Name ................... Grendel
Player ................. Maelwys
Homeworld .............. Forge World (Hadd)
Career Path ............ Tech-Priest
Rank ................... Magos Militant (Mechanicus Secutor Alternate Path) (Rank 8 Magos Errant)
Background ............. Divine Light of Sollex
Divination ............. “The Wise Man learns from the deaths of others” +3 Intexternal image techpriest.jpg
Quirk .................. Electoo (Blue, down the Right arm)
Gender ................. Male
Build .................. Fit
Height ................. 1.76m
Weight ................. 216kg
Skin Color ............. Fair
Eye Color .............. Grey
Hair Color ............. Grey
Age .................... 22 (Stripling)
XP ..................... 2150
XP Spent ............... 19,050
XP Total ............... 21,200


Weapon Skill (WS) ....... 49
Ballistic Skill (BS) .... 52
Strength (Str) .......... 46
Toughness (T) ........... 56
Agility (Ag) ............ 36
Intelligence (Int) ...... 53
Perception (Per) ........ 45
Willpower (WP) .......... 51
Fellowship (Fel) ........ 19

Wounds .................. 2/24
Fatigue ................. 0
Fate .................... 2/2
Movement ................ 3/6/9/18

Gelt .................... 3910
Income .................. 255
Insanity Points ......... 10
Degree of Madness:....... None
Disorders ............... None
Corruption Points ....... 0
Degree of Corruption .... None
Malignancies ............ None



Awareness (Per)
  • +10 from Optical Mechadendrite
  • +20 at night for vision based tests
  • +10 from heightened senses for vision based tests
  • +20 when using Auger Array/Auspex
  • May reroll when using Auger Array
Ciphers (Inquisition) (Int)
  • +10
Ciphers (Myrmidon) (Int)
Ciphers (Ordo Xenos) (Int)
Ciphers (Secret Society - Sollex) (Int)
Command (Fel)
  • +10
Common Lore (Machine Cult) (Int)
  • +20
  • +10 when connected to a data port via Electro Graft
Common Lore (Tech) (Int)
  • +20
  • +10 when connected to a data port via Electro Graft
Deceive (Fel)
Demolition (Int)
Dodge (Agi)
Drive (Ground Vehicle) (Agi)
Evaluate (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) (Int)
  • +20
Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech) (Int)
  • +10
Forbidden Lore (Cults) (Int)
Forbidden Lore (Inquisition) (Int)
  • +10
Forbidden Lore (Xenos) (Int)
Interrogation (Wil)
  • +10 from Medicae Mechadendrite's chainscalpel
Intimidate (Str)
Inquiry (Fel)
  • +10
  • +10 when connected to a data point via Electro Graft
  • May use Int when connected to Machines
Literacy (Int)
  • +20
Logic (Int)
  • +20
Logis Prophesying (Int)
  • +10
Medicae (Int)
  • +10 with Medicae Mechadendrite
  • +20 with Advanced MedKit
Navigation (Surface) (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Archaic) (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Bureaucracy) (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Cryptology) (Int)
Scholastic Lore (Tactica Imperialis) (Int)
Search (Per)
  • +10 from Optical Mechadendrite
  • +20 from Optical Mechandendrite at night for Vision based tests
  • +10 from heightened senses for vision based tests
  • May reroll when using Auger Array
Secret Tongue (Acolyte) (Int)
Secret Tongue (Inquisition) (Int)
Secret Tongue (Ordo Xeno) (Int)
Secret Tongue (Tech) (Int)
  • +20
Security (Agi)
  • +30 with Multikey when unlocking locks
Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int)
Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int)
Tech-Use (Int)
  • +20
  • +10 (Talented)
  • +10 When working on or with Laser or Holo Devices
  • +10 When using Combi-Tool
  • +10 when connected to a data point via Electro Graft
Trade (Armourer) (Str)
Trade (Scrimshawer) (Agi)
Wrangling (Int)

Basic (Can be tested at Half Characteristic)
Barter (Fel)
Carouse (T)
Charm (Fel)
Climb (Str)
Concealment (Agi)
  • +20 when wearing Chameleoline Cloak
Contortionist (Agi)
Disguise (Fel)
Gamble (Int)
Scale Sheer Surfaces (Str)
Scrutiny (Per)
  • +10 from Optical Mechadendrite
  • +20 from Optical Mechadendrite at night for vision based tests
  • +10 from Heightened Senses for vision based tests
  • May reroll when using Auger Array
Silent Move (Agi)
  • -10 from Machinator Array
  • +30 with active Stummer
Swim (Str)
  • May not swim due to Mechinator Array

