New Dark Heresy campaign by Brad, started 10th of February 2011
Enforcer of Hive Hoolok

When: Every Thursday 08:00 EST (Friday 01:00 GMT)
Where: #Shadowrun (IC), #S-Run (OOC)
How: IRC (irc.darkmyst.org, Port 6667)
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The Characters of Cell Mockingbird ++ CURRENT INFLUENCE: 45 ++


Former Cell Mockingbird Acolytes

Game Sessions
10/02/11.M2: 6-9 Galleria
17/02/11.M2: 6-9 Galleria: Servitown
24/02/11.M2: 6-9 Galleria: Escape from Servitown
03/03/11.M2: 6-9 Galleria: Answers
10/03/11.M2: 6-9 Galleria: Exit
9-6 Galleria mission Complete!
24/03/11.M2: Atrial: Briefing
31/03/11.M2: Atrial: Insertion
07/04/11.M2: Atrial: Space Hulk
14/04/11.M2: Atrial: Pride of Terra
21/04/11.M2: Atrial: Quest Quarters
28/04/11.M2: Atrial: Enigma
05/05/11.M2: Atrial: Extraction
12/05/11.M2: Atrial: Abandon Hulk
Atrial mission Complete!
19/05/11.M2: Calixis Cup: Planning Phase (Objectives & Plan)
26/05/11.M2: Calixis Cup: Courier
02/06/11.M2: Calixis Cup: Wild Grox Chase
09/06/11.M2: Calixis Cup: Loading
16/06/11.M2: Calixis Cup: Consolodation
30/06/11.M2: Calixis Cup: Consequences
Calixis Cup mission Complete!
07/07/11.M2: Retribution: A Dangerous Voyage (Slate)
14/07/11.M2: Retribution: A Dangerous Voyage Part II
21/07/11.M2: Retribution: A Dangerous Voyage Part III
28/07/11.M2: Retribution: A Dangerous Voyage Part IV
04/08/11.M2: Retribution: A Dangerous Voyage Part V
11/08/11.M2: Retribution: Planetfall
18/08/11.M2: Retribution: Set-up
24/08/11.M2: Retribution: The Bookman
01/09/11.M2: Retribution: Stakeout
15/09/11.M2: Retribution: Stakeout Part II
22/09/11.M2: Retribution: The Raid
29/09/11.M2: Retribution: The Raid Part II
06/10/11.M2: Retribution: The Raid Part III
13/10/11.M2: Retribution: The Raid Part IV
20/10/11.M2: Retribution: The Raid Part V
27/10/11.M2: Retribution: The Garrison
03/11/11.M2: Retribution: The Repair Station
10/11/11.M2: Retribution: The Fire
17/11/11.M2: Retribution: The Device
01/12/11.M2: Retribution: The Long Drive Home
08/12/11.M2: Retribution: Departing
15/12/11.M2: Retribution: Spaceport
22/12/11.M2: Retribution: The Return
29/12/11.M2: Retribution: Redemption
Retribution Mission Complete!
05/01/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Briefing
12/01/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Preparation
19/01/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Departure
26/01/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Arnhut
02/02/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Arnhut Part II
23/02/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Deadly Wounds
01/03/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Blood Trails
22/03/12.M2: Blood Dealings: The Merchant
05/04/12.M2: Blood Dealings: The Coal-King of Arnhut
12/04/12.M2: Blood Dealings: The Beast of Steel
26/04/12.M2: Blood Dealings: The Beast of Steel Part II
03/05/12.M2: Blood Dealings: The Beast of Steel Part III
10/05/12.M2: Blood Dealings: The Crime Baron
17/05/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Slaughter at the Butchery
24/05/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Revelation
31/05/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Revelation Part II
07/06/12.M2: Blood Dealings: The Train Ride
21/06/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Enter The Orks
26/06/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Aftermath
13/09/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Maxwell
20/09/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Maxwell Part II
27/09/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Maxwell Part III (Clues)
04/10/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Maxwell Pt IV
11/10/12.M2: Blood Dealings: The Murder House
18/10/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Questions and Answers
15/11/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Chasing Leads
22/11/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Masquarade!
29/11/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Evidence
06/12/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Escalation
13/12/12.M2: Blood Dealings: Ballroom Blitz
20/12/12.M2: Blood Dealings: En Passant
10/01/13.M2: Blood Dealings: Threeway
17/01/13.M2: Blood Dealings: Passage
24/01/13.M3: Blood Dealings: Approach
31/01/13.M2: Blood Dealings: The Country House
14/02/13.M2: Blood Dealings: Gallus
21/02/13.M2: Blood Dealings: The Master and The Student
28/02/13.M2: Blood Dealings: Partners
07/03/13.M2: Blood Dealings: The Duke
14/03/13.M2: Blood Dealings: The Duke Pt II
21/03/13.M2: Blood Dealings: The Duke Pt III
11/04/13.M2: Blood Dealings: Loose Ends
18/04/13.M2: Blood Dealings: The Chase
Blood Dealings Mission Complete!
25/04/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Development
09/05/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Preparations
23/05/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Under an Adamantium Sky
30/05/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Encounter at Toxic Falls
