Player: Lynata

Name: Ariel DamarisAriel-profile.jpg
Homeworld: Garden World
Background: Adepta Sororitas
Role: Assassin
Gender: Female
Build: Lithe
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Skin Colour: Bronze
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Age: 16
Quirks: n/a
Divination: "Live by the Sword, Kill by the Sword."
Aptitudes: Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Offence, Perception, Social

The Sacred Human Form

Weapon Skill: 40
Ballistic Skill: 35
Strength: 25
Toughness: 30
Agility: 45
Intelligence: 30
Perception: 35
Willpower: 40
Fellowship: 30
Influence: 25

Combat Stats
Wounds: 10/10
Resilience: 5 Body, 5 Arms/Legs, 3 Head (2/2/0AP+TB3)
Fate Points: 3/3
Fatigue: 0/7
Initiative: 1d10+3
Movement: 3m Half, 6m Full, 9m Charge, 18m Run
Dodge: 35
Parry: 30
Acrobatics: n/a

Medical Condition
Corruption: 0
Insanity: 2
Body: n/a

The Schola Progenium

  • Common Lore, Adepta Sororitas (INT)
  • Common Lore, Ecclesiarchy (INT)
  • Common Lore, Imperial Creed (INT)
  • Linguistics, High Gothic (INT)
  • Acrobatics +10 (AGI)
  • Athletics (STR)
  • Awareness (PER)
  • Intimidate +10 (STR)
  • Trade, Perform (Int)
  • Dodge (Agi)
  • Parry (WS)

  • Weapon Training (Las)
  • Weapon Training (Low-Tech)
  • Weapon Training (SP)
  • Ambidextrous (may use weapon in off-hand without penalty)
  • Disarm (opposed WS Test as Full Action, 3+ DoS allow immediate pickup)
  • Jaded (no insanity from blood, death or violence or other mundane horrors)
  • Unarmed Specialist (1d10+STR unarmed attack, may re-roll damage)
  • Whirlwind of Death (may attack each foe in melee range once)

  • Incorruptible Devotion (gain Insanity instead of Corruption)
  • Serenity of the Green (halves duration of any result from Shocked or Mental Trauma; halves cost for removing Insanity)
  • Sure Kill (may spend Fate to inflict extra damage equal to Degrees of Success on first hit)

Missile Weapons
Lawbringer auto-shotgun

Arbites III Lawbringer-pattern Combat Shotgun w/ Laser Sight and Drum Magazine
Class: Basic
Damage: 1d10+4
Type: Impact
Penetration: 0
Range: 30m (0-3m +40, 4-15m +20, 16-60m +0, 61-90m -10, 91-120m -30)
RoF: S/3/-
Clip: 27/27 (+27 spare slugs)
Mars IV laspistol

Reload: Full
Weight: 7.5kg
Special Rules: Laser Sight (+10 to BS for single shots), Scatter (+3 damage on Close Range, -3 damage beyond Short Range, BS bonus to Close and Short Range)

Mars-pattern Mark IV Laspistol
Class: Pistol
Damage: 1d10+2
Type: Energy
Penetration: 0
Range: 30m (0-3m +30, 4-15m +10, 16-60m +0, 61-90m -10, 91-120m -30)
RoF: S/2/-
Clip: 30/30 (+2x30 in spare charge packs)
Reload: Half
Krakex mono-blade

Weight: 1.5kg
Special Rules: Reliable (jams only on a roll of 100)

Melee Weapon
Class: Melee
Damage 1d5 +SB2
Type: Rending
Penetration: 2
Weight: 1 kg
Special Rules: Mono (+2 Pen)

Armoured synthelast bodyglove

Armoured Bodyglove, black (to be worn below armour and/or robes)
Head: 0
Body: 2
Arms: 2
Legs: 2
Weight: 5kg
Special Rules: n/a

Heavy Duster
Head: 0
Body: 0
Arms: 0
Legs: 0
Weight: 2 kg
Special Rules: n/a

Description: bulky silver time-piece with miniature internal charge pack, groxleather armband and inspirational gravure. time is displayed by a combination of two ember nixie vacuum tubes for hours and a ring of twelve blue LEDs for minutes. requires manual calibration to local time
Weight: 0.5 kg
Effect: n/a

