Name: Felucia
Build: Fit
Gender: Female
Height: 5'4
Weight: 103
Divination: 32 "If a job is worth doing its worht dying for" Frenzy,
Exp Total: 1825
Throne Gelt: 15

Stats 300 exp spent

WS: 11+20= 31
BS: 11+20+5= 36
S: 10+20= 30
T: 10+20= 30
Ag: 15+20+5= 40
Int: 11+20= 31
Per: 10+20= 30
WP: 13+23= 36
Fel: 18+20+5= 43

Fate: 2
Wounds: roled 5 total 13

Origin path

Homeworld: Imperial
Blessed Ignorance: -5 penalty on forbidden lore tests
Hagiography: Common lore (imperial creed) (imperium) (war) as basic skills
Liturgical Familiarity: Literacy, Speak High Gothic, as basic skills
Superior Origins: Willpower +3


Street Clothes


Quilted vest, AP-2 Body


Brass Knuck: 1d5-1+str, type: I, pen 0

Knife: Thrown, 1d5+str, type: R, pen 0, range 3

good quality mono folding knife with a blade tail for quick opening (1d10+2+SB, AP 2, mono, compact, possess the quickdraw quality.)

Talents 300 exp spent

Ambidextrous (starter)
Thrown Primitive
Frenzy (divination)
Quick Draw
Hard Target

Weapon Training

Pistol: SP
Basic: SP
Thrown: Prim
Melee: Prim

Skills 1200 exp spent

Awareness: 40
Barter: 43
Blather: 43
Carouse: 15
Charm: 43
Climb: 15
Command: 21
Common lore
Imperial Creed: 16
Imperium: 33
Underworld: 33
War: 16
Concealment: 40
Contortionist: 20
Decieve: 53
Disguise: 21
Dodge (starter): 40
Evaluate: 33
Gamble: 16
Inquiry: 43
Intimidate: 15
Literacy: 16
Logic: 16
Scrutiny: 15
Search: 30
Secret Tongue
gutter: 33
Security: 40
Silent Move: 20
Sleight of hand: 40
Speak Language:
High Gothic: 16
Low Gothic: 33
Swim: 15

Background info

She Grew up on Tarsis Ultra, protected eternally in all the planets habitants minds by the
promise of hte ultra marines. Her childhood was spent on the streets, at the ege of 6 her parents were
taken from her in a gang killing, being no reletives to claim her she grew up on her own using her
size to do small time crimes, she mostly just stole to survive though she ahd a talent and was
cultivated by a older smuggler in the ways of the tongue and of being unheard, along with the power
that comes from knowing most of what goes on around you. She grew up in a world of questionable actions
but learnedd that even questionable thigns can be used for good if done in proper ways. As she hit
into her teens she took her skills and became much like a robin hood, she targeted only criminals and
other questionable organisations. She uses a Sudo name for all her donations her thief name is "Trix"
a unformal name that all those even the most unfortunate can feel akin too. She mainly spreads her
wealth to the most unfortunates and also gives a sizable portion of all to the more caring of the
ecclisiarchy. She caught the inquisitions eyes when selling some information she had found out about
a nobes more shadey dealings that had seemed to have been unnoticed by some of hte more upfront means
of investigation.