BradGM> It dodges one; so 3 hits
    [23:14] <@Edgerrin> `roll 6 1d10+7
    [23:14] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 2 <Total: 2(+7) = 9>
    [23:14] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 10 <Total: 10(+7) = 17>
    [23:14] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 7 <Total: 7(+7) = 14>
    [23:14] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 2 <Total: 2(+7) = 9>
    [23:14] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 8 <Total: 8(+7) = 15>
    [23:14] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 4 <Total: 4(+7) = 11>
    [23:14] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 94
    [23:14] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 71 Success by 2 degrees!
    [23:14] <@Edgerrin> `roll 1d10
    [23:14] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 5 <Total: 5>
    [23:14] <@Edgerrin> 22,14 and 15
    01[23:15] <@BradGM> Edgerrin's fury delivers again, crushing the Deamonette on the head, followed by two low swings, sends it burning with sadness into the Hell it came from.
    01[23:15] <@BradGM> The last deaomonette attacks..
    01[23:15] <@BradGM> !roll 1d3 1Ai 2Yng 3Ot
    [23:15] <@Diepool> BradGM, 1Ai 2Yng 3Ot: 2
    01[23:16] <@BradGM> ..The Younger!
    01[23:16] <@BradGM> !dhroll 44
    [23:16] <@Diepool> BradGM: 40 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[23:16] <@BradGM> !dhroll 44
    [23:16] <@Diepool> BradGM: 32 Success by 1 degree!
    01[23:16] <@BradGM> !dhroll 43 parry shield
    [23:16] <@Diepool> BradGM: 38 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[23:16] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+4
    [23:16] <@Diepool> BradGM: 11:7+4
    01[23:17] <@BradGM> The younger reels backward as he gets deeper pinced in the torso, past his leather jerkin! He seems to be short of breath and can't move much!
    01[23:17] <@BradGM> Otto attacks! "Die Demon-wench!"
    01[23:17] <@BradGM> !dhroll 47 2v1
    [23:17] <@Diepool> BradGM: 81 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[23:18] <@BradGM> His fury seems to be lacking in the damage department, unlike Edgerrin.
    01[23:18] <@BradGM> New Round!
    01[23:18] <@BradGM> !dhroll 20
    [23:18] <@Diepool> BradGM: 33 Failure by 1 degree!
    01[23:18] <@BradGM> Arms and legs flail about the room, as trying to raech toward the action.
    01[23:19] <@BradGM> Aithorn! You're facing the last Deamonett with Otto
    [23:19] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 75
    [23:19] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 85 Failure by 1 degree!
    [23:19] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 75
    [23:19] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 57 Success by 1 degree!
    01[23:19] <@BradGM> !dhroll 42 dodge
    [23:19] <@Diepool> BradGM: 76 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [23:19] <+Aithorn> !roll 1d10+5 AP
    [23:19] <@Diepool> Aithorn, AP: 14:9+5
    01[23:19] <@BradGM> One of your trust gets trought the Deamonette's speedy movs!
    01[23:21] <@BradGM> Once again, your handling of a True Wood Elf weapon proove sucessful, as the She-Devil is banished from this realm into unatural purlpish flames.
    01[23:21] <@BradGM> End of Combat.
    [23:21] <+Aithorn> "Die already!"
    06[23:21] * +Siluvaine lowers her arm from where she was going to fling another firebolt. She avoids any grasping limbs and limps out from behind the pillar.
    01[23:22] <@BradGM> Ulrich bandages up the Older.
    01[23:22] <@BradGM> !dhroll 54 heal with conditions
    [23:22] <@Diepool> BradGM: 76 Failure by 2 degrees!
    01[23:22] <@BradGM> !dhroll 54 heal with conditions fate
    [23:22] <@Diepool> BradGM: 31 Success by 2 degrees!
    01[23:22] <@BradGM> Roll 1d10
    01[23:22] <@BradGM> !Roll 1d10
    [23:22] <@Diepool> BradGM: 3
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> He then moves to the youngest, who seems in worse shape than Sil.
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> !dhroll 54 heal with conditions
    [23:23] <@Diepool> BradGM: 93 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> !dhroll 54 heal with conditions fate
    [23:23] <@Diepool> BradGM: 37 Success by 1 degree!
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> !Roll 1d10
    [23:23] <@Diepool> BradGM: 9
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> He then checks on Siluvaine
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> !dhroll 54 heal with conditions
    [23:23] <@Diepool> BradGM: 17 Success by 3 degrees!
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> !Roll 1d10
    [23:23] <@Diepool> BradGM: 10
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> And Alexi as well.
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> !dhroll 54 heal with conditions
    [23:23] <@Diepool> BradGM: 3 Success by 5 degrees!
    01[23:23] <@BradGM> !Roll 1d10
    [23:23] <@Diepool> BradGM: 7
    06[23:24] * +Siluvaine doesn't say much as she's worked on, other to avoid any flailing arms. "We're getting too much practice at that."
    01[23:24] <@BradGM> Ulrich "Here that should be all right; thought I'm not sure the Old man can fight or do anything else any more for a while.
    01[23:25] <@BradGM> Otto "Bloody 'ell, those wenches were fast as lightning, I never seen anything like'it.!"
    06[23:25] * +Siluvaine uses her quarterstaff to hobble around, examining the room closely. "Hopefully you never will."
    [23:26] <+Aithorn> "Better experience than these unleashed on the city. But that doesn't make me glad."
    [23:26] <+Siluvaine> ((+ again))
    06[23:27] * +Aithorn leans on his spear and takes a deep breath and turns to Siluvaine, "How's the scratch?"
    06[23:28] * @Edgerrin settles down eyeing the room for more.
    01[23:28] <@BradGM> Roll perception visual Siluvaine/Edgerrin.
    [23:28] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 48
    [23:28] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 58 Failure by 1 degree!
    [23:29] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 80
    [23:29] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 20 Success by 6 degrees!
    06[23:29] * +Siluvaine motions to her bandaged leg. "Its going to hurt for a while."
    [23:29] <+Siluvaine> ((8 wounds taken, 4 remaining))
    [23:30] <+Siluvaine> ((Unless Ulrich has some ability to heal heavily wounded characters better than normal))
    01[23:30] <@BradGM> Edgerrin, you can see nothing to fight as you scan the room. siluvaine, you can see at the back wall, on each sdie of the elevated Altar, 2 slip like opening, that seems to pulse. It appears to be too small for soemone to enter- perhaps it is 'closed' somehow? It is not everyday you come across pulsing skin door afterall.
    01[23:31] <@BradGM> ((He's using hi s healing poultrice, making each heal test on a patient as if he was lgihtly wounded, so you regain the full 10))
    01[23:31] <@BradGM> ((Same goes for the Sewerjacks and Alexi as well.))
    [23:31] <+Siluvaine> ((ah, cool))
    06[23:32] * +Siluvaine moves to the back. "There looks like...something. Maybe passages?"
    06[23:33] * @Edgerrin moves closer to look.
    [23:34] <+Aithorn> "I'm growing tired of being watched all the time by 'this'."
    [23:34] <@Edgerrin> "Nuttin' I ever seen bef'r"
    06[23:34] * +Aithorn takes his spear and trying to cut the symbol off of the back wall.
    01[23:34] <@BradGM> indeed, the openings seems to be a small slit, similar to the door you've encoutered, just seems' 'closed'
    01[23:35] <@BradGM> Aithorn, the Symbol seems to be burned deep, as when you move an arm out of the way, it only hangs there, the limbs behind it burned as deeply as well.
    06[23:35] * +Siluvaine moves over to the alter, looking for any sign of...tiggers.
    01[23:36] <@BradGM> Roll Magic snes Sil.
    01[23:36] <@BradGM> ((and ok ifwe stop it after that?))
    [23:36] <@Edgerrin> ((sure))
    [23:37] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [23:37] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 56 Success by 3 degrees!
    [23:37] <+Aithorn> ((sure))
    [23:38] <+Siluvaine> ((k))
    01[23:38] <@BradGM> The Altar seems to be emmanating the same yellowish gooey liquid as seems in the first Skin-room. But contrary to it, this Altar seems to glowing of that wild Pinkish/purpluish Wind, as it was the source of it.