Dataslate w/ Autoquill
Description: square-shaped duraplast device with crystal pane, allows display and recording of text-based information, can interface with other devices to transfer data
Weight: 0.5 kg
Effect: n/a

Description: small voxlink carried in the ear allowing wireless communication on pre-defined frequencies
Weight: 0 kg
Effect: up to 1 km range (depending on weather and terrain conditions)

Description: cylindrical metal implement capable of emitting a strong, illuminating beam of light from its front
Weight: 0.5 kg
Effect: conical light beam up to 25 meters in range, charge pack lasts for 5 hours

Carrying Limits
Weight Limit 5: 27 kg Carry, 54 kg Lift, 108 kg Push
Total Equipment: 17.5 kg

Total XP Spent: 3.950/4.000
  • Weapon Training, SP (-200)
  • Dodge (-200)
  • Trade, Perform (-100)
  • Ambidextrous (-300)
  • Weapon Skill, Simple (-250)
  • Unarmed Specialist (-450)
  • Acrobatics (-100)
  • Common Lore, Ecclesiarchy (-200)
  • Common Lore, Imperial Creed (-200)
  • Agility, Simple (-100 XP)
  • Agility, Intermediate (-250 XP)
  • Weapon Skill, Intermediate (-500 XP)
  • Awareness (-100 XP)
  • Intimidate +10 (-400 XP)
  • Disarm (-600 XP)
XP to Spend: 50

  • Combat Shotgun
  • Laser Sight

288.851.M41 - Beginnings

Following a disastrous internecine conflict among the officer corps that turned a large scale exercise into three months of civil war, a Mission of the Order of the Cleansing Water arrived at Laran 9k at the behest of the Departmento Munitorum in order to treat surviving members of the two warring armies. Among the soldiery that attracted the attention of the Sisters Hospitaller were also three women who, in violation of regulations, had shared a bed with one of the generals responsible for the infighting and subsequently became pregnant.

Anticipating the highborn general's imminent execution, the Orders Famulous immediately requested appropriation of his children, citing concerns about the protection of the family bloodline whilst plotting to once again extend the reach of the Sisterhood to yet another family. Two girls and one boy were duly extracted via caesarian delivery, their hosts allowed to expire on the table to face the Emperor's judgement.

Unexpectedly, the general was so well-connected that he avoided his just fate and was, together with his rival, awarded a Warrant of Trade, so that the two officers could continue their personal vendetta outside of Imperial borders. With both Rogue Traders dissolving their assets to fund an expedition, the Sisterhood gave up on its plans for the infants. Instead, the children were transferred to the St. Valerius Schola Progenium on Desoleum, so that one day they could serve the Imperium in better capacity than their biological parents had.

610.851.M41 - The Schola Progenium

Estelia Dolan, Ariel Damaris
In an attempt to clean the slate, the Sisterhood sealed the original records of the half siblings' ancestry before entering them into the Schola. Officially, the blood relatives now were fathered by fictional Guardsmen from different regiments, who, together with their mothers, all died in service to the Emperor in the Cyclopia Bush Wars. Only a data probe into the records of the Departmento Munitorum would reveal that none of the names provided as parents ever served in the regiments sent to fight in that sub-sector.

As the children were entered into Schola life as infants, there was no transition like most orphaned progena must go through. Instead, Ariel Damaris, Estelia Dolan and Damien Kozak were effectively born right into their new life, adapting well to the extreme amounts of discipline and hardship required of the cadets.

Since like all scholae, St. Valerius' was strictly gender-segregated, the two girls never once saw their half-brother aside from ceremonial gatherings. However, as Ariel and Estelia were the only girls of their class who had seen one another since their earliest childhood, the two unknowingly related cadets eventually bonded and became friends, as far as a place such as this would allow it.