Mechanicus Implants (p. 27 DH)
  • Electro-Graft (Behind the right ear)
  • Elctoo Inductors (Both hands)
  • Respirator Unit: +20 to resist airborne toxins and gas weapons)
  • Cyber-Mantle
  • Enhanced Potentia Coil (p. 68 LW)
  • Cranial Circuitry

Utility Mechadendrite: Counts as combi-tool [+10 to Tech-Use], 6 injector pistons [1 full of sacred machine oil], Censer, Cutting Blade (Knife, Mono, Defensive [Melee, 1d5 R, 2 Pen, +15 to Parry, -10 to attack]) (pg. 156 DH)

Medicae Mechadendrite: +10 bonus to Medicae, 6 injector Pistons [Empty], Flesh Stapler [Staunch Blood loss as half action], chainscalpel [reduces difficulty of limb amputation to +0, also may be used as a improvised weapon, 1d5 R], +10 to Interrogation tests (pg 156 DH)

Ballistic Mechadendrite: As a reaction, may use as if it were his off-hand, but with no penalties. Has a Good Quality Bolt Pistol mounted [30m, S/2/--, 1d10+5X Pen 4, Clip 8/8, Full Reload, Tearing, Reliable] (pg 154 DH)

Optical Mechadendrite: Highly flexible, 3meters long, can reduce its width to a pencil. +10 to all Perception Tests, may be used as a microscope, telescopic sight. Has an infra-red torch and sensors. User suffers no penalties for darkness, and gains +20 to all Perception tests at night. Also fitted with a light that may be tinted any color (p. 156 DH)

Good Quality Bionic Arm (Right): +2 to TB against hits, +10 to Agility tests requiring delicate manipulation, +10 to Strength when using the arm (p. 153 DH)

Good Quality Bionic Arm (Left): +2 to TB against hits, +10 to Agility tests requiring delicate manipulation, +10 to Strength when using the arm (p. 153 DH)

Good Quality Auger Array: Functions as a full auspex [+20 to Awareness tests, may make a Tech-Use test to spot things not normally detectable by human senses, 50m range, unless blocked by walls (50cm thick)], allows re-rolls on all Perception tests when being used. Requires concentration and a half-action to use (p. 154 DH)


Talents and Traits
Ambidextrous (p. 113) - No penalty for using off hand to make attacks. Two Weapon Wielder penalty drops to -10 (p. 113 DH)

Autosanguine: For purposes of healing, always considered lightly wounded, remove 2 damage per day (p. 113 DH)

Basic Weapon Training (Las,SP)

Binary Chatter: +10 to instruct, program or question servitors (p. 113 DH)

Blademaster (p. 113) - When using a blade, may reroll 1 missed attack per round (p. 113 DH)

Combat Master (p. 114) - Opponents don't get a bonus for outnumbering in close combat (p. 114 DH)

Credo Omnissiah: Gain Technical Knock

Electrical Succour: Easy (+30) toughness test while in contact with a powered machine. Remove 1 level fatigue per degrees of success. 30 seconds to use (p. 115 DH)

Electro Graft Use: +10 bonus to Common Lore, Inquiry or Tech Use when connected to data port (p. 115 DH)

Energy Cache: No longer gain fatigue from Luminen Charge, Blast or Charge (p. 115 DH)

Exotic Weapon Training (Integrated Ranged Weaponry)

Feedback Screech: All non-Daemonic and non-machine creatures within 30m must pass a WP test or lose a Half Action. This takes up a full action and may not be used again for 1d5 rounds (p. 115 DH)

Ferric Summons: As Free Action, make a WP test. May summon objects up to WPx2kg from within 40m (p. 116 DH)

Fit For Purpose: +3 to WP

Hatred (Tech-heretics): +10 WS bonus to attack Tech-heretics (p. 117 DH)

Heightened Senses (Sight): +10 to any Tests involving this sense (p. 117 DH)

Inquisitorial Acolyte: The Acolyte gets a special command authorization code hypnoinducted in their minds. This code allow them to confirm they are agents of the Inquisition; not Inquisitors, just agents. This may not impress everyone, but it might save them from a disastrous conflict with local authorities, or to get access to some supplies or assistance. Of course you first got to have to convince someone to check the code.