    01[23:39] <@BradGM> *End of Session***

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    Session Eighty-Four
    Session Eighty-Five
    Session Eighty-Six
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  6. page SIluvaine's Notes edited ... - Coach near the river was attacked by Beastmen it seems. Ate the horses and nobles. -- Invit…
    - Coach near the river was attacked by Beastmen it seems. Ate the horses and nobles.
    -- Invitation to the Ball found (No name?)
    Siluvaine's Stuff
    - Gloves of Edward
    -- Made by a Gerald of Middenheim
    --- One of the first wizards trained by the elf Teclis
    -- Made for his bodyguard
    --- After a life of serving the wizard, after the wizard died, Edward become a monk at St. Abelard, and donated his gloves to be stored with the other Relics of the Monastery.
    -- The Winds of Magic flow through the gloves, improving the wearer's prowess and strength (+10 WS and Str, which can modify the SB)
    - Locket containing a piece of bone, a small frgment of the shin bone of St. Abelard
    -- Probably has religious value to someone.

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  7. page SIluvaine's Notes edited ... - Lady Baern fought some chaos cult during her younger years, perhaps his own actions toward a…
    - Lady Baern fought some chaos cult during her younger years, perhaps his own actions toward adventurer and young wizards pissed her off? Or maybe it was that one time where he did some advances toward her, and she didn't take it well that a commoner dared to charm a lady of her status.
    - Siluvaine knows where she lives.
    Shallayan one.
    - This is the City of Sigmar, so His Temple rules over all.
    - Had an affair with a High priestess of Sigmar named Klara Roban. She broke it off, feeling extremely guilty about the affair, as almost as turning away from her religious obligations. He seesm quite hesitant, unconfortable to speak of this, but it might help with temple matters.
    - Ghost on second floor - Bernhardt Sieber - Butler - Killed in his sleep
    - Hanike was interested in Chaos Cults and those who fight them.
    - Books found but not taken
    -- An account of the exposure of a Witches Coven of the Dark Worm, unmasked in the city of Ubersriek in 2228.
    -- An account of the spreading of a Skaven-worshipping Poison Claw Cult from Skevenblight through the northern Tilean City States, across the Black Mountains and into the Empire, the work of the Tavelli family being instrumental in this.
    - Found in a bedroom a small leather pouch tucked away in ragged clothing.
    -- a golden signet ring
    -- earrings in some sort of crystal
    -- 8 crowns, the newest minted in 2312, marked by the image of Magnus the Pious

    Chalice of Wrath
    - Third artifact containing the essence of Xathrodox, the Red Flayer
    - Wasn't in the abbey
    - Sword with a strange dwarven rune is the only sign of someone being there.
    -- 7 swords made for the Countess' top 7 officers.
    -- Imperial Gunnery School for officer's names.

    - Soldiers in black and yellow found dead (Nuln)
    - Sword marking was of Grunbar Grimmsson, a Nuln Armorer with a good reputation
    -- Imprisoned in the Iron Dungeon/Tower
    -- Ordered imprisoned by the Countess
    - Being followed in Altdorf by Dr. Fisher, one of Witchhunter Hoffer's Companions.
    - Spotted a tall man with a belly, late 20s, long blonde hair wearing brown robes, looking at Sil, but went into a shop.
    - Letter of introduction to Brother Stefan, the steward at the Iron Dungeon
    - Verena - Goddess of Learning and Truth
    - Gundpowder Week - Week long city-wide celebration.
    - Magnus - Giant Artillery piece.
    -- Located at 23 Feigelien Street
    -- Construction was overseen by Rolf Vogt's father, until he was replaced by Wolfhart von Liebwitz, in the position of the Countess' Marshall
    - Countess is throwing a grand ball for its coronation and the Emperor will be there.
    - Ball is on the evening of the 6th
    - Hoffer is providing travel arrangements.
    - Letter of Introduction for Giovanni Di Tillo - Tilean importer of marble, good friend of Saer living in Nuln.
    -- Business is located in the Handelberik sector, the commercial heart of Nuln.
    -- Member of the Mafia
    -- Hired the group to find the secrets of the Drunken Hen Brewery.
    - Camareann Greenwoods - Envoy of House Greenwoods, an Ulthuan Merchant House with a good reputation in Marienburg
    - Staying at the Happy Bear, a good dockside tavern with private salons.
    - Letter to get the information on the soldiers from brother Stefan.
    - Lost Nuln troops were Halberdeers
    - Find out who lost a company of men
    -- Three have returned to the city: Gerlach Baer, Rolf Vogt and Semund Tolzen, one owner was a Knight, one was an artillry officer
    --- Tolzen returned 5 weeks ago and announced that he's turning in his spurs to become a Sigmarite initiate.
    ---- Tolzen still has a sword (His?)
    ---- Fighting happened near the Middle Mountains, confirmed by his Grand Master
    --- Gerlach Baer is rumored to be at the Blind Piglet (A tavern in shantytown)
    ---- Drunkard, flogged and dismissed from service for cowardice against magic
    ---- Was Leading a unit of Pistoliers of the Pistolkorps.
    ---- Out of 30 men, 20 were killed, 5 wounded
    ---- Fighting occurred near the southern border of the Darkwald, according to official records
    ---- Claims to have sold his blade weeks ago to "Some tall man with a cloak."
    --- Rolf Vogt is rumored to be at his father's place, or the Countess' Court
    ---- Father's place is ancesteral home in the Altestadt (rich part of town)
    ---- Lost favor with the Countess for taking too long to build the Magnus Weapon
    ---- Rolf has a sword (His?)
    ---- 27 dead, 3 wounded, including Vogt
    ---- Served near Middenheim
    ---- Returned as an escort for an Artillery train, so was in the Nord at some point
    ----- Robert von Heizmann - Artillery commander
    - Letter of introduction to Captain Furton at the Watch Station at the Docks to interrogate some Sewerjacks about the Night Market
    -- Under a cemetary?
    -- Run by "ShadowLord"
    -- Full of mutants
    -- Supposed to be an uprising when the big cannon fires
    -- Otto the Sewerjack is looking for information
    --- Strange sewer encounters including a patrol fighting some mutants near a hideout.
    --- Head into the sewer, follow the cat's claw looking mark after reaching the "Cathedral."
    ---- Nothing really found in the dead mutant's hideout exceot for a mtal ball, like an incense censor (OOC: )
    ---- Square symbol inside of which is a circle with a straight line coming from it, passing thorought a downward pointing crescent, and finishing with a small circle (OOC: Slaanesh symbol)
    ---- Gives off an uneasy feeling.
    ---- Lead to a room lined with skin, an altar that weeped yellow liquid, mutants and a Daemonette
    ---- Altar is stone, 1 meter wide by 2 meters long, 50cm high, weeping a syrupy yellow liquid from lots of small cracks. Daemonette licked the liquid
    ---- Saw the same symbolt inside the square in the cracks on the altar
    ---- Found items underneath the skin
    ----- Pouch of stones (200? gold in Gems) - Offered to sell to Thingrim
    ----- Pouch containing 480 gold coins
    ----- A painter's kit (foot long, 6 inches wide, 3 tall)
    ------ Contains brushes and vials of paints and other liquids
    ---- Eventually burned the room
    --- Arrow symbol lead to a mutant-guarded weapon cache.
    ---- Mutants digging new tunnels?
    ---- The trap actually broke into a new tunnel.
    --- Upwards pointed arrows lead to a ladder into an alleyway in Weston
    -- One symbol left to check out (Square with X in it, almost faded out)
    --- Square with an X in it
    ---- Lead to a tunnel covered in skin, but now the skin was moving, guarded by mutans
    --- Horse Symbol - Unknown
    - Letter of introduction to Capitulary Ross in the Temple of Sigmar from Brother Stefan
    - Halfling microbrewing shopped called the Drunken Hen Brewry (Closed after owned died)
    -- Broken into by normal sized people
    -- Lots of locks and traps
    -- Beer recipes?
