Braddoc's char

Thomas Johnson Atkins

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Home world
starport A, small world, std atomosphere, wet world, high population, high law, high stellar tech (gain Computer 0, grav vehicules 0)

Str: 11 (started 10)
Dex: 5
End: 8 (started 7)
Int: 7 (Started 6)
Edu: 12 (Started 10)
Par: 8 (Started at 6)

Fate Points: 1/2

Drafted in the Army
Branch: Infantry

1st Tour
1st Assigment Basic training, tec level 13 (D)
Gained Rilfe 1
MOS: Heavy Weapons 1

2nd Assigment: Counter-insurgency
Promoted to Lt. Gained SMG-1

3rd Assigment: Counter-insurgency
Gain the Solomani Starburst Medal

4th Assigment: Special assigment
Protected forces
learned nothing

2nd Tour
1st Year Special assigment
Commando training
Learned: Combat rifleman, heavy weapon, demolition, tactics
Transfered to the commandos

2nd Year
Gain Solomani Starbust with Bar
Promoted to Captain
Gain 1 skill:
-Military Life table: +1 str

3rd year
Gain a Blood Crest Medal
Gain 1 skill:
-MOS table: Heavy Weapons

4th Year
Internal Security
No decorations
No skills

3rd Tour

1st Year
Gain Solomani Starburst with 2 Bars
Promoted to Major
Gained 1 skill
-Command skill: Leader 1

2nd Year
Gained Solomani Starburst with 3 Bars
Gained 1 skill
-Military life: +1 End

3rd Year
Internal Security
Nothing to gain

4th Year
Wounded: suffered from a griveous head injury, was in Hospital for almost a year
No memory Loss

Mustered Out!
Gain a 50k Invalidity pension per year
Can get treated in any Solomanian Veterans' hospital
Gain a a basic sidearm
+1 Int
+2 Edu
Party +2

Enrolled in the Home Guard
Gained no new Skill

4th Tour

1st Year
Joined the Party
Safe assigment
Gained 1 skill
-Assigment skill: Leader +1

2nd Year
Travelling to the Spinward Marches
Gain Liaison 1, Language-Zhodani.


Computers 0
Pistol 1
Combat Rifleman (rifle, carbine, assault rifle, advanced combat rifle, and gauss rifle.) 1 (Rifle at 2)
Grav Vehicule 0
Heavy weapon (Missile Launcher) 3
Demolition 1
Tactics 1
Leader 2
Liaison 1
Language: Zhodani
Carousing 1
Barter 1
Vacc Suit 1


Money: 9,795

Scandia Heavy Industries Service Laser Pistol
-with battery ammo
Doses of Symtanol-Neuvosamin with auto-injector
Pocket folding knife
Pipe and tobacco
Armoured attaché-case with I.D. lock and manacle
Clothing (personnal, non-aligned, mostly buisness suits and casual wear)
Pocket secratery (password-protected)
Zhodani langauge and cultural programs
Small gifts (diplomatic)
Mesh vest
Personnal communicator
Parade uniform (Solomani Lunar Commandos)
Armoured Briefcase with I.D. lock for his things, with secret compartment for sensitive items.
3 minspycam tech lvl 13-14
T14 missile launcher with 2 missiles in locked case

Keyring with numerous keys on it, imcluding ancient looking keys.

Rifle with ammo
Pistol with ammo

7 XP

+1 malicious locker deeds

Deals, Encounters and Contacts

Dimon- met with some corp rep of the minig rock- despite being there for other reasons (the ship misjumped there), the meetingwent very well, enough that contracts and professional contacts can be made.
-Robert Eagle, Mid level admin contact - Dinom Mining consortium

Dimon- Robert Eagle slip a card with the name of an information broker, Natton Bonner. He has info regarding the refueling station drifing in space toward Ghandi.

Jump to Ghandi-"The Occult of the Abyss" by Dr. Benard Vuuton, written in 1080.
"Tarot and the Stars (1081), "Strange Ways of the Ancients (1078), Dark Space and Daemons (1079), The Void (1075) and The Empty Rift and The Unusual (1076)
-Ship lost in 1085, 31 years ago.

OTTEM- ancient device of immensive power

Born on Ys, an exotic world, both parents were traders, his childhood and formative years were without inicdent, before being drafted in the Military at the outset of the Rim War. He took part in numerous raids against unloyal element of Ys' society, gaining a field commission and the Solomani Startburst when he managed to lead Loyalists force, and capture Overseer Di Stasio during his attempted escape of Ys to join his Imperium masters.

His loyalty to the Cause and his dedication to the Party saw his transfer to the Lunar Commandos Training School in Sol, which had him served in the Defence of Terra, where he served with distiction and honour, rising to the rank of Major and gaining the Solomani Starburst with Comets, Swords and Diamonds, and being wounded twice.

Unfortunately, during the Infamous Operation Jubilee in the Grand Canyon, his grav-barge was struck while crossing the laser defence grid, resulting in a severe head trauma. While he did not suffer long-term mental problems, his nervous system took a beating. He lost most of his fine-motor skills, unable to be of any active use in the military. He is to take injection of Symtanol-Neuvosamin on a weekly basis to be without constant shaking of the arms and neck. Nevertheless his status as a War Hero granted him a position in the Party, first serving on the Scandia Heavy Industries board of Directors, he was then selected to open up trade and diplomatic relations with a far-away race of humans, the Zhodanis, across the other side of the Imperium.

Under the story of inter-Imperim corporative cooperation, and with SolSec agents helping him along the way, it took him a full year to reach the Spinward Marches, which granted him time to learn the Zhodani tongue and the etiquette required to open discussion with those mind-readings humans from across the Galaxy.