Armor of Faith

Lyra has been blessed with one of the most powerful weapons of the Imperium... Faith. She wields it like a weapon, invigorating herself with litanies and prayers and a fearless sense of zeal. The Sisters of the Abbey of Dawn could see this in her and after a ceremony of prayer and repentance, Lyra was blessed with a gift from the Sisters for her loyalty and zeal in battle: The Armor of Faith.

Armor of Faith: Spend a Fate Point: Gain 2 Points of armor on all locations for the duration of an encounter. This adds on to existing armor.

Shield of Faith: Burn a Fate Point: Negate d5+3 Damage before Toughness and physical armor is applied.

XP Cost: 150-250 (250 for Lyra)

Naturally Suffer Not the Unclean to Live will also apply so over 10 Corruption and the ability is useless...

Easily applicable to Sororitas characters as another Faith Ability, though a Pre-requisite would be Pure Faith.