    -- Had an alchemy lab in it
    - Samanga's Imported Elven Goods
    -- Has clothing for the Ball
    -- Bought a scandalous dress in black and red Bretonnian silk with matching mask (600 crowns total). Paid for by Brother Stefan.
    -- Don't forget accessories
    - Hargin makes nice pieces, from pistols, to handguns, and even a few experimental and exotic models
    -- Store is right across from the Artillery School, at the end of Dwarven Row.
    -- Used to teach firearm usage at the Artillery School
    -- Teaching Siluvaine Firearms for 100 gold
    -- Pistol blew up when practicing
    -- Still willing to teach Siluvaine once she finds a new pistol
    - Richard's Armour - sells all kind of weapons and armour, at a lower price.
    -- Buys and sells from soldiers and others directly
    -- 23 on the map, in Der Halbinsel, a former village that got absorbed by Nuln as the City grew in size
    - Cavindel
    -- Elven Weaponsmith
    -- Described as more flaboyant
    - Valahuir
    -- Elven Weaponsmith
    -- Described as more practical
    -- Shop is located in Universitat, just south of Weston, same city block as poet's cafes, fancy bakeries and snobish microbreweries
    - Thingrim
    -- Dwarven jeweler of some reputation
    -- Wants to buy the stones found in the Altar/skin room for 200g
    -- Signed a contract to sell to him (but not when)
    - Maglyn Erhard - Kidnapped 2 nights ago
    -- Daughter of a wealthy family of coal merchants
    -- 200 Crown reward
    -- Missing from her bedroom, but the body of Pieter Filps Coutesean) was there. Attacker got in through an open window and climbing of a plant wall.
    - Ruben Kuhn II - The Countess's Treasure's son is also missing
    -- Student of finanace at the university.
    -- Signs of blood nearby - Could be anyone's
    -- At an alley a little east of "The Drunken Sailor" a tavern near Shantytown
    -- Watch thinks he's on a binge.
    - Murder on the not-Orient Express
    - Murdered in his cabin, rented by Antikari, an Arabyan man who cancelled his reservation at the last moment
    - Reinolt Leitdorf is the victim
    - Elector-Count of Averland, the Infamous Marius Leitdorf, the 'Mad Count' of Averland.
    - Was attacked by a young noble of the Alptraums, who used to rule Averland.
    - Letters scattered around the room
    -- Invitation to the Countess' Ball
    -- Correspondence with a professor in Altdorf U, about the lower class being able to rule themselves without the nobility
    - Killed by a violent attack to the face. A tooth was found in the wound.
    -- The tooth seems to be of someone of a certain social class, despite having more recent sign of bad treatment, or at least some sort of sudden change in the quality of care the owner gave his teeth. The person is in his late 20s
    - Blood trail leads to the portside.
    - Assassin jumped the ship?
    - Coach near the river was attacked by Beastmen it seems. Ate the horses and nobles.
    -- Invitation to the Ball found (No name?)
    Siluvaine's Stuff
    - Gloves of Edward
    -- Made by a Gerald of Middenheim
    --- One of the first wizards trained by the elf Teclis
    -- Made for his bodyguard
    --- After a life of serving the wizard, after the wizard died, Edward become a monk at St. Abelard, and donated his gloves to be stored with the other Relics of the Monastery.
    -- The Winds of Magic flow through the gloves, improving the wearer's prowess and strength (+10 WS and Str, which can modify the SB)
    - Locket containing a piece of bone, a small frgment of the shin bone of St. Abelard
    -- Probably has religious value to someone.

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Sunday, June 18

  1. page Ulrich Gutman edited ... Birthplace: Talabecland, Poor Village(destroyed) Distinguishing Marks: White Teeth Priestly…
    Birthplace: Talabecland, Poor Village(destroyed)
    Distinguishing Marks: White Teeth
    Priestly Motivation: Has made powerful enemies and must keep traveling to avoid them
    Current Career: Warrior Priest of Ulric
    Previous Careers:
    Wounds remaining: 1011
    FP remaining: 32
    Petty Magic: Divine
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  2. page Session Eighty-Five edited 18/6/17 01[20:22] <@BradGM> With the blessings done, the Party went to the Gardan of morr …
    01[20:22] <@BradGM> With the blessings done, the Party went to the Gardan of morr to reunite with Aithorn. The Wood Elf, meanwhile, was discussing the mental state of his Brother Maedhros with Lindara; at least the woman and the one-legged Imhol seems to have taken the opportunity to put their minds at ease and find calmness again. With the Party together once more, it split up again as Alexi brought Ulrich to the Dwarven smith Ozrad and getting a quick bite to eat, while the others were explaining to Otto and a pair of Sewerjacks about what happened and will happen in the Sewers.
    01[20:22] <@BradGM> Everyone together once again as the Sun was setting down, they entered the Sewer system via the Dock #5 grate, and directly went for the Skin-room, ripping the skin away, and burning the lot, altar and undisturbed cadavers included. After the deep done, the Party and the Sewerjackswent back to the Cathedral and started following the last, almost faded symbol of an X in a square to clear this little section of the sewers that seems more populated than one might expect.
    01[20:22] <@BradGM> Alexi, roll me a toughness test.
    02[20:23] * +Siluvaine ( Quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
    [20:24] <+Alexi> !dhroll 43
    [20:24] <@Diepool> Alexi: 80 Failure by 3 degrees!
    [20:24] <+Alexi> fat
    [20:24] <+Alexi> fate
    [20:24] <+Alexi> !dhroll 43
    [20:24] <@Diepool> Alexi: 68 Failure by 2 degrees!
    03[20:24] * Elttaes is now known as Edgerrin
    [20:24] <+Alexi> pfft
    03[20:25] * Siluvaine ( has joined #shadowrun
    [20:25] <Siluvaine> Yeah, I noticed that. "Here's the point value, but you need to see the point cost...which is 50 pages away!"
    01[20:25] <@BradGM> Alexi, you suddenly feel your bowels contracting, looks like you caught something. You also need to empty said bowels right now.
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> Despite not being midnight, your Fate Points are reloaded.
    01[20:26] <@BradGM> You walk on the grated floor of the Dwarven tunnel, going upstream of the fast flowing river of human waste pouring just a foot under you, litghing you is the younger SewerJack, with his storm lantern on a pole.
    06[20:26] * +Alexi ducks into a side tunnel really quickly
    01[20:27] <@BradGM> Roll me an agility test -10 for full mail.
    [20:28] <+Alexi> !dhroll 37
    [20:28] <@Diepool> Alexi: 5 Success by 3 degrees!
    [20:28] <+Aithorn> ((how many sewerjacks do we have with us?))
    01[20:30] <@BradGM> ((3: Otto, a younger one, and an older one; each got a shield, short sword, rope&hook, torches, and crossbows.))
    [20:31] <+Aithorn> ((gotcha, thanks))
    [20:31] <+Aithorn> brb
    06[20:32] * Siluvaine puts herself somewhere in the middle.
    01[20:33] <@BradGM> Alexi dissapear for a moment, and manages to take care of sudden, urgent business without covering himself in shit once more this time.
    03[20:34] * Edgerrin sets mode: +v Siluvaine
    [20:35] <+Aithorn> "Hopefully, nobody has repopulated this area quite yet. Last time was more than enough."
    [20:35] <@Edgerrin> "Ehh, me hammers ready fer'em. Bring'em on."
    [20:35] <+Siluvaine> ((We burned the skin room and are heading for the still unknown symbol, right?))
    [20:36] <+Aithorn> ((right))
    [20:37] <+Aithorn> "Alexi, how is Hat feeling?"
    [20:37] <+Alexi> "Hat iz fine, but Axe vant to do some hitting."
    06[20:37] * +Siluvaine shrugs, glancing around. "I don't think we were in this part last night."
    01[20:38] <@BradGM> Alexi, you feel like you just emptied yourself of all your inards, the area is not the best as well. Your mouth feels dry and your legs weak. You suffer from a -10 to all tests.