Jaded: Never gain Insanity Points from the sight of blood, death or violence, or any mundane Horror. Supernatural terrors still affect as normal. (p. 117 DH)

Luminen Barrier: As a Reaction, may activate a Force Field with a Rating of Willpower that lasts for WP Bonus turns. On a roll of 01-05 the shield overloads after stopping the damage, and the Adept must pass a +0 Toughness test or gain 1 level of fatigue. May use WP Bonus times per day, but each activation after the first causes fatigue (pg. 56 LW)

Luminen Charge: Toughness test to recharge or power machinery. Tests are 2 steps easier (+20) from what's listed in main book. (p. 118 DH)

Luminen Flare: On Successful BS test, may hit a single target within 20m. Damage is 2d10+Wp, Pen Wp, Blast (Wp)with Shocking. This is Energy Damage, and requires a +0 Toughness Test, or gain 1 Fatigue. Requires a Half Action (p. 57 LW)

Luminen Surge: As a half action, make a +0 WS Test (or be grappling). Damage is 2d10+3 E Pen WP, Shocking, Tearing. Must pass a +0 Toughness test or take 1 Fatigue (p. 57 LW)

Maglev Transcendence: As a half action may hover 20-30 cm off the ground for a number of minutes equal to 2d10+Toughness Bonus. May move at normal running speed and must use a free action to sustain the rite. May activate while falling. If so then you take no damage when you reach the ground provided it is still on. May use twice every 6 hours (p. 118 DH)

Mechadendrite Use (Utility, Medicae, Gun, Optical)

Mechinator Array: -10 to Move Silently, weight 3 times as much, may not swim (p. 70 IH)

Melee Weapon Training (Primitive,Power)

Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus): +10 bonus to Fellowship when interacting with the group (p. 120 DH)

Pistol Training (Las, SP, Bolt)

Prosanguine: Once every 12 hours you can make a Tech-Use test. If successful, heal 1d5 damage. If you roll 96-100 Prosanguine and Autosanguine fail to work for a week (p. 120 DH)

Resistance (Fear): +10 to resist or avoid (p. 121 DH)

Sterilization drug: The Acolyte has been rendered sterile by a mixture of drugs and chemicals. They loose all reproductive qualities, but still feel passion and desire. Similar to the Imperial Guard methods, this is to not risk the chance of having a cell member incapacitated due to a pregnancy and also halting having relatives used for blackmail or revenge. There is a counter-effect that negates the sterilization effect, but it must be taken within the drug's 25 years duration, else the effects becomes permanent.

Stranger to the Cult: -10 on tests regarding knowledge of Imperial Creed, -5 to interact with Ecclesiarchy in formal settings

Suffer the Witch (Sanctioned Warden) - If a psyker in the cell rolls on the Perils of the Warp table, the cell members may make an attack against the Psyker as a reaction. If atleast 1 point of damage is done, the power fails to activate and the Perils of the Warp is ignored.

Talented (Tech-Use): +10 bonus to skill (p. 122 DH)

Technical Knock: Touch any gun to unjam as a Half Action (p. 122 DH)

Total Recall: May automatically remember any trivial fact or piece of information. More detailed or obscured facts may require an intelligence test (p. 122 DH)

Unshakable Faith: Reroll any failed WP tests to avoid effects of Fear (p. 122 DH)


Gear (Items in red aren't carried)
Chameoleoline Cloak: +20 to Concealment Tests. If stationary, target counts as being at extreme range when shot at.
Clothing (Common Quality)
Corpse Ration
Glow lamp: Lasts 1d5 hours
Green one-piece unisex jumpsuit and matching green underwear.
Mechanicus Robes and Vestments (Good Quality Clothing)
MedKit (Advanced): +20 to Medicae
Multikey: +30 to Security Tests when trying to open Locks
Microbead (same frequency as the rest of the party)
Recoil Glove: Allows a Basic Weapon to be fired in one hand.
Screamer (Advanced): Make a Tech-Use test to place. Screamer has a Perception of 75 to detect an intruder. May be set to either sound an alarm heard within 1km, or set to silently alert the owner.
Silver Aquila (counts as a charm)
Spare parts (2)
Stummer: 20 minutes of use before it must be recharged, +30 to Silent Move tests.
Vial of Sacred Machine Oil (In Utility Mechadendrite Injector)
Voxcaster: Can be used to send signals over a long distance, including to ships in orbit. Requires an ordinary (+10) Tech-Use Test