Even though they shared the exact same life with the exact same daily routine, minor variances in each of the girls' predispositions ultimately yielded distinctively different attitudes as they aged, with Estelia growing more enthusiastic and brazen, whereas Ariel retreated into a taciturn obsession with precision. Each of them dutifully bowed to the wisdom of the Drill-Abbots, performing admirably at their various tasks, but also frequently clashed over matters of opinion whose escalation into punishable offences was prevented largely by Ariel's tendency to simply refuse argueing with her friend; a quirk that only made Estelia angrier for a time, before the two would make up again, returning to their old self as one of the Schola's best teams the next day. Usually, blood relatives would be broken up by schola policy, but since the Sisterhood had kept even other branches of the Ministorum in the dark about their origins, their closeness was tolerated as just another connection that formed naturally between classmates.

As they approached their 12th solar year of birth, it became clear that both girls might qualify for the ranks of the Adepta Sororitas; a hope held by the schola's Arch Drill-Abbot ever since the infants were delivered into his facility's care. An astropathic message was sent to the Order of the Watchful Eye on Juno, and mere weeks later, a Sister Famulous arrived to study the aspirants' records, assess their physical and spiritual condition, and ultimately bear witness to their Trials of Compliance. Following successful graduation of the Schola Progenium, the girls were formally inducted into the Sisterhood, departing with the emissary on a ship to the Convent Sanctorum on Ophelia VII.

115.863.M41 - Birds of a Feather

Induction into the Sisterhood went as smooth as could be expected, the girls' only ever having known a life of hardship and deprivation ever since they could remember. Eagerly, and proud that they were chosen to join the Adepta Sororitas, the newly-made novices continued their training, now equal parts martial and religious in nature. In addition to teachings that built on what they had learned at St. Valerius', Ariel and Estelia also began to be schooled in the Sisterhood's own disciplines, studying the basics of the Hospitaller's medicae skills, the Dialogous' ciphers, or the Pronatus' maintenance drills.

In-between the many hours of training and prayer, Ariel and Estelia had little time for anything other than a minimum of rest, but still the novices encountered and were awed by the fully-fledged Sisters that arrived from and departed to various warzones across the Imperium. Seraphim Squad Ephrael, part of the airborne elite of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, was a particularly strong target for the girls' admiration, and many novices in the Convent Sanctorum would exchange tales of their bravery, often exaggerated for a dramatic effect that seemed particularly successful with Estelia.

Their four years of novitiate went largely uneventful, with few exceptions such as Estelia refusing to stop for vespers as they were despatched on a training mission, wishing to press on in order for their team to be the first to complete the task. This gross misconduct saw both novices punished with reduced rations for a week and a naked vigil on the convent sanctum's cold stone floor to reflect on their error. Ariel subsequently refused to speak to Estelia for several weeks.

Estelia's cavalier attitude not only saw the pair get into trouble, hower, but also highlighted her person in a more benign manner. During pistol drills, she presumptously picked up not one but two handguns, obviously mimicking the fighting style of the Seraphim, or perhaps just because she wanted to know how it feels. Other attending novices were shocked at Estelia's impertinence, but surprisingly, she still managed to hit the required amount of targets. The presiding mentor, a retired Seraphim herself, chose to not punish but actually commend Estelia, perhaps because the crippled veteran recognised her younger self in the bold novice.

835.867.M41 - A Different Kind of Service

As the two girls' novitiate neared its end, both aspirants already having achieved the rank of Constantia, an Inquisitorial request originating in the Askellion sector reached the Convent's Prioress, specifically requesting the transfer of Ariel and Estelia. Although not required to offer any sort of explanation, the message still justified this choice by mentioning their at least theoretical familiarity with the region as taught in the schola.

As per the statutes of the Convocation of Nephilim, the two novices were formally declared to be on detached duty to the Holy Orders of the Inquisition, and boarded a transport that was to rendezvous with a contracted Rogue Trader tasked with bringing the girls to their new master.

"You know this is your fault, right?"
- Cadet Ariel to Cadet Estela, shortly before undergoing another punishment for the latter's misconduct

"Come on! You never even give the Emperor the chance to protect you!"
- Cadet Estelia to Cadet Ariel, during live combat drills

"You're cheating."
- Novice Ariel, commenting on Novice Estela's unconventional use of two pistols during ranged combat trials

"You know I can tell what you're thinking even if you refuse to talk to me."
- Novice Estelia during a one-sided conversation at a penance vigil