    01[20:40] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10
    [20:40] <@Diepool> BradGM: 7
    06[20:41] * @Edgerrin looks at alexi and hands him a bottle, 1"Ere lad it be gud fer wot ails ya."
    [20:41] <+Alexi> "Vot iz dis?"
    [20:42] <@Edgerrin> "Whiskey."
    [20:42] <+Siluvaine> ((funny, that's what the priest was going to give him))
    [20:42] <+Alexi> "Vell, vy not."
    06[20:42] * +Alexi will take a swig
    [20:42] <@Edgerrin> "At's a good lad."
    [20:43] <@Edgerrin> "Put the 'air back on yer chest."
    [20:43] <+Aithorn> "...and take the paint off the walls."
    01[20:43] <@BradGM> As the tunnelcurves to the left, you see the cadaver of a dog dangling from the grate, it seems he's been dead for a week or so.
    06[20:44] * +Siluvaine tightens her grip on her staff. "Warning or ritual?"
    01[20:46] <@BradGM> There's no magic cmoing from it Siluvaine.
    [20:46] <+Aithorn> "Could be either, or just dinner for the mutants we killed."
    01[20:47] <@BradGM> !dhroll 50
    [20:47] <@Diepool> BradGM: 60 Failure by 1 degree!
    06[20:47] * +Siluvaine nods and continues to follow the route with the group. "No magic on it that I sense."
    01[20:48] <@BradGM> !roll 1d5
    [20:48] <@Diepool> BradGM: 1
    01[20:48] <@BradGM> !roll 1d5
    [20:48] <@Diepool> BradGM: 3
    01[20:48] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    01[20:48] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    [20:48] <@Diepool> BradGM: 64 Success by 3 degrees!
    [20:48] <@Diepool> BradGM: 54 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[20:52] <@BradGM> The Dwarven tunnel arrives at another room, an underground secondary bassin for the sewerwater as it gets taken away to the Reik. It seems like a smaller version of the Cathedral, but you can actually see the whole room. There are numerous other exits from here that you see, including one that is obviously human made, as Edgerrin can see.
    06[20:52] * +Siluvaine glances at the closest Sewerjack. "Is there a map of all the tunnels?"
    06[20:53] * +Aithorn looks around for other symbols or light coming from other exits
    06[20:53] * @Edgerrin will look around for symbols or any other oddity.
    01[20:53] <@BradGM> !dhroll 37
    [20:53] <@Diepool> BradGM: 95 Failure by 5 degrees!
    01[20:53] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33
    01[20:53] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33
    [20:53] <@Diepool> BradGM: 45 Failure by 1 degree!
    [20:53] <@Diepool> BradGM: 29 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[20:55] <@BradGM> YngrSwJk "Aye, they be one in th'Palace, th'University too, 'cause they plan on puttin' money in it."
    [20:57] <@Edgerrin> (brb)
    06[20:57] * +Siluvaine motions to the human made tunnel. "I don't suppose you know if that's supposed to be there?"
    01[20:57] <@BradGM> Aithorn/Edgerrin, roll perception -30 or Search-20.
    06[20:57] * +Siluvaine looks around wit hthe others for the symbol.
    [20:58] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 41
    [20:58] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 11 Success by 3 degrees!
    03[20:58] * MordentHex ( has joined #shadowrun
    03[20:58] * MordentHex is now known as Ulich
    01[20:58] <@BradGM> Otto "Hard t'say, never gotten no trouble that deep b'fore now, so that's all new."
    [20:58] <Ulich> (good morning)
    01[20:59] <@BradGM> ((hi.))
    03[20:59] * Edgerrin sets mode: +v Ulich
    [20:59] <@Edgerrin> (yer late!)
    [20:59] <+Ulich> (tired bro)
    06[20:59] * +Siluvaine nods.
    [21:00] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 18
    [21:00] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 66 Failure by 4 degrees!
    01[21:04] <@BradGM> Aithorn, you see no light, you do do spot a couple offated symbols here and there; one's near a close-by Dwarven tunnel 10 meters left from your entrance the X within a Square, and another one in the human tunnel, all across the Room, a crude draawing of a horse, quite faded as well, the humidity now helping much .
    [21:06] <+Aithorn> "We can add a new one to the list? Does a horse mean anything to you? The X in a square leads over here."
    06[21:07] * @Edgerrin shakes his head negatively
    06[21:07] * +Aithorn points over towards the x
    06[21:07] * +Siluvaine shakes her head as well. "New to me." She glances at the Sewerjacks. "Does it mean anything to you?"
    [21:07] <@Edgerrin> "'at be the way then."
    06[21:09] * +Siluvaine gets the group together and continues on.
    01[21:09] <@BradGM> Otto "Can't say it does, no."
    [21:09] <+Aithorn> "If we want to, we can come back, but for now, let's continue with one trail at a time."
    06[21:09] * @Edgerrin nods
    06[21:10] * +Aithorn moves up to the [X] tunnel and takes a look down it.
    06[21:10] * @Edgerrin heads towards the tunnel
    06[21:10] * +Alexi follows
    01[21:10] <@BradGM> It seems to curve on the opposite side of your own entry tunnel, Aithorn.
    01[21:10] <@BradGM> !roll 1d100
    [21:10] <@Diepool> BradGM: 67
    01[21:11] <@BradGM> Who's on point again?
    01[21:11] <@BradGM> Still Edgerrin?
    [21:11] <@Edgerrin> ((I'll take it, going slow searching for traps))
    01[21:12] <@BradGM> Roll int-10
    [21:12] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 28
    [21:12] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 46 Failure by 1 degree!
    01[21:13] <@BradGM> !dhroll 37 Otto
    [21:13] <@Diepool> BradGM: 38 Failure by 0 degrees!
    01[21:13] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 Y
    [21:13] <@Diepool> BradGM: 51 Failure by 1 degree!
    01[21:13] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 O
    [21:13] <@Diepool> BradGM: 14 Success by 1 degree!
    01[21:13] <@BradGM> !dhroll 10
    [21:13] <@Diepool> BradGM: 23 Failure by 1 degree!
    01[21:13] <@BradGM> !dhroll 20
    [21:13] <@Diepool> BradGM: 34 Failure by 1 degree!
    01[21:14] <@BradGM> As you advance slowly, following Edgerrin's probing, the Older Sewerjack suddenly grabs the Lantern and move back "Watch out, gas pocket!"
    06[21:15] * @Edgerrin hops back
    01[21:15] <@BradGM> !roll 2#1d10
    [21:15] <@Diepool> BradGM: 4;9
    06[21:16] * +Siluvaine moves back. "How do we get throgh?"
    [21:16] <@Edgerrin> "Put out the lanterns, We be needin yer magic light."
    01[21:18] <@BradGM> Older "Put out the light? We can just use a flaming bolt from a distance and keep moving after."
    [21:18] <+Ulich> "and give away that we are here to anyone around?"
    [21:19] <@Edgerrin> "Ya aint worried bout blowing the tunnel?"
    01[21:19] <@BradGM> Older "Those Dwarven'uns can resist a a gas pocket burning up."
    [21:20] <+Aithorn> "Let the lady use her skill, no need to lose eyebrows over this."
    06[21:20] * +Siluvaine puts out her lamp and uses a bit of oil to cast the spell, as well as speaking the language of magic as she channels.
    [21:21] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [21:21] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 2 Success by 8 degrees!
    [21:21] <+Siluvaine> !roll 1d10+3
    [21:21] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 13:10+3
    01[21:21] <@BradGM> Fire and light have no secret for you now.
    06[21:22] * +Siluvaine nods in satisfaction as the lamp starts to glow like a lantern.
    01[21:22] <@BradGM> Siluvaine's lamp burn bright, as the lartern itself is the lightsource, and not being coming form within it.
    01[21:22] <@BradGM> Otto "That's almost bright as sunlight!"
    [21:23] <+Ulich> "she has a few tricks she does"
    01[21:24] <@BradGM> The Younger closes his lantern and there's little difference in intensity.
    01[21:24] <@BradGM> Older "You sure this is safe?"
