Character Name: Alessander
Player Name: Rooks
Career Path: Void master
Rank: 1
Homeworld: Death World
Motivation: Pride
Demeanour: Bilious

38* 33 34 42 36* 39* 41* 44* 40

+5 str tough +1 wp -3 ws -5 fel

Weapon Skill: 46*
Ballistic Skill: 57
Strength: 51*
Toughness: 43
Agility: 50
Intelligence: 33
Perception: 34
Willpower: 50
Fellowship: 31

Advances: Str 250 xp BS 100 BS 250 xp BS 500 xp Agility100 xp Agility 250 xp willpower 100 xp willpower 250 xp
Unspent XP:400

Total XP: 11450

Wounds: 14
Fate Points: 2

Death world
+5 str & tough
-5 fel & -5 5wp
Melee weapon Primitive
-10 to social interactions in formal settings
+10 pinning and shock tests

child of the creed
unshakeable faith +3 wp -3 ws

Duty to the throne
+3 wp armor of contempt
-10 social tests when dealing outside imperium

against all odds
dark soul
may reroll dice if you spend a fate point for recovering wounds
-1 fate point -5 fellowship tests with void born rogue traders and voidfarers

Pride saint blessed carprace armor 6 ap

Special ability
mastery of gunnery reroll all failed shooting tests actions when on a ship

Profit Factor 39 (-1 comes from Cyrine)
Ship Points 50

common lore imperial navy war int
forbidden lore xenos int
navigation stellar int
scholastic lore astromancy speak int
language low gothic int
pilot space craft flyers ag
Scrutiny 100
Awareness 100 xp
Dodge 100 xp
Drive Ground Vehicle 100 xp
Secret Tongue Rogue Trader 100
Literacy 100
Trade (Voidfarer) 100
Intimidate 100
Pilot Space Craft +10 200
Dodge +10 200
Scrutiny +10 200
Tech Use 200
Command 200
Common Lore Tech 200
Secret Tongue Military 200
Pilot Space Craft +20 200
Command +10 200

pistol & melee weapon training universal
Basic Weapon Training Universal 500
nerves of steel reroll pinning tests
Jaded immune to natural fear tests
unshakeable faith reroll fear tests
armor of contempt -1 corruption point when gaining corruption
dark soul half all rolls on corruption test
may reroll dice if you spend a fate point for recovering wounds
Die Hard 200 may reroll for dying from bleeding
True Grit 200 half all crit rolls on the table
Paranoia +2 init 200
Quick Draw ready weapon as a free action 200
Double Team 200 +10 to hit when attacking a target someone else is +20 if they have double team too
Bulging Biceps 200
Air of Authority 200 affects 1d5+fellowship bonus
Rapid Reload 200



Man Portable Las Cannon
Range 300m
RoF: S/-/-
Damage: 5d10+5E
Penetration: 10
Clip: 5
Reload: 2Full
Special: N/A
Common Quality

Storm Bolter
Range 90m
RoF: S/2/4
Damage: 1d10+5X
Penetration: 4
Clip: 60
Reload: Full
Special: Tearing (roll damage twice take the higher result) Storm (double result of multiple shots)
Common Quality

Bolt Pistol
Range: 30m
RoF: S/2/-
Damage: 1d10+5X
Penetration: 4
Clip: 8
Reload: Full
Special: Tearing (roll damage twice take the higher result)
Common Quality

Power Sword (Mordian Pattern)
Range: -
Damage: 1d10+5 E
Penetration: 5
Special: Power Field (75% destroy enemy weapon on parry)
Balanced (+15 to parry)
Common Quality

Acquisition Roll 18

Power Fist
Range -
Damage: 2d10+Strengthbonus x 2 (5) E
Penetration: 9
Special: Power Field (75% destroy enemy weapon on parry) Unwieldly (unable to parry)


Micro Bead
2 bottle of amasec
blessed ship token
Vox caster
Pict Recorder


Storm Trooper Carapace
Locations: All
AP: 6 +1
Special: Best Quality (+1 AP)

Guard Flak armor
Locations: All
AP: 4

Beggars cloak
Void Suit