Name: Victrix
Player: Daiya

Strength 52
Toughness 40
Agility 50
Intelligence 30
Perception 39
Willpower 42
Fellowship 42
Balistic 70
Weapon 37

Origin paths

Homeworld: Fortress world, Basic training Las, +5 balistic, +5 willpower, -5 int, -5 fellow, Secret Military/ lore war trained. Hatred: Necro, Steel Nerve, Starting fate 4
Birthright: Service to throne, Born to lead, Tactica imperialis, +3 fel, command/literacy trained, -3 tough
Lure of the void: Crusade, Call to war, Chaos hatred +5 balistic, peer military
Trials/tribs: The hand of war, Heavy training Bolter, Hatred: Xeno Tyranid.
Motivation: Renown, Peer (adeptus Mechanicus)
Lineage: Of Extensive Means, A powerful Legacy, Talented Intimidate, Talented Command, Air of authority


Acrobatics (ag): 50
Awareness (per): 49
Barter (fel): 21
Carouse (T): 20
Charm (fel): 21
Climb (s): 26
Command (fel): 52
Common lore (int)
Imperial guard: 30
War: 40
Concealment (ag): 25
Contortionist (ag): 25
Decieve (fel): 21
Disguise (fel): 21
Dodge (ag): 60
Evaluate (Int): 15
Forbidden Lore (int)
Pirates: 30
Gamble (int): 15
Inquiry (fel): 21
Intimidate (s): 72
Literacy (int): 30
Logic (int): 15
Scholastic Lore (int)
Tactica Imperialis: 40
Scrutiny (per): 19
Search (per): 19
Secret Tongue (int)
Military: 40
Rogue Trader: 30
Silent Move (ag): 5
speak Language (int)
Low Gothic: 30
Swim (s): 26
Tracking (int): 30


Air of Authority
Combat Focus
Face of the Enemy: Xeno Tyranid
Hatred: Chaos worshipers and Tyranid and necro
Leap up
Nerves of Steel
Peer (military, Adeptus Mechanicus)
Quick Draw
rapid reload
Sound constitution x2
Two Weapon Wielder (balistic)
Weapon Master (heavy)

Weapon Training
Basic: flame, las, launcher, melta, Plasma, SP, Bolt
Pistol: flame, las, launcher, melta, plasma, SP, Bolt
Heavy: Flame, Bolt


Light power armor AP: 7
Light enforcer Carapace: AP: 5 Weight: 15


Bolt Pistol x2: Range: 30, S/2/- Clip: 8 Full Tearing Reliable Damage: 1d10+5 X pen 4


WS: Simple
BS: Trained
STR: none
Tough: Simple
Agility: Simple
Inteligence: none
Perception: none
Willpower: none
Fellowship: Simple

EXP Gained: 5850
EXP Start: 5000
Background: -700
EXP Spent: -10000
EXP to spend: 150