    01[21:24] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    [21:24] <@Diepool> BradGM: 58 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[21:24] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    [21:24] <@Diepool> BradGM: 88 Success by 1 degree!
    01[21:24] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    [21:24] <@Diepool> BradGM: 68 Success by 3 degrees!
    [21:25] <+Ulich> "perfectly"
    [21:26] <+Ulich> "the bad bit would have already happened"
    01[21:26] <@BradGM> Older "Oh, that just make things better."
    06[21:27] * +Aithorn takes a deep breath and heads down the tunnel
    06[21:28] * +Siluvaine nods impatiently and moves on.
    06[21:29] * +Ulich moves on as well.
    01[21:30] <@BradGM> Nothing happens as you keeps going forward. The Dwarven tunnel seems to be slowly getting upward, as you are still going up-river from it. After a good 30 minutes of walking cautiously, you arrive at a T-intersection that cuts left. You can see the symbol once more, yet this time it appears to be in slightly better condition than usally seemed.
    01[21:32] <@BradGM> It goes down a dwarven tunnel once again. the tunnel seems to stop being grated about 10 meters down and a stone walkway is seens on the right side, the left side being exposed sewers.
    06[21:33] * @Edgerrin cautiously takes the walkway.
    [21:33] <@Edgerrin> "Dont' n'body be takin' a bath now."
    06[21:33] * +Siluvaine stays on the walkway as well.
    01[21:34] <@BradGM> !roll 1d100 last
    [21:34] <@Diepool> BradGM, last: 80
    01[21:34] <@BradGM> !roll 1d12
    [21:35] <@Diepool> BradGM: 12
    06[21:35] * +Aithorn holds his spear ready remembering the ghouls as he goes over the walkway
    01[21:35] <@BradGM> Down the walkway, there is a blob of something; seems like some leather gardment.
    06[21:36] * @Edgerrin lloks a little closer
    06[21:36] * +Ulich takes his shield and hand axe to the ready
    01[21:37] <@BradGM> It seems to be a leather skullcap, all bundled up, covered in humidity.
    06[21:37] * +Aithorn takes a look around while they are checking the 'blob'
    [21:37] <@Edgerrin> ((skull included?))
    01[21:39] <@BradGM> Inside there is no complete skull, but there's a bit of skin and black hair on it.
    [21:40] <+Siluvaine> "Any markings?"
    06[21:40] * @Edgerrin moves on
    [21:40] <+Alexi> "Vell dot's not a goot sign."
    01[21:40] <@BradGM> ((trying to find a better word for bit))
    [21:40] <@Edgerrin> (hunk, patch?))
    01[21:41] <@BradGM> ((patch could work?, ok then)
    01[21:41] <@BradGM> ((I tuoght it more for land purposes))
    [21:42] <@Edgerrin> ((yea!!!! my english degree paid off. Bit actually works just fine too))
    [21:43] <+Aithorn> "Maybe some sewerjacks have been here before."
    06[21:43] * +Aithorn moves on down the tunnel
    01[21:43] <@BradGM> Otto "Mebbe from another Station, but not ours, not that I know of."
    [21:45] <+Ulich> "we should keep moving"
    06[21:45] * +Siluvaine nods and continues on.
    06[21:46] * @Edgerrin continues
    01[21:46] <@BradGM> Once again, the tunnel cuts to a T, this time cutting right, onto try stone..and just beyond the distance of the light, therE's seems to be some reflecting glittering surfaces.
    06[21:46] * @Edgerrin slows and signals for a halt
    06[21:47] * +Ulich sniffs the air (checking for tainted magic)
    [21:47] <@Edgerrin> "Aith me boy, ye up fer sneaking up thar and seeing what the reflection be?"
    01[21:47] <@BradGM> Roll it.
    01[21:48] <@BradGM> The Reflections are about 75 meters away.
    [21:48] <+Aithorn> "Is the Grand Theogonist a Sigmarite?"
    [21:49] <+Ulich> !dhroll 54
    [21:49] <@Diepool> Ulich: 25 Success by 2 degrees!
    06[21:49] * +Aithorn sneaks off making sure to hold his spear point to not reflect the light
    06[21:49] * +Ulich snorts "yes"
    01[21:51] <@BradGM> Ulrich, you can feel some fouling energey coming from the tunnel. Aithorn, as you advance, you begin to see that the tunnel has been covered in skin-like material as the 'skin room' you just cleased.
    06[21:52] * +Aithorn waves the group forward a little bit and then continues on
    01[21:53] <@BradGM> As you move forward Aithorn, the skinned ground appears to shiver.
    01[21:54] <@BradGM> The others, you can arrive to the glittering section of the tunnel, and see that it is covered in skin all over.
    [21:55] <+Alexi> "Dis iz unpleasently familiar."
    06[21:56] * +Aithorn tries to move forward a bit more
    01[21:56] <@BradGM> Aithorn, as you advance deeper, alone, you being to see that the skin is turning into somehting ticker, warmer, more alive.
    06[21:57] * +Siluvaine studies the skin carefully.
    [21:57] <@Edgerrin> ((as in morphing into something or just quiverring))
    06[21:58] * +Aithorn turns and walks back halfway to the group, waving them forward. "This is not like the other room. Something is different, more sinister."
    [21:58] <+Siluvaine> ((Academic Demonic work here?))
    01[21:58] <@BradGM> ((Getting more alive as Aith advances; rather than being just skin, it seems to be like walking on something moving and alive than just
    01[21:59] <@BradGM> ((Yes Sil, -20))
    [21:59] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 40
    [21:59] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 91 Failure by 5 degrees!
    [21:59] <+Siluvaine> ((Fate))
    [21:59] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 40
    [21:59] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 4 Success by 3 degrees!
    06[21:59] * +Ulich moves to stop Aithorn
    [21:59] <+Ulich> "wait" "this is evil"
    01[22:00] <@BradGM> It seems like this is merely the extent on whatever concentration of corruption is at the center of the mass of skin and unaturality.
    [22:00] <+Ulich> "we should go forward togther"
    01[22:01] <@BradGM> Surely, Siluvaine, something related to the Pleasure Lord.
    [22:02] <+Siluvaine> "Similar to before, but perhaps its been here longer? Maybe we'll find a room with an alter like before in the middle."
    01[22:03] <@BradGM> Older "This is dark work."
    [22:03] <+Aithorn> "Agreed, we should go together. Darker than you know, sir."
    06[22:04] * +Siluvaine holds the light up, shining it on the skin, looking for markings.
    01[22:04] <@BradGM> No markings, but it's rather obvious that yo're in the right direction.
    06[22:05] * +Ulich slashs a rune of Ulric into the skin "foulness be gone."
    01[22:05] <@BradGM> It does little Ulrich.
    06[22:05] * +Ulich begins to pray
    06[22:05] * +Siluvaine motions for the group to move on. "We'll see."
    [22:07] <@Edgerrin> ((Do we have to walk over it?))
    01[22:08] <@BradGM> ((over waht?))
    [22:08] <@Edgerrin> ((the skin?))
    01[22:08] <@BradGM> ((ah; yes, it is covering the walls, top and bottom))
    [22:09] <@Edgerrin> "We go t'gether or one by one?"
    [22:09] <@Edgerrin> "Looks like a trap ta me."
    06[22:10] * +Ulich begins to pray and touch's Sil on the arm (blessing of protection)
    [22:10] <+Aithorn> "Let's go together, if it is a trap, better to be with friends."
    [22:10] <+Ulich> !dhroll 54
    [22:10] <@Diepool> Ulich: 48 Success by 0 degrees!
    [22:10] <@Edgerrin> "and die t'gether." 6Edge smirks
    01[22:11] <@BradGM> Siluvaine, Ulrich casted a spell on you.
    [22:11] <+Ulich> !roll 1d10+1
    [22:11] <@Diepool> Ulich: 2:1+1
    [22:11] <+Ulich> (fate)
    [22:11] <+Ulich> !roll 1d10+1
    [22:11] <@Diepool> Ulich: 8:7+1
    [22:11] <+Ulich> "your protected, for awhile atleast, anythign should ignore you for the most part"
    [22:12] <+Aithorn> "Hopefully not, I don't want to have to carry you out of here. You're too heavy, my friend."