06/06/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Encounter at Toxic Falls Pt II
13/06/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Encounter at Toxic Falls Pt III
20/06/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Debriefing
27/06/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Animal House
04/07/13.M2: The Hive Knight: In the Heat of the Night Cycle
11/07/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Theorems
18/07/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Emperor-Damned...
25/07/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Wild Gloom Haunt Chase
01/08/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Muty House
15/08/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Loxx
22/08/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Brawl
29/08/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Loxx Pt II
05/09/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Set-Up
12/09/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Set-Up Pt II
19/09/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Terror from the Deep
26/09/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Murder House Redux
03/10/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Stones from Beyond.
10/10/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Lady and the Veteran
17/10/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Captain Somers
24/10/13.M2: The Hive Knight: The Kasballica Connection.
31/10/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Meat Wagon
07/11/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Clean-up
21/11/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Meet and Greet
05/12/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Meet and Greet Pt II
12/12/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Journey to the Underhive
19/12/13.M2: The Hive Knight: Downpour
16/01/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Merchant of Xeno Wonders
23/01/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Merchant of Xeno Wonders Pt II
30/01/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Merchant of Xeno Wonders Pt III
06/02/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Backtrack
13/02/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Backtrack Pt II
20/02/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Introductions and Infractions
27/02/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Roundup
06/03/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Square One
13/04/14.M2: The Hive Knight: One Step Forward
27/03/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Barn Wagon
03/04/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Barn Wagon Pt II
10/04/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Into the Maw of the Beast
24/04/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Metallican Standoff
01/05/14.M2: The Hive Knight: Closure
The Hive Knight Mission Complete!
Ascension Reached!
15/05/14.M2: Toward the Unknown: Departure
22/05/14.M2: Toward the Unknown: Gateway to the Maw (Info found)
29/05/14.M2: Toward the Unknown: Gateway to the Maw Pt II
05/06/14.M2: Toward the Unknown: The Rogue Trader
12/06/14.M2: Toward the Unknown: Delays
26/06/14.M2: Toward the Unknown: Into the Maw
Toward the Unknown Complete!
03/07/14.M2: Beyond His Light: Footfall
10/07/14.M2: Beyond His Light: Footfall Pt II
17/07/14.M2: Beyond His Light: Footfall Pt III
24/07/14.M2: Beyond His Light: The Obsidian Emporial
31/07/14.M2: Beyond His Light: The Sting
07/08/14.M2: Beyond His Light: Out and About
14/08/14.M2: Beyond His Light: Night Cycle Fire Fight
21/08/14.M2: Beyond His Light: Night Cycle Fire Fight Pt II
28/08/14.M2: Beyond His Light: Post-Battle Blues
11/09/14.M2: Beyond His Light: The Room
18/09/14.M2: Beyond His Light: The Who's going Where's
25/09/14.M2: Beyond His Light: The Liege
09/10/14.M2: Beyond His Light: The Gentleman
23/10/14.M2: Beyond His Light: The Long and The Short and The Tall
30/10/14.M2: Beyond His Light: Zayth
06/11/14.M2: Beyond Hid Light: Zayth Pt II
13/11/14.M2: Beyond His Light: Zayth Pt III
04/12/14.M2: Beyond His Light: The Dinner
08/01/15.M2: Beyond His Light: The Dread Pearl
15/01/15.M2: Beyond His Light: Return to Footfall
22/01/15.M2: Beyond His Light: Cleaning House
05/02/15.M2: Beyond His Light: Cleaning House Pt II
12/02/15.M2: Beyond his Light: Cleaning House Pt III

Cell Contacts

Additional Notes

Careers, Adepta Sororitas
  • Delayed entry into the campaign
  • Requisitioning Table: added Plasma Pistols at Rank 5
  • Requisitioning Table: added Frag Grenades at Rank 1, Krak- and Phosphor Grenades at Rank 5
  • Requisitioning Table: military-grade weapon patterns available
Careers, Tech-Priest
  • Character may add up half his Fellowship and half his Intelligence characteristic and use the resulting number for any Fellowship-based Tests and Talent/Skill Purchases when relating to other members of the Adeptus Mechanicus
  • Chaplet Ecclesiasticus: added hidden knife as per the novel Faith & Fire
Skill Packages

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