Requisitioned Gear
Gun Servitor (p. 340 main book, but with twin-linked heavy stubbers (+20 to hit), 20 wounds, and Flak Armor (10 armor total, 4 from Machine and 2 from Armor plating, 4 from Flak)

Weapons and Armor (Items in red are not carried)
Dragonscale Armor
Locations: Head, Arms, Body Legs
AP: 8
Weight: 20kg
Notes: Includes Photo-Visor (Gain Dark Sight Trait) and Respirator. +10 Strength, Powered off of Potentia Coil.

Storm Trooper Carapace Armor
Locations: Head, Arms, Body, Legs
AP: 6
Weight: 17kg

Green Leather Long Coat
Locations: Arms, Legs, Body
AP: 4
Notes: Good Quality, Primitive

Melee Weapons
Folding Knife
Class: Melee
Range: N/A
Damage: 1d10+SB R
AP: 2
Weight: 0.25kg
Notes: Mono, Compact, Quickdraw

Class: Melee, Thrown
Range: 3m
Damage: 1d5 R
AP: 0
Weight: 0.5kg
Notes: Primitive

Metal Staff
Class: Melee
Range: N/A
Damage 1d10+SB I
Pen: 0
Weight: 3kg
Notes: Requires 2 hands, Balanced, Primitive

Power Sword
Class: Melee
Range: N/A
Damage: 1d10+5+SB E
Pen: 6
Weight: 3.5kg
Notes: Balanced, Power Field

Ranged Weapons
Sollex Pattern-IX "Death Light" Lasgun
Class: Basic (Las)
Range: 80m
RoF: S/3/-
Damage: 1d10+5 E
Pen: 2
Clip: 18/18 (3 Reloads)
Reload: Full
Weight: 7.2kg

​Integrated Lathe-Lasrifle
Class: Basic (Las)
Range: 100m
RoF: S/2/-
Damage: 1d10+5 E
Pen: 2
Clip: N/A
Reload: N/A
Weight: 4.5kg
Notes: Tearing, Reliable

Sollex Pattern-IV "Steel Burner" Heavy Laspistol
Class: Pistol (Las)
Range: 30m
RoF: S/-/-
Damage: 1d10+4 E
Pen: 2
Clip: 10 (3 Reloads)
Reload: Full
Weight: 3kg

Integrated Lathe-Laspistol
Class: Pistol (Las)
Range: 40m
RoF: S/2/-
Damage: 1d10+5 E
Pen: 2
Clip: N/A
Reload: N/A
Weight: 2kg
Notes: Tearing, Reliable, Red-Dot Lasersight (+10 BS on single Shot)

Class: Basic (Las)
Range: 110m
RoF: S/3/-
Damage: 1d10+4
Pen: 3
Clip: 40
Reload: 3 Full
Weight: 6kg + Backpack

Krak Grenade
Class: Thrown
Damage: 2d10+4
Type: Explosive
Penetration: 6
Range: SBx3m
Weight: 0.5kg
Special Rules: n/a

Ryza-Pattern Plasma Pistol


Grendel was born on one of the countless foundries that comprise the Lathe system in the Calixis System. To ease the Imperial need for data (and to keep some Mechanicum secrets) his birthplace is simply listed as Hadd however. Growing up Grendel was fascinated by the Skitarii and their weapons and technologies of war. He even considered joining them, but his ability with the machines of the Mechanicus lead to him being inducted into the Tech-Priesthood. His fascination with the machines of War still influenced his studies, and it is presumed that he was inducted into the Divine Light of Sollex early in his career.