    01[22:12] <@BradGM> As you go deeper, the patchwork of skin seems to be more unified, and complete. The pinkish colouration also seems to change to a more purple tone. The walls, ceiling and floor of the tunnel seems to be as being inside a living worm, as veins, hands and even moaning/mumbling mouthes are now present.
    01[22:12] <@BradGM> Roll WP!
    [22:13] <+Ulich> !dhroll 51
    [22:13] <@Diepool> Ulich: 55 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [22:13] <+Ulich> (fate, fuck)
    [22:13] <+Ulich> !dhroll 51
    [22:13] <@Diepool> Ulich: 77 Failure by 2 degrees!
    [22:13] <+Ulich> (FUCK)
    [22:13] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 56
    [22:13] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 4 Success by 5 degrees!
    [22:13] <+Alexi> !dhroll 46
    [22:13] <@Diepool> Alexi: 49 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [22:13] <+Alexi> fate
    [22:13] <+Alexi> !dhroll 46
    [22:13] <@Diepool> Alexi: 87 Failure by 4 degrees!
    [22:13] <+Alexi> sigh
    [22:14] <+Ulich> (we run away together lol)
    [22:14] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 69
    [22:14] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 88 Failure by 1 degree!
    [22:14] <+Siluvaine> ((Fate))
    [22:14] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 69
    [22:14] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 26 Success by 4 degrees!
    [22:14] <@Edgerrin> (this for fear?))
    [22:14] <+Ulich> (insanity probably)
    01[22:14] <@BradGM> ((no, more for the shocking situation yuo're in))
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> !dhroll 37
    [22:15] <@Diepool> BradGM: 24 Success by 1 degree!
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33
    01[22:15] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33
    [22:15] <@Diepool> BradGM: 32 Success by 0 degrees!
    [22:15] <@Diepool> BradGM: 50 Failure by 1 degree!
    01[22:16] <@BradGM> The rather disturbing reality you're in right now takes a toll onto your idea of reality! You all gain 1 Insanity Point excpet Aithorn. Otto and the Oldest seems to keep thier wits about them; the Yougest on the other hand, seems as troubled as you are.
    01[22:17] <@BradGM> ((Yeah, so not fear related))
    [22:17] <+Siluvaine> ((hey, I passed too!))
    [22:17] <+Ulich> (how many points until we start getting "awkward"? lol)
    01[22:17] <@BradGM> Ah, and Siluvaine is also unnerved by the sight.
    01[22:18] <@BradGM> ((6))
    [22:18] <@Edgerrin> ((fearless also covers terror etc.)0
    01[22:19] <@BradGM> ((as, usual stuff as well; ok))
    01[22:19] <@BradGM> Edgerrin is also unhindged by the changing enviromment.
    [22:19] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 48
    [22:19] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 3 Success by 4 degrees!
    [22:19] <+Siluvaine> "I wonder if it would keep growing until it connected to the other room."
    [22:20] <+Alexi> "Hy dun tink ve finds out."
    06[22:20] * +Alexi hefts Axe
    01[22:20] <@BradGM> The air is also heavy and humid. Limbs, like arms, begin to show up as well.
    [22:20] <+Ulich> " do not "wonder" about this, its an abomination"
    01[22:20] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    [22:20] <@Diepool> BradGM: 21 Success by 7 degrees!
    [22:21] <+Ulich> "we should go no further, we should torch it now."
    01[22:21] <@BradGM> !roll 1d5 1e 2a 3 s 4al 5U
    [22:21] <@Diepool> BradGM, 1e 2a 3 s 4al 5U: 1
    01[22:21] <@BradGM> Edgerrin, roll WP once again!
    [22:21] <+Siluvaine> "with us inside?"
    [22:22] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 48
    [22:22] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 49 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [22:22] <+Ulich> "obviously throw the damned touch farther in and leg it a ways back"
    01[22:22] <@BradGM> Edgerrin, you hear a whisper, "No, go further, there's battles to be fought, glory to be had!"
    [22:23] <+Aithorn> "The last time we found flesh like this, there was a daemon with it. More skin, more daemons, and if this flesh feels like our own skin, for what does it touch?"
    06[22:23] * @Edgerrin decides he's just going to bash the shit out of the skin with his hammer until its pulp
    [22:23] <+Aithorn> "I'll feel better knowing we won't be interrupted."
    01[22:24] <@BradGM> Edgerrin begins to bash the surroundings. The mouths all begin to moan loudly in pleasuring pain as purpleish blood splatter under his Dwarven Hammer.
    [22:24] <+Ulich> " a sign! yes, everyone start chopping into the skin, do not let these blasphamies go by unpunished"
    06[22:25] * +Ulich starts slashing at the demonic flesh around him and plraying to Ulric"
    06[22:26] * +Alexi unleashes Axe
    06[22:26] * +Siluvaine frowns, glancing around, looking at the damage the group are doing.
    06[22:27] * +Aithorn goes to keep an eye ahead on the tunnel, so that the frenzy won't be unaware if guests show up.
    01[22:27] <@BradGM> The skin bleeds purple, the limbs are twitching, the mouthes are all moaning, but it seems more like everyone's is just bashing raddomly at the walls and floor.
    01[22:28] <@BradGM> !roll d10
    [22:28] <@Diepool> BradGM: 10
    01[22:28] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10
    [22:28] <@Diepool> BradGM: 8
    01[22:28] <@BradGM> !dhroll 50
    [22:28] <@Diepool> BradGM: 100 Failure by 5 degrees!
    [22:28] <+Siluvaine> ((Does it look like they're doing any useful damage?))
    [22:28] <+Ulich> "cut it off the walls"
    01[22:28] <@BradGM> ((no))
    [22:28] <+Aithorn> ((triple digits! woohoo))
    01[22:28] <@BradGM> ((the lsast description was for you Sil, my bad))
    [22:29] <+Ulich> "someone burn this"
    01[22:29] <@BradGM> You're still in the tunnel Ulrich.
    06[22:29] * @Edgerrin stops and pulls out a tinder box. he laughs 1
    [22:29] <@Edgerrin> '
    01[22:29] <@BradGM> ((and BRB))
    [22:29] <@Edgerrin> "fire"
    [22:29] <+Aithorn> "Ulrich, we'll want to gather it all and burn it once, let's go see how far it goes."
    01[22:31] <@BradGM> ((back))
    [22:32] <+Ulich> "then be quick about it"
    [22:32] <+Ulich> "this is obsenity"
    06[22:33] * +Aithorn goes to scout a bit further down the tunnel
    [22:33] <+Siluvaine> "Stop hacking at the walls and let us move to the middle, you're doing nothing here." She eyes Edgerrin and the tinderbox.
    01[22:35] <@BradGM> Aithorn, about 75 meters away, you see that the skin opens up as a wound into another room to your left. roll conceal +30 due to the darkness.
    06[22:35] * +Ulich eyeballs the walls really hard and then turns away to run down the tunnel after Aithorn
    [22:36] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 94
    [22:36] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 61 Success by 3 degrees!
    [22:37] <@Edgerrin> "We lightin' this thing?"
    [22:38] <+Ulich> (common sense say's no, my role play character says YES!"
    [22:38] <+Ulich> )
    06[22:38] * +Siluvaine shakes her head.
    01[22:38] <@BradGM> You manage to get a look inside. It seems to be a gathering place of sorts, as there are a couple of crude tables and even more questionable chairs lying around, with 8 mutants behind present, some eating, some sharpening thier hand axes, a coulpe are playing 5 finger shuffle. There is another opening at the far end of the 10x20x10 room, which seems to go down and where torch light can be seen comming from.
    01[22:40] <@BradGM> They seems oblivious to what happened just a short distance away.
    06[22:40] * +Ulich begins to chant under his breath working himself up into a battle fury
    [22:41] <+Ulich> !dhroll 54
    [22:41] <@Diepool> Ulich: 83 Failure by 2 degrees!
