The Only War Mini-CampaignCommissar.png
When: Every Thursday, 8.00pm EST / 1.00 am GMT
Where: #shadowrun (#s-run for OOC)
Who: GM'd by Jason

Regiment: 1st Zweihan Guardian Angels
Squad: 3rd Company / 4th Platoon / 9th Squad
Current Deployment: Supply Depot Gamma 29

Killed / Missing in Action:
  • Galt, Heavy Weapons
  • Kennoch, Comrade
  • Dasha Malenko, Designated Marksman
  • Yuri, Comrade
  • Bardon, Medic
  • Noelle, Medicae Auxillia

Mission Logs
+++Operation Tumbleweed+++
12/07/12.M2: Skrynne Planetfall
26/07/12.M2: Against the Savages Pt.01 - Planetfall
02/08/12.M2: Against the Savages Pt.02 - Into the Fray

Useful Bitz: