• Location: The southern slopes of Fiondruin on the northeast corner of Athel Loren
  • Population: 200 elves, 14 breeding pairs of Warhawks.
  • Industry: Raising and tending the local Warhawk population/Subsistence farming.
  • Ligoeryti is the local lord, although his permanent residence is to the southwest in Nevrast.

  • Born to Aegnar (Father) and Indisan’a (Mother) of the Lillianrill clan. The 4 siblings are(in order): Maedhros, Caerroil, Aithorn, Acence (sister)
  • Farmers and ‘tending’ to the local Warhawk population, like all members of a border village they were expected to take part in the regular border patrols around their area of Athel Loren.
  • Aithorn’s family were peasants, able to afford a moderate if low end lifestyle.
  • Their reputation in the village was solid and dependable although Caerroil had started to build an individual for rash behavior.

Professions & Crafts
  • Aithorn learned his trade from his parents, but always preferred to volunteer for his family's share of the border patrol duty where he would relish the chance to imagine the world outside as one giant beastherd with scattered villages of humans barely hanging on.

Significant past events
  • One time, Caerroil took Aithorn out to raid a camp of passing Bretonnian noble's entourage as they camped a bit too close to the forest. They snuck up to the camp in the night and cut the fence and managed to steal a score of horses in the night. The wealth recovered from the horses (selling the contents of the saddlebags plus the value gotten from the horses themselves) allowed Acence to marry upwards into a wealthy merchant family (leather workers and dye sellers). While they did it for fun and to practice their skills, she never learned that Aithorn took part in this action, she assumes that it was her lover who did it so that they could be together (effectively making it so that her dowry would be paid with his own money). Aithorn takes it as a point of pride that she doesn't know of his involvement.
  • Aithorn was almost married at once, but a month into their courtship, his intended caught a passing disease and died. He has not sought any further partner since then. The Ulric/Sigmar brand on his hand in the usual system of family identification tattoos would mean that he has a wife from a particular clan although Aithorn has never met another wood elf clan whose symbol matches the symbol (a white wolf wielding a hammer). That doesn't mean she isn't out there somewhere.
  • While taking part in a routine border patrol around the edges of Athel Loren, his band encountered some Bretonnians in danger of being routed by a raiding party of Yellow Claw goblins. While they did not reveal themselves to the Bretonnians at first, at Aithorn's suggestion they did engage and delay a flanking group of goblins long enough for the Bretonnians to win their engagement. Just prior to the skirmish, Aithorn was hit (forearm) by a stray goblin arrow which fell short of the Bretonnians. At one point, he shot a wolf out from under a goblin and then ran down the goblin on foot as it was sneaking up on a Bretonnian bannerman who only noticed when the goblin's head left its shoulders and bounced off his shield. It is possible that some Man-at-arms went back to his family telling tales of "guardian fey" who can appear and disappear at will protecting the devout of the Lady.

Notable individuals
  • Maedhros' Kinband: Maedhros, Lindara, Imhol (one leg amputated), Angran (deceased), Larandar (deceased) son of the weaver, Dolwen (deceased)

  • Religion: Aithorn worships the standard elven pantheon, with particular reverence to Isha and Kurnous. Following his reunion with Maedhros, The god of wisdom, Hoeth, is increasingly prayed to as Aithorn tries to figure out how to best help his brother. While he acknowledges that the human gods are real, he does not trust them because he does not know why they would choose an elf. He is content to be used by Sigmar and Ulric as long as their calling would go hand in hand with what his own gods would have him do.
  • As a part of his religion and general custom, he tries to plant trees on the graves of fallen elves as part of burial.
  • Prideful (Elven craftsmanship, particularly regarding weapons and armor)
  • Hates (Beastmen and other obvious servants of chaos)
  • Hates (Gurdar, the Blood-Drinker, a Beastman commander who defeated Aithorn's Kithband and (presumably) injured Maedhros).
  • Compassionate (Those who die fighting chaos and those who die honorably, orphans)
  • Fears (Witchhunters)
  • Always refers to the Chaos Gods by his clan's elven names The Grey Slayer (Khorne), Lord Foul (Nurgle), Corruption (Tzeentch), and The Despiser (Slaanesh)
  • Sometimes starts humming or chanting wardancer songs to psych himself up for an upcoming fight.

  • As previously mentioned, could there be a deeper meaning behind the placement of the Sigmar/Ulric tattoo acquired in Ashes of Middenheim?

Existing Conflicts
  • When Aithorn made the decision to go find out what happened to Maedhros, he did it with the firm conviction that he was doing what was right, but he left without telling anybody. He did have a human scribe write out a message tied to an arrow at the first Imperial village he stopped at 10 days out on the road (Dunkelberg) although there is no telling if it was successfully delivered. He is worried that his prolonged absence might cause them to send someone after him, endangering someone else from his village or even that Maedhros (as the older brother) might order him to return home if it were discovered.
  • He is unsure how best to serve his clan (and his people) to do what is best for Maedhros' mental healing after 2 years away at war, without usurping his brother's authority.

  • Return his brother to Athel Loren.
  • Get revenge on Gurdar, the Blood-Drinker.
  • Continue the quest against Xathrodox.
  • Aithorn is beginning to get the idea that he wants to establish a haven of sorts, a glade of his own, as an "Advanced Outpost" (think Rivendell) where elves and scouting parties can stop and rest or recover from their dangers.
  • Help Edgerrin return the runehammer to Karak Izel