    [22:41] <+Ulich> !roll 2d10
    [22:41] <@Diepool> Ulich: 10
    01[22:41] <@BradGM> You're a bit too winded form all that attacking that it,s less than stellar Ulrich.
    06[22:43] * +Ulich goes into a battle fury now even if a bit winded, exulting in finally finding something wicked to slay.
    06[22:44] * +Aithorn runs back to the rest to tell them about the mutants. "We found something a bit more worthy of Hat than some flooring."
    [22:44] <+Alexi> "Den we needs to deal mit it!"
    06[22:44] * @Edgerrin looks
    [22:44] <@Edgerrin> "KILL!"
    [22:45] <+Ulich> "AT THEM!"
    06[22:45] * +Ulich howls
    06[22:46] * +Siluvaine winces and gets out of their way.
    01[22:46] <@BradGM> !dhroll 100
    [22:46] <@Diepool> BradGM: 34 Success by 6 degrees!
    06[22:47] * +Ulich howls at the top of his lungs
    [22:47] <+Ulich> !dhroll 54
    [22:47] <@Diepool> Ulich: 61 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [22:47] <+Ulich> (still a bit winded lol)
    [22:47] <+Ulich> !roll 1d10x2
    01[22:47] <@BradGM> With all that yelling, there goes nay element of surpcie you might have had..
    [22:48] <+Ulich> !roll 1d10+1d10
    [22:48] <@Diepool> Ulich: 8:7+1
    06[22:48] * +Siluvaine curses quietly..not that it matters.
    [22:48] <+Ulich> !roll 1d10
    [22:48] <@Diepool> Ulich: 7
    [22:48] <+Ulich> (7+7 =14 pass)
    [22:49] <+Ulich> (everyone is under the power of "howl ofthe wolf" +1 attack on charge)
    [22:49] <+Ulich> (so 2 attacks on charge, because you can't get more than 1, this give a +1 for 2)
    01[22:50] <@BradGM> in the distance, you can see a light source appearing showing off a goup of people, who are quickly going toward you!
    [22:50] <+Ulich> 'DIE!"
    06[22:50] * +Ulich charges
    06[22:51] * +Siluvaine readies herself for combat.
    01[22:51] <@BradGM> Let's roll init then.
    [22:51] <+Alexi> !roll 1d10+47
    [22:51] <@Diepool> Alexi: 53:6+47
    [22:51] <+Ulich> !roll 1d10+42
    [22:52] <@Diepool> Ulich: 49:7+42
    [22:52] <+Siluvaine> !roll 1d10+51
    01[22:52] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+35 muties
    [22:52] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 53:2+51
    [22:52] <@Diepool> BradGM, muties: 38:3+35
    01[22:52] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+37 Otto
    [22:52] <@Diepool> BradGM, Otto: 47:10+37
    01[22:52] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+33 SwJks
    [22:52] <@Diepool> BradGM, SwJks: 43:10+33
    [22:52] <+Aithorn> !roll 1d10+64
    [22:52] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 73:9+64
    [22:52] <+Aithorn> ((that's kinda funny, maybe we should switch to 1d10+AgBonus
    [22:52] <@Edgerrin> `roll 1d10+54
    [22:52] <GameServ> Edgerrin rolled 1d10: 4 <Total: 4(+54) = 58>
    01[22:54] <@BradGM> Order is: Aithorn, Edgerrin (used a FP for a 10), Alexi and Siluvaine, Ulrich, Otto, the SewerJacks, the Muties.
    01[22:55] <@BradGM> ((yeah thought of doing that- let's say next battle then?))
    03[22:55] * Ulich is now known as Ulrich
    [22:55] <+Aithorn> ((sure)0
    [22:55] <+Ulrich> (speleld it wrong lol damned sleep)
    01[22:55] <@BradGM> Aithron! The mutants are coming 3 muties wide down the tunnel, they are 50 meters away.
    06[22:56] * +Aithorn readies a pair of arrows to go down the tunnel and let's go.
    [22:56] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 70
    [22:56] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 63 Success by 0 degrees!
    [22:56] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 70
    [22:56] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 8 Success by 6 degrees!
    01[22:57] <@BradGM> no dodge, roll it!
    [22:58] <+Aithorn> `roll 1d10+4 ap
    [22:58] <GameServ> Syntax: XdY [ {-|+|*|/} Z ]
    [22:58] <+Aithorn> `roll 1d10+4
    [22:58] <GameServ> Aithorn rolled 1d10: 2 <Total: 2(+4) = 6>
    [22:58] <+Aithorn> `roll 1d10+4
    [22:58] <GameServ> Aithorn rolled 1d10: 2 <Total: 2(+4) = 6>
    [22:58] <+Aithorn> `roll 1d10+4 fate 1
    [22:58] <GameServ> Syntax: XdY [ {-|+|*|/} Z ]
    [22:58] <+Aithorn> `roll 1d10+4
    [22:58] <GameServ> Aithorn rolled 1d10: 9 <Total: 9(+4) = 13>
    [22:58] <+Aithorn> so one lousy, one good one
    01[22:58] <@BradGM> One mutant seems to stumble down, as another seems hit, but is not stopping!
    01[22:59] <@BradGM> Edgerrin! They are 50 meters away!
    [23:00] <+Ulrich> (QUCK! DANCE OFF!)
    [23:00] <@Edgerrin> ((I cover 30 in a charge?))
    [23:00] <+Aithorn> o\-<
    [23:00] <+Aithorn> o/-<
    [23:01] <+Aithorn> o|-<
    [23:01] <+Aithorn> o>-<
    06[23:01] * @Edgerrin chages forward
    [23:01] <+Ulrich> (how to roll multiple d10 together and show each d10 result?)
    01[23:01] <@BradGM> Edgerrin lunges forth, covering 18 meters down the tunnel!
    01[23:01] <@BradGM> Alexi/Siluvaine!
    06[23:02] * +Alexi will fire his crossbow
    01[23:02] <@BradGM> ((*GASP* not your repeating crossbow!))
    [23:02] <+Alexi> ((I repeat, my crosbow))
    06[23:02] * +Siluvaine starts to channel and begins to cast a spell (takes a full round to cast, so next turn))
    [23:02] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 89
    [23:02] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 43 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[23:03] <@BradGM> Roll for it; Edgerrin is in front, but there's enough space to fire without trouble.
    01[23:03] <@BradGM> ((roll it Alexi then))
    [23:03] <+Alexi> !dhroll 59
    [23:03] <@Diepool> Alexi: 12 Success by 4 degrees!
    [23:03] <@Edgerrin> ((until he rolls a 100))
    01[23:03] <@BradGM> No dodge Alexi, so roll damage!
    [23:04] <+Alexi> ((looking it up. shows how often I've used it))
    01[23:04] <@BradGM> ((It's actually the first time I think, that you're using a ranged weapon))
    [23:04] <+Alexi> ((Damage says 2))
    [23:05] <+Alexi> ((also, ignore 1 point of armor, if any))
    01[23:06] <@BradGM> ((it's 1d10+2))
    [23:06] <+Ulrich> (but yoru out of range, its got a range of 32m)
    01[23:06] <@BradGM> ((even iwth a -30 he hits))
    01[23:06] <@BradGM> SO roll 1d10+2 Alexi
    [23:08] <+Alexi> !roll 1d10+2
    [23:08] <@Diepool> Alexi: 10:8+2
    01[23:09] <@BradGM> The bolt hit a mutant, making him tip a bit but he's still up!
    01[23:09] <@BradGM> Ulrich!
    [23:09] <+Ulrich> (charge of course)
    06[23:10] * +Ulrich is charging
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> Ulrich runs off, moving past Edgerrin a little, covering 24 meters.
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> Otto and co fires thier crossbows as well!
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> !dhroll 37 O
    [23:11] <@Diepool> BradGM: 93 Failure by 5 degrees!
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33
    [23:11] <@Diepool> BradGM: 12 Success by 2 degrees!
    [23:11] <@Diepool> BradGM: 71 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[23:11] <@BradGM> !roll 1d10+4
    [23:11] <@Diepool> BradGM: 8:4+4
    01[23:12] <@BradGM> It did something, as one mutant tumbles and falls at the volley!
