Calixis Cup: Objectives & Plan
Objective 1: Collect tribute from Inquisitor Vaabak
  • Special Notes: Sister Elana must collect the tribute, must be done before Objective 2 and 3
  • Possible Locations: Inquisitor Globus Vaabak's Study
  • Estimated Time: 23.5 minutes
  • Plan: Elana and Alaric will locate Inquisitor Vaabak and collect the tribute
  • Status: Completed
Objective 2: Give tribute to Inquisitor Skane
  • Special Notes: must be done before Objective 3
  • Possible Locations: Tricorn Palace, Arbite Fortress, Lucid Palace, off-world
  • Estimated Time: variable
  • Plan: Elana and Alaric will locate Inquisitor Skane and deliver the tribute
  • Status: Completed Inadequately
Objective 3: Pay tribute to Watch Commander Boreale
  • Special Notes: Simply instruct Captain Rother to pay homage to the Watch Commander
  • Possible Locations: Tricorn Palace, Watch Bastion Sigmundum
  • Estimated Time: 40.7 minutes
  • Plan: Elana and Alaric will locate Watch Commander Boreale and pay tribute
  • Status: Completed
Objective 4: Collect tribute from Pajo Helk, underworld boss
  • Special Notes: The hive is a dangerous place
  • Possible Locations: Toxic Falls
  • Estimated Time: 250.4 minutes
  • Plan: Grendel and Mira are getting outfitted with Bradon and then proceeding to the underhive
  • Status: Completed
  • Code: Tell the bartender at the Spark-Faced Mutant that you're looking for your way back to the Spire; He shall respond that your mother's a whore, before motioning you toward a contact who will take you to Helk.
Objective 5: Visit Astropath Majoris Paulus and give him a letter, then ask for his response
  • Special Notes: Lazerus Grim has the letter
  • Possible Locations: Bastion Porphyr
  • Estimated Time: 130.0 minutes
  • Plan: Grim is delivering the letter and receiving the response himself
  • Status: Completed