Grendel's life took an unexpected turn when he was "chosen" to become an acolyte of the Inquisition. A regimented life has become one controlled by the mysterious Inquisition, with each day holding new challenges, especially trying to come to terms with the idea of living among the less faithful. His first mission went well, and he was able to help recover one of the Fingers of St. Drusus, as well as some data that he turned over to the Divine Light of Sollex when he returned to their guidance inbetween missions to become closer to the Omnissiah. Now he returns to the Inquisitorial fold, more sure of himself and armed with familiar weapons.

The Divine Light of Sollex - Group, Trusted, Can reduce the availability of Gear by 3.


Common Lore (Tech) 100
Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) 100
Feedback Screech 100
Logic 100
Binary Chatter 100
2x Sound Constitution 200
Drive (Ground Vehicle) 100
Literacy +10 100

Luminen Shock 200
Tech-Use +10 100
Security 100
Luminen Charge 100
Medicae 100
Common Lore (Tech) +10 100
Trade (Armourer) 100
Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus) 100
Sound Constitution 100
Scholastic Lore (Chymistry) 100

Electrical Succour 100
Mechadendrite Use (Medicae) 200
Mechadendrite Use (Utility) 100
Common Lore (Machine Cult) +10 100
Logic +10 100
Sound Constitution 100
Secret Tongue (Tech) +10
Luminen Blast 200
Forbidden Lore (AdMech) +10 100
Literacy +20 100

Mechanicus Secutor
Awareness 200
Common Lore (Machine Cult) +20 100
2xSound Constitution 200
Mechinator Array 500
Total Recall 200
Melee Weapon Training (Power) 200
Mechadendrite Use (Optical) 100
Mechadendrite Use (Gun) 200
Ciphers (Myrmidon) 100
Ambidextrous 100
Sound Constitution 200
Sound Constitution 200
Command 100
Command +10 200
Ferric Lure 100
Navigation (Surface) 100
Intimidate 100

Tech-Use +20 100
Inquiry 300
Sound Constitution 100
Dodge 300
Secret Tongue (tech) +20 100
Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) 100
Energy Cache 100
Blademaster 100
Combat Master 100
Maglev Grace 200
Logic +20 100
Scholastic Lore (Archaic) 100
Forbidden Lore (AdMech) +20 100

Autosanguine 100
Inquiry +10 200
Sound Constitution 200
Deceive 200

Sound Constitution 200
Jaded 100
Maglev Transcedence 200
Ferric Summons 200

Magos Errant
Prosanguine 200
Forbidden Lore (Archaeotech) +10 100
Sound Constitution 200

Secret Tongue (Acolyte) 100
Weapon Skill (Simple) 100
Weapon Skill (Intermediate) 500
Weapon Skill (Trained) 750
Intelligence (Simple) 100
Intelligence (Intermediate) 250
Advanced Acolyte Training
Divine Light of Sollex Contact 300
Sanctioned Warden 250
Strength (Simple) 500
Toughness (Simple) 100
Toughness (Intermediate) 250
Willpower (Simple) 100
Willpower (Intermediate) 250
Willpower (Trained) 500
Perception (Simple) 250
Perception (Intermediate) 500
Agility (Simple) 500
Agility (Intermediate) 750
Ballistic Skill (Simple) 250
Ballistic Skill (Intermediate) 500
Ballistic Skill (Trained) 750
Luminen Shield 200
Ordo Xenos Training
Logis Prophesying 300
Logis Prophesying +10 300
Luminen Barrier 400
Luminen Flare 300
Luminen Surge 200

Utility Mechadendrite 500
Medicae Mechadendrite 500
Sollex Pattern-IX "Death Light" Lasgun 250
Sollex Pattern-VII "Steel Burner" Heavy Laspistol 100
Red-Dot Laser 50
3x LasPistol Clips 30
3x Lasgun Clips 45
Ballistic Mechadendrite 600
Optical Mechadendrite 400
Good Quality Bolt Pistol 750
Dragon Scale 7,500 Tech-Priest Only (page 137 Inquisitor Handbook)
Enhanced Potentia Coil 6,000 AdMech Only (pg 68 Lathe Worlds) 1d5+1 weeks
Good quality Auger Arrays 3000 Rare (pg 153 Main Book) 2d10-5 days
2x Good Quality Bionic Arm 3000 Each, Scarce (pg 153 Main book) 2d10-5 days
Integrated Lathe-Lasrifle 200
Integrated Lathe-Laspistol 150