Members of Maedhros' kinband.
Maedhros, Lindara, Imhol (one leg amputated), Angran (deceased)., Larandar (deceased), son of the weaver., Dolwen (deceased)

Contacts in Nuln: You may have an ally in Brother Stefen, the steward at the Iron dungeon.
To contact Nuln Mafia: Visit the Gunner's Rest in Weston, tell the Owner, Erik, that you need to speak to Mr. Black. And do show up before noon, please."

Aithorn, you recall the Owner of the Imperial Inn telling you about the Mad Count of Averland, Count Leitdorf and how, two decades ago, they seized power in Averland from the Alptraum, in a rather conveluted, complicated, and quite successful political coup. Ulrich would know the same, and also know that the Alptraums have been working since then to get influence, troops and backing to regain the Province for their own.

The Elven Innkeeper, Amendil, informs you that Valahuir's shop is located in Universitat, just South of Weston. It is located in the city block where most poets' cafés, fancy bakeries and snobish micro-brewry are located.

The 3 Nuln commanders who have returned to Nuln: Gerlach Baer, Rolf Vogt and Semund Tolzen.

Magnus Cannon is stored at 23 Fegelein Street warehouse

Shopping list + prices
Asrai Hunting Spear 150
Best Leather Armor 250
Noble's Garb 50
6d10gc (48) jewellry
Asrai Nobility

Aithorn to Noble
Fel +10%

Skills (Basic)
Blather OR Command
Common Knowledge (Empire) --May be able to switch
Consume Alcohol OR Perform(Musical)

Skills (Advanced)

Luck OR Public Speaking
Savvy OR Specialist Weapon (Fencing)
Schemer OR Specialist Weapon (Parrying)

Total: 11 (1300 xp including the switch to Noble)

Noble Career Exits: Courtier, Pistolier, Politician, Rogue, Squire, Student
Ghost Strider Exits: Captain, Outlaw Chief, Targeteer, Vampire Hunter