    01[23:13] <@BradGM> They mutants run fowrds, yelling in an inhuman rage their hatred of 'normies'. They cover 24 meters, being only a few meters away from Ulrich, and 6 from Edgerrin!
    01[23:13] <@BradGM> New Round!
    01[23:14] <@BradGM> Aithorn! With Edgerrin and Ulrich being so close of the mutants, shooting at them might be tricky; ranged attacks suffer a -10 to them.
    [23:14] <+Aithorn> "That's it! Keep going!"
    06[23:15] * +Aithorn aims and fires a shot past Ulrich
    [23:15] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 90
    [23:15] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 95 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [23:15] <+Aithorn> !dhroll 90
    [23:15] <@Diepool> Aithorn: 49 Success by 4 degrees!
    01[23:15] <@BradGM> No dodge, roll damage
    [23:15] <+Aithorn> `roll 1d10+4
    [23:15] <GameServ> Aithorn rolled 1d10: 2 <Total: 2(+4) = 6>
    [23:16] <+Aithorn> ((lol))
    01[23:16] <@BradGM> ((always rolling 2s))
    01[23:16] <@BradGM> Your arrow flies off, but hard to see i f it did something.
    [23:16] <+Ulrich> (how big are the mutants)
    01[23:17] <@BradGM> Edgerrin! You can charge, and are affected by Ulrich's charge spells. The mutants are normal, human sized types. The closest facing you are unicorn horn, duckface, and bulnose.
    [23:18] <+Ulrich> (i mean as in weight, 100 pounds? 200?)
    01[23:18] <@BradGM> ((ah; around 140-150.))
    06[23:18] * @Edgerrin charges forward smashing uni horn with his hammer.
    [23:18] <@Edgerrin> (so two aatcks with Uls spell?))
    01[23:19] <@BradGM> ((yes and +10 due to charge))
    [23:19] <+Ulrich> (yup, your welcome)
    [23:19] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 84
    [23:19] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 89 Failure by 0 degrees!
    [23:19] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 84
    [23:19] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 95 Failure by 1 degree!
    [23:19] <@Edgerrin> fate
    [23:19] <@Edgerrin> !dhroll 84
    [23:19] <@Diepool> Edgerrin: 10 Success by 7 degrees!
    01[23:19] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 parry
    [23:19] <@Diepool> BradGM: 17 Success by 1 degree!
    01[23:20] <@BradGM> Unicorn managed to evade your attack, as he saw you cmoing for a while now.
    01[23:20] <@BradGM> Alexi/Siluvaine!
    [23:20] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 2#1d10
    [23:20] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 83
    [23:20] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll 2*1d10
    [23:20] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 38 Failure by 1 degree!
    [23:21] <+Siluvaine> !dhroll help
    [23:21] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 41
    [23:21] <+Siluvaine> !help
    [23:21] <+Siluvaine> !roll 2*1d10
    [23:21] <@Diepool> Siluvaine: 2:2*1
    01[23:21] <@BradGM> !roll 2#1d10
    [23:21] <@Diepool> BradGM: 7;9
    [23:21] <+Ulrich> (ah, thats the command!)
    06[23:21] * +Siluvaine curses as the spell fizzles.
    01[23:22] <@BradGM> ((What were you casting?))
    01[23:22] <@BradGM> Alexi, you cans till fire, but you also have a -10 to hit due to the traffic in the melee.
    [23:22] <+Siluvaine> ((Crown of Fire :) ))
    [23:22] <+Ulrich> !roll 3#1d10
    [23:22] <@Diepool> Ulrich: 4;9;2
    [23:23] <+Ulrich> (sweet)
    [23:24] <+Ulrich> !roll 2#1d10+4
    [23:24] <@Diepool> Ulrich: 11:7+4;14:10+4
    [23:24] <+Ulrich> (that speeds things up a bit)
    [23:24] <+Alexi> can I charge?
    [23:25] <+Ulrich> (ALWAYS!)
    01[23:25] <@BradGM> ((You can Alexi, but you'll only be able to reach the mutants next round. The tunnel got space for 3 side-by-side.))
    06[23:26] * +Alexi mutter and charges forwards
    01[23:27] <@BradGM> Alexi charges forth, covering 24 meters in quick order.
    01[23:27] <@BradGM> Ulrich.
    [23:27] <+Ulrich> (full tilt, balls deep charge)
    01[23:27] <@BradGM> +10
    [23:28] <+Ulrich> !dhroll 67
    [23:28] <@Diepool> Ulrich: 10 Success by 5 degrees!
    [23:28] <+Ulrich> !dhroll 67
    [23:28] <@Diepool> Ulrich: 60 Success by 0 degrees!
    01[23:28] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 parry
    [23:28] <@Diepool> BradGM: 68 Failure by 3 degrees!
    01[23:28] <@BradGM> Roll damage.
    [23:28] <+Ulrich> (has to be on the closest guy, im a little psicho at the moment)
    01[23:29] <@BradGM> ((Duckface))
    [23:29] <+Ulrich> !roll 1d10+4
    [23:29] <@Diepool> Ulrich: 11:7+4
    [23:30] <+Ulrich> (-1 to armor)
    01[23:31] <@BradGM> ((second attack))
    [23:31] <+Ulrich> (1 attack or both?)
    [23:31] <+Ulrich> !roll 1d10+4
    [23:31] <@Diepool> Ulrich: 9:5+4
    01[23:31] <@BradGM> ((Usually got to call it first))
    [23:32] <+Ulrich> ( no, thought he parry'd 1 is all, read the rolls wrong)
    [23:32] <+Ulrich> (both have to be on the same target until he is dead, lol spell limitations)
    01[23:32] <@BradGM> Duckface gets charged by Ulrich, who goes for the head right off the bat (or axe in his case), followed by a hit to the torso, sending the mutant reeling in quackling pleasure, as some sort of sick purring sound, before expiring.
    [23:33] <@Edgerrin> (sick bastards))
    01[23:34] <@BradGM> Otter and the other two reload their crossbows. The mutants attack! Unicorn on Edgerrin, Bullnose flank Ulrich while Cattail advances and attacks Ulrich from the front!
    01[23:34] <@BradGM> !dhroll 33 Edge
    [23:34] <@Diepool> BradGM: 45 Failure by 1 degree!
    01[23:34] <@BradGM> !dhroll 43 Ul Bullnose
    [23:34] <@Diepool> BradGM: 25 Success by 1 degree!
    01[23:34] <@BradGM> !dhroll 43 Ul Cat tail
    [23:34] <@Diepool> BradGM: 93 Failure by 5 degrees!
    01[23:34] <@BradGM> Can dodge/parry Ulrich.*
    [23:35] <+Ulrich> !dhroll 62
    [23:35] <@Diepool> Ulrich: 46 Success by 1 degree!
    [23:35] <+Ulrich> (parry)
    [23:35] <+Ulrich> (block actually, shield)
    01[23:35] <@BradGM> As it is getting late, ok if we stop it here? We'll resume next week at the beginning of next round.
    [23:36] <+Ulrich> (sure)
    [23:36] <@Edgerrin> ((K))
    [23:36] <+Aithorn> ((fine with me))
    03[23:36] * Retrieving #shadowrun modes...
    [23:36] <+Siluvaine> ((Fine with me))
    [23:36] <+Alexi> ((ok))
    03[23:36] * BradGM changes topic to '9,1Welcome to 14,1Shadowrun 9,1and the dark streets of Seattle. Hope you're cut out for them chummer. 4,0Looking for players and GM's. 4NOW PLAYING 8,1 WARHAMMER FANTASY RP 4EVERY SUNDAY 8 PM EST. 9WANTED MORE SACRIFICES TO CHAOS (PLAYERS). INQUIRE WITHIN. Order is: Aithorn, Edgerrin (used a FP for a 10), Alexi and Siluvaine, Ulrich, Otto, the SewerJacks, the Muties.''
    01[23:36] <@BradGM> *